2021 Commission for Reapportionment

The bipartisan Idaho Commission for Reapportionment is responsible for drawing district boundaries for legislative and congressional elections. The next commission will be appointed in 2021, following the results of the 2020 United States census.


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Office of the Secretary of State – Order Establishing Commission for Reapportionment

Bart Davis, Co-chair

Bart M. Davis was born in South Dakota in 1955, but raised in Idaho. He has been married to Marion Woffinden Davis since 1976, has six children and fourteen grandchildren. He is active in his church and Rotary Club. He is a Paul Harris Fellow.

Mr. Davis has been awarded the prestigious “AV Preeminent” rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the highest peer review rating in legal ability and ethical standards. Mr. Davis received a B.A. in 1978 from Brigham Young University and J.D. in 1980 from University of Idaho. He is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the State of Idaho, United States District Court District of Idaho, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and United States Supreme Court. He was co-counsel on a tax case before the United States Supreme Court in 1990 (Davis vs. United States of America, 495 U.S. 472). He has practiced in the areas of construction, real property, business, and commercial law, including bankruptcy. Mr. Davis was a Trustee of the Museum of Idaho. 

From 2017 to 2021, Mr. Davis was the United States Attorney for the District of Idaho. He served on three Attorney General Advisory Council subcommittees and working groups: the Native American Issues Subcommittee, the Border and Immigration Subcommittee, and the Marijuana Working Group 

From 2001 to 2017, Mr. Davis was a commissioner to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. He served on the Committee on Relations with other Organizations, Committee on Federalism and State Law, History Committee, Committee on State and Federal Relations, Committee on Revisions to the Uniform Parentage Act, and Committee on Parliamentary Practice. 

In 1998 Senator Davis was elected to the Idaho State Senate. He was the Senate Majority Leader from 2002 to 2017. He was a member of Judiciary & Rules Committee and State Affairs Committee, and a member of Legislative Council. He was a commissioner on the Governor’s LINE 2 Commission, and the proceeding Leadership in Nuclear Energy Commission. He served and chaired multiple interim committees and on the Idaho Bond Bank Authority. He also served on Idaho’s Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and the Capitol Restoration Advisory Committee on Legislative Relocation. 

As a member of the Council of State Governments (CSG) and CSG-WEST, Senator Davis’ service included: CSG Chair, CSG-West Chair, Governing Board & Executive Committees, 21st Century Foundation, Committee on Suggested State Legislation, Co-Chair – International Committee, Chair – Futures Committee, Chair – Toll Fellows Selection Committee, Chair – Legal Task Force (12 member “Federalism” national task force to determine amicus curiae participation before the US Supreme Court), National Governance Working Group (organic instruments), and CSG-West Working Group Chair. In 1999, he was awarded the Toll Fellowship. 

Mr. Davis is active in the Idaho State Bar (ISB). He served the state bar, federal bar, and the Idaho Supreme Court in many ways, including the Judicial Independence and Integrity Committee. He served the federal courts for six years as a Lawyer Representative to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference (including Conference Executive Committee), eleven years on the Bankruptcy Court Rules Committee (Reporter from 1998 to 2001), Chapter 13 Plan Subcommittee (Reporter), and Long-Range Planning Committee. He is a frequent speaker at legal continuing education programs. He was a founding board member and past-chair of the Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section. He was also the chair and member of the University of Idaho College of Law Advisory Council, and on the Idaho Law Review Advisory Board, and the 2007 College of Law Conclave. Mr. Davis is a co-author of Use of Legislative History: Willow Witching for Legislative Intent, 43 University of Idaho College of Law Review 585 (2007), and author of Idaho’s Messy History with Term Limits: A Modest Response, 52 University of Idaho College of Law Review 463 (2016). 

Mr. Davis was honored to be presented the Award of Legal Merit from the University of Idaho College of Law in 2021 and the Leaders in Law Award Lifetime Achievement Award from the Idaho Business Review in 2020, as well as an ICON Award in 2021. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Idaho Republican Party in 2018. He was also honored to be designated as Idaho Fraternal Order of Police 2016 Legislator of the Year; Idaho Library Association 2012 Legislator of the Year; Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute 2011Angel in Adoption Award; Idaho Judicial Conference 2010 Special Recognition for Extraordinary Contributions to the Improved Administration of Justice in Idaho; Idaho Association of Cities 2010 Professor Boyd A. Martin Award; Idaho State Republican Party 2009 Legislator of the Year; Idaho Republican Party Region VII 2007 Outstanding Republican Elected Official; Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce Leadership to Eastern Idaho Award; Cesar Chavez/Dolores Huerta Farmworker Justice Award; Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section, ISB Professionalism Award; and State Government Affairs Council 2009 Leadership Award and 2004 Shooting Star Award; and Idaho Chooses Life 2002 Hero of the Pro-Life Movement. He was also honored to participate with the American Jewish Committee and CSG on the Project Israel Interchange.

Dan Schmidt, Co-chair

Dan Schmidt has lived in Idaho since 1977. He graduated from the Idaho/UW WWAMI medical school in 1986. He and his wife, Martha returned to Moscow, Idaho in 1989 to practice family medicine and raise their four daughters. He has served his community both in elected office as county coroner, and on the hospital board and medical chief of staff. He continues to practice family medicine, though now just part time.

