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31-3511.  Violations and penalties. (1) Any applicant or obligated person who willfully gives false or misleading information to the department, board, a hospital, a county or an agent thereof, or to any individual in order to obtain financial assistance under this chapter as or for a medically indigent resident, or any person who obtains financial assistance as a medically indigent resident who fails to disclose insurance, worker’s compensation, resources, or other benefits available to him as payment or reimbursement of such expenses incurred, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable under the general provisions for punishment of a misdemeanor. In addition, any applicant or obligated person who fails to cooperate with the department, board or a county or makes a material misstatement or material omission to the department in a request for medicaid eligibility determination, pursuant to section 31-3504, Idaho Code, or a county in an application pursuant to this chapter shall be ineligible for nonemergency assistance under this chapter for a period of two (2) years.
(2)  Neither the county commissioners nor the board shall have jurisdiction to hear and shall approve a completed application for necessary medical services unless an application in the form prescribed by this chapter is received by the clerk or the board in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
(3)  The county commissioners may deny an application if material information required in the application or request is not provided by the applicant or a third party or if the applicant has divested himself or herself of resources within one (1) year prior to filing an application in order to become eligible for assistance pursuant to this chapter. An applicant who is sanctioned by federal or state authorities and loses medical benefits as a result of failing to cooperate with the respective agency or making a material misstatement or material omission to the respective agency shall be ineligible for assistance pursuant to this chapter for the period of such sanction.
(4)  If the county commissioners fail to act upon an application within the timelines required under this chapter, the application shall be deemed approved and payment made as provided in this chapter.
(5)  An applicant may appeal a decision rendered by the county commissioners pursuant to this section in the manner provided in section 31-1506, Idaho Code.

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