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67-4729.  department of commerce and igem council rules and responsibilities. (1)  The department of commerce in conjunction with the IGEM council shall:
(a)  Ensure that IGEM funds appropriated to the department of commerce and received for research and development at the universities and for the technology outreach program are used appropriately, effectively and efficiently in accordance with the intent of the legislature;
(b)  In conjunction with the IGEM research institutions and the private sector, evaluate best practices utilized by successful technology transfer programs and make recommendations to the IGEM research institutions for transaction and legal structures that incorporate those best practices;
(c)  Enhance technology transfer and commercialization of research and technologies developed at the universities to create high-quality jobs and new industries in the private sector in Idaho;
(d)  In conjunction with the university research departments and the private sector, develop a standardized process for the transfer of intellectual property from all IGEM-funded research projects and for the IGEM grant awards;
(e)  Establish economic development objectives for each IGEM state-funded project;
(f)  Establish rules for the IGEM grant program, including weighted consideration for Idaho-based industry partners and a matching requirement, monetary or otherwise, for recipients of the awards;
(g)  Verify that the IGEM project is being enhanced by research grants and that it is meeting the economic development objectives of the department of commerce and the IGEM council;
(h)  Monitor all research plans that are part of the project at the research universities to determine that appropriations are being spent in accordance with legislative intent and to measure the benefit and return to the state;
(i)  Develop methods and incentives to encourage investment in and contributions to the IGEM project from the private sector; and
(j)  Annually report and make recommendations to:
(i)  The governor;
(ii)  The joint finance-appropriations committee;
(iii)  The house and senate commerce and human resource committees; and
(iv)  The office of the state board of education.
(2)  The department of commerce and the Idaho global entrepreneurial mission council may:
(a)  In addition to moneys received by it from the legislature, receive contributions from any source in the form of money, property, labor or other things of value for the project;
(b)  Subject to any restrictions imposed by the donation, appropriations or bond authorizations, allocate moneys received by it among the universities, the technology outreach program and technology transfer offices to support commercialization and technology transfer to the private sector; or
(c)  Enter into agreements necessary to obtain private investment in the project.

[67-4729, added 2012, ch. 60, sec. 3, p. 161; am. 2016, ch. 84, sec. 3, p. 267.]

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