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31-3505F.  Arbitration. In the event that a county determines that a service is not a necessary medical service, a provider may submit the issue to a panel for arbitration as follows:
(1)  Within thirty (30) days of the determination, the county commissioners and the provider shall each appoint one (1) licensed medical or osteopathic doctor with expertise in the condition treated or to be treated. The two (2) appointees shall jointly select a third medical or osteopathic licensed doctor with equivalent expertise. The panel shall review such information as it deems necessary and render a decision within thirty (30) days as to whether the covered service is a necessary medical service.
(2)  There shall be no judicial or other review or appeal of the findings of the panel. No party shall be obligated to comply with or otherwise be affected or prejudiced by the proposals, conclusions or suggestions of the panel or any member or segment thereof; however, in the interest of due consideration being given to such proceedings and in the interest of encouraging consideration of claims informally and without the necessity of litigation, the applicable statute of limitations shall be tolled and not deemed to run during the time that such a claim is pending before the panel and for thirty (30) days thereafter.
(3)  Expenses incurred by the members of the panel in the performance of their duties will be borne by the respective parties making their appointment, and expenses of the third member shall be divided equally among the respective parties.

[31-3505F, added 1996, ch. 410, sec. 14, p. 1366; am. 2010, ch. 273, sec. 14, p. 701.]

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