2015 Legislative Session

Bill Center - text, history, statements of purpose, fiscal notes of legislation

Enacted Legislation - bills passed and filed with the Secretary of State

House and Senate Journals - information resulting from the Organizational Session

Calendars and Agendas - House and Senate reading calendars and committee agendas

Committee Minutes - minutes of House and Senate standing committees

Budget Setting Schedule - Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee

Progress Report - week-to-week comparison and count of prepared legislation

2015 Legislative Directory and 2015 Mini Directory - summary of legislator information

Administrative Rules - committee review books & rules reviewed during interim & 2015 Rules

Legislative Information Center - contacting legislators (session only)

Video and Audio Streaming - live coverage of committee hearings

My Bill Tracker - sign up / login to track bills, create multiple bill lists & receive email notifications

Legislature recordings archive Digital Media Archive - agendas, minutes and audio/video recordings

Local Governing Entity Registry Local Governing Entity Registry - sign up/ login to register your entity & financial information and to upload reports


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