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39-4116.  Local government adoption and enforcement of building codes. (1) Local governments enforcing building codes shall do so only in compliance with the provisions of this section. Local governments that have not previously instituted and implemented a code enforcement program prior to the effective date of this act may elect to implement a building code enforcement program by passing an ordinance evidencing the intent to do so. Local governments may contract with a public or private entity to administer their building code enforcement program.
(2)  Local governments that issue building permits and perform building code enforcement activities shall, by ordinance effective January 1 of the year following the adoption by the Idaho building code board, adopt the following codes as published by the International Code Council together with any amendments or revisions set forth in section 39-4109, Idaho Code, including subsequent versions of the International Building Code as adopted and amended by the Idaho building code board through the negotiated rulemaking process provided in this chapter:
(a)  International Building Code, including all rules promulgated by the board to provide equivalency with the provisions of the Americans with disabilities act accessibility guidelines and the federal fair housing act accessibility guidelines;
(b)  Idaho residential code, parts I-IV and IX; and
(c)  Idaho energy conservation code.
Local governments are not required by this chapter to adopt the other referenced codes in the International Building Code.
(3)  All single family homes and multiple family dwellings up to two (2) units are hereby exempted from the provisions of the International Fire Code, the International Building Code and the Idaho residential code that require such dwellings to have automatic fire sprinkler systems installed. Nothing in this section shall prevent any person from voluntarily installing an automatic fire sprinkler system in any residential dwelling.
(4)  Local governments may amend by ordinance the adopted codes or provisions of referenced codes to reflect local concerns, provided such amendments establish at least an equivalent level of protection to that of the adopted building code. A local jurisdiction shall not have the authority to amend any accessibility provision pursuant to section 39-4109, Idaho Code, except as provided in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this subsection.
(a)  A local jurisdiction shall not have the authority to amend any accessibility provision pursuant to section 39-4109, Idaho Code.
(b)  A local jurisdiction shall not adopt any provision of the International Building Code or Idaho residential code or appendices thereto that has not been adopted or that has been expressly rejected or exempted from the adopted version of those codes by the Idaho building code board through the negotiated rulemaking process as provided in section 39-4109, Idaho Code. Provided however, that, after a finding by the local jurisdiction that good cause exists for such an amendment to such codes and that such amendment is reasonably necessary, a local jurisdiction may adopt such provision by ordinance in accordance with the provisions of chapter 9, title 50, Idaho Code, and provided further that such local jurisdiction shall conduct a public hearing and, provided further, that notice of the time and place of the public hearing shall be published in the official newspaper or paper of general circulation within the jurisdiction and written notice of each of such public hearing and the proposed language shall be given by the local jurisdiction to the local chapters of the entities identified in section 39-4109(5), Idaho Code, not less than thirty (30) days prior to such hearing. In the event that there are no local chapters of such entities identified in section 39-4109(5), Idaho Code, within the local jurisdiction holding the hearings, the notice shall be provided to the state associations of the respective entities.
(5)  Local governments shall exempt agricultural buildings from the requirements of the codes enumerated in this chapter and the rules promulgated by the board. A county may issue permits for farm buildings to assure compliance with road setbacks and utility easements, provided that the cost for such permits shall not exceed the actual cost to the county of issuing the permits.
(6)  Permits shall be governed by the laws in effect at the time the permit application is received.
(7)  The division shall retain jurisdiction for in-plant inspections and installation standards for manufactured or mobile homes and for in-plant inspections and enforcement of construction standards for modular buildings and commercial coaches.

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