Office of Performance Evaluations

Requesting an Evaluation

Requests for evaluation must be submitted to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee by a legislator. If you are a citizen or state employee with a topic you would like the Oversight Committee to consider, please contact one or more legislators to see if they will carry your request.   Who is My Legislator?

Gathering information for a course of action

Our primary work product is evaluation, but we also conduct background reviews, called 24-hour reviews. 24-hour reviews can provide you with useful information. They can be done when (1) the information is readily available and does not require detailed verification, (2) Time to complete them is no more than 24 working hours, (3) Staff are available to do the research.  As a legislator, if you have an idea for an evaluation, please send us an email with an explanation of your concern. We will contact you with a suggested course of action.


Submitting an official request for evaluation

Formal evaluation requests should be written on your letterhead (only legislators can submit requests). Address the request to the cochairs of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee, Senator Melissa Wintrow and Representative Douglas T. Pickett, and send your request to the OPE director, Rakesh Mohan, at We will forward your request to the committee.

Email your concern to Rakesh Mohan at  

State the problem

Examples: Compliance, uncertainty about program performance, misinformation, insufficient information for policy decisions, uncertainty about the value of policy alternatives

Describe the magnitude of the problem

Examples: Number of stakeholders affected, cost, vulnerability of affected stakeholders, extent of unintended consequences

Describe your desired information

Examples: Cost, cost-benefit comparison, program impact, stakeholder perception of the issue

Discuss how you anticipate using the report

Examples: Inform policy decisions, educate stakeholders, provide program or agency accountability