Idaho Statutes

54-1417.  Advisory committee to the board. There is hereby created and established an advisory committee to the board on issues related to the advanced practice of nursing.
(1)  The committee shall consist of at least ten (10) members appointed by the board of nursing: four (4) advanced practice registered nurses, one (1) from each of the statutorily recognized advanced practice roles; four (4) Idaho licensed physicians; one (1) Idaho licensed pharmacist; and one (1) person who is a layperson to health care occupations ("public member"). The physician and pharmacist members shall be selected by the board from lists of nominees supplied by the Idaho board of medicine and the Idaho board of pharmacy, respectively. Members shall serve three (3) year terms ending on June 30 in the last year of the member’s term.
(2)  The committee shall meet quarterly or at such times as may be determined by the committee or the board to be necessary.
(3)  The committee shall: (a) respond to questions posed by the board or board staff regarding advanced practice nursing; (b) consider nonroutine applications for advanced practice nursing licenses and make recommendations to the board; (c) review complaints against advanced practice nurses and make recommendations to the board; and (d) recommend to the board the scope of practice of advanced practice nurses, using national standards as a guideline.
(4)  The committee’s recommendations, using national standards as a guideline, may be adopted, rejected or modified by the board, provided that the board shall not expand the scope of practice or prescriptive authority of an advanced practice nurse beyond that recommended by the advisory committee.

[54-1417, added 1998, ch. 118, sec. 13, p. 445; am. 2012, ch. 142, sec. 8, p. 377.]

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