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67-4726.  Idaho global entrepreneurial mission council — Appointment of members — Qualifications. (1) The state of Idaho recognizes that the health and expansion of Idaho’s future economy will depend upon taking full advantage of research and technology, and that Idaho has impressive resources for innovation-based growth, internationally recognized university research programs, globally competitive innovation companies and the Idaho national laboratory.
The IGEM council is hereby created to advise the department of commerce, the state board of education, state colleges and universities, and other state, local, federal and private sector agencies and organizations on innovation interests and potentials; to support the development and publishing of information on the condition and importance of innovation to the state’s economy; to assist with the development and implementation of a state strategic plan for innovation; and to assist with the coordination of local, state and federal interests to increase the positive economic impact of the state’s innovation resources.
(2)  The council shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the governor. Membership of the council shall include individuals knowledgeable and experienced in innovation issues. The council shall include: four (4) representatives from the private sector who have expertise in the transfer and commercialization of technology, the director of the department of commerce, one (1) member of the state board of education, one (1) representative from the Idaho national laboratory or the center for advanced energy studies, and one (1) representative each from Boise state university, Idaho state university, and the university of Idaho. The president pro tempore of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives, or their designees, shall serve as members of the council. The governor shall designate a chairman from the council’s private sector membership (unless otherwise specified at the governor’s discretion) and the council shall designate such other officers from its membership as it deems necessary.
(3)  The chairman, the director of the department of commerce and the state board of education member of the council shall serve as the executive committee of the council.
(4)  The council may establish subcommittees with up to nine (9) members comprised of both council and non-council members to provide strategic direction to the council, to research policy issues or to advise the council on funding decisions. Recommendations by the subcommittees are subject to final approval by the council.
(5)  The council shall be staffed and supported by the department of commerce. Members of the council, or any subcommittee, who are not state employees shall be compensated for actual and necessary expenses as provided by section 59-509(b), Idaho Code.

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