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31-3505A.  Investigation of application by the clerk. (1) The clerk shall interview the applicant and investigate the information provided on the application, along with all other required information, in accordance with the procedures established by the county commissioners, the board and this chapter. The clerk shall promptly notify the applicant, or third party filing an application on behalf of an applicant, of any material information missing from the application which, if omitted, may cause the application to be denied for incompleteness. In addition, any provider requesting notification shall be notified at the same time. When necessary, such persons as may be deemed essential, may be compelled by the clerk to give testimony and produce documents and other evidence under oath in order to complete the investigation. The clerk is hereby authorized to issue subpoenas to carry out the intent of this provision and to otherwise compel compliance in accordance with provisions of Idaho law.
(2)  The applicant and third party filing an application on behalf of an applicant to the extent they have knowledge, shall have a duty to cooperate with the clerk in investigating, providing documentation, submitting to an interview and ascertaining eligibility and shall have a continuing duty to notify the obligated county of the receipt of resources after an application has been filed.
(3)  The clerk shall have twenty (20) days to complete the investigation of an application for nonemergency necessary medical services.
(4)  The clerk shall have forty-five (45) days to complete the investigation of an application for emergency necessary medical utilization management services or a portion thereof.
(5)  In the case of follow-up treatment, the clerk shall have ten (10) days to complete an interview on a request for additional treatment to update the financial and other information contained in a previous application for an original diagnosis in accordance with a treatment plan previously approved by the county commissioners.
(6)  Upon completion of the interview and investigation of the application or request, a statement of the clerk’s findings shall be filed with the county commissioners. Such findings of indigency shall start on the date necessary medical services are first provided.

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