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33-6301.  DEFINITIONS. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Board" means the state board of education.
(2)  "Disability" means a developmental disability as defined in 45 CFR 1325.3 or a learning disability, mental illness, or traumatic brain injury as defined in board rule.
(3)  "Division" means the division of vocational rehabilitation.
(4)  "Extended employment services" or "EES" means long-term maintenance services that assist participants in maintaining employment or gaining employment skills in preparation for community employment or that provide assistance to adult participants within an industry or a business setting or a community rehabilitation program intended to maintain paid employment. Extended employment services include individual supported employment, group community-based supported employment, and work services.
(5)  "Group community-based supported employment" means self-employment or paid employment that is:
(a)  For a group of no more than eight (8) participants who are paid at least minimum wage and who, because of their disabilities, need ongoing support to maintain employment;
(b)  Conducted in a variety of community and industry settings where the participants have opportunities to interact with coworkers or others without known paid work supports at least to the extent that those opportunities typically exist in that work setting;
(c)  Supported by training and supervision needed to maintain that employment; and
(d)  Not conducted in the work services area of a provider.
(6)  "Individual community-supported employment" means self-employment or paid employment:
(a)  For which a participant is paid a competitive wage;
(b)  For which the participant, because of the participant’s disability, needs ongoing support to maintain the employment;
(c)  That is conducted in a community or industry setting where persons without known paid work supports are employed; and
(d)  Is supported by authorized activities needed to sustain paid work by persons with disabilities, including but not limited to supervision, training, and transportation.
(7)  "Individual program plan" means a plan for extended employment services appropriate for an individual participant based on the participant’s needs and personal goals.
(8)  "Participant" means a person eligible for and enrolled in the extended employment services program established pursuant to section 33-6302, Idaho Code.
(9)  "Program" means the extended employment services program established pursuant to section 33-6302, Idaho Code.
(10) "Provider" means a community rehabilitation program services provider approved by the division to provide extended employment services.
(11) "Work services" means activities, typically conducted on provider premises, intended to assist participants in understanding the value and demands of work and developing functional capacities that increase or maintain the skill sets of participants to achieve and maintain employment.

[(33-6301) 33-6201, added 2020, ch. 328, sec. 1, p. 946; am. and redesig. 2021, ch. 321, sec. 17, p. 962.]

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