Dan served one term as State Senator for District 6 (Latah County), then two terms for District 5 (Latah and Benewah Counties).

Born in Burley, Idaho; 5th generation Idahoan; 9th of 12 children; With spouse Catherine, have 2 children and 4 grandchildren; B.A. Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; M.A. University of Southern California, Oxford, England; U.S. Air Force veteran; Reagan Administration in several capacities; Worked for Idaho Congressional Delegation; U.S. Presidential Appointee in Idaho; Idaho State House of Representatives; Chair of the Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee; Vice-Chair of the Agriculture Committee.

Briane Nelson (“Nels”) Mitchell

Nels grew up in Boise, attending North Junior High and Boise High. Nels was awarded a scholarship to Columbia University where he received his college degree. Nels then attended the University of Idaho College of Law for his law degree.

During his forty-year legal career, Nels had a wide-ranging practice and handled matters in more than twenty-five different states and several foreign countries. In 2004, Nels was appointed as a Senior Officer in the Enforcement Division of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Nels has served on the Advisory Board at the University of Idaho Law School and spent several years as a part-time professor teaching trial advocacy, remedies, torts and moot court. In 2014, Nels was the Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate in Idaho.

Amber has been active in Idaho politics and government for over seventeen years. Pence currently works as a Special Assistant to the Teton County Commissioners in Driggs. Amber’s professional credentials include having worked in the Idaho Legislature for a total of 11 Legislative sessions, 5 sessions as Chief of Staff for House Democratic Leader Wendy Jaquet (2004-2008) and 6 sessions as the Director of Governmental Affairs for Mayor Dave Bieter (2013-2019). She also has assisted with numerous political campaigns. To name a few, her experience varies from local city, bond, and levy campaigns, to statewide campaign work, and on Presidential campaigns. Amber spent 3 years in Oregon working for House Democratic Leadership and on a public health campaign in Portland. As a sixth generation Idahoan, born in Weiser and raised in Burley, she has profound pride in her home state. Amber is known for her ability to work across party lines to accomplish what is best for Idahoans. Pence studied Geography at Utah State University and currently resides in Tetonia with her husband and son.

Happily married to Sue, they have five children and 16 grandchildren. Raised on a farm 12 miles north of Moscow, Idaho. Attended Washington State Univ. USAF Vietnam War veteran.
Owned several businesses in northern Idaho 1970 – 2013 Marina Lake Pend Oreille, real estate brokerage, insurance agency.

Idaho State Representative 2014-2018

Past board member several non-profits; presently on Reach America/Sower Christian book and gift store.

Meeting Materials (Reports, Presentations & Handouts)

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Thu., Oct. 7, 2021 1:00 P.M. Agenda Minutes Download Audio/Video
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Fri., Oct. 29, 2021 9:00 A.M. Agenda Meeting canceled Meeting canceled
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Wed., Nov. 10, 2021 1:00 P.M. Agenda Minutes Download Audio/Video

Constitutional References

Idaho Statute References

Legal Criteria for Redistricting Plans

Rules of the Commission for Reapportionment

Redistricting FAQ

1. What is redistricting?

Redistricting is the process of redrawing legislative or congressional district boundaries.

2. How often does redistricting occur?

At least once every ten years following a United States census. Redistricting may occur more than once in a ten-year period if ordered by a court.

3. Why is redistricting done?

Redistricting is required by both the federal and state constitutions to ensure that political representation is proportional. Under constitutional law, each United States representative should represent approximately the same number of people as other United States representatives in that state, and each state legislator should represent approximately the same number of people as other state legislators. Therefore, the districts they are elected from must be roughly equal in population, though some population variance is permissible to satisfy other redistricting criteria.

4. Who conducts redistricting in Idaho?

The Idaho Commission for Reapportionment (also known as the Redistricting Commission). The Commission is bipartisan and composed of six appointed members. You may review biographies of the Commissioners here .

5. Who appoints the Commissioners?

One Commissioner is appointed by each of the following:

The President Pro Tempore of the Idaho Senate

The Idaho Senate Minority Leader

The Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives

The Idaho House Minority Leader

The Chair of the largest political party in Idaho (Idaho Republican Party)

The Chair of the second-largest political party in Idaho (Idaho Democratic Party)

6. When and where will the Commission meet?

The Commission will begin meeting on September 1, 2021, and will hold public meetings throughout the state. To receive meeting agendas and other updates about redistricting in Idaho, please sign up for the subscription list here.

7. How long will redistricting take?

From the day of its first meeting, the Commission will have up to 90 days to adopt congressional and legislative redistricting plans.

8. Are there criteria, besides population, that determine how district boundaries will be drawn?

Yes. Under Idaho law, redistricting plans are governed by the following criteria:

  1. Districts shall be substantially equal in population and should comply with all applicable federal standards and statutes;

  2. Population as determined by the U.S. Census Bureau shall be exclusive permissible data;

  3. Division of counties shall be avoided whenever possible. If a county must be divided, then the number of such divisions, per county, should be kept to a minimum. Districts containing more than one county shall be composed of contiguous counties. Counties shall not be divided to protect a particular political party or political incumbent;

  4. If a legislative district contains more than one county or a portion of a county, then the counties or the portion must be connected by highways (this requirement may be set aside by Commission vote under certain circumstances);

  5. To the maximum extent possible, districts shall preserve traditional neighborhoods and local communities of interest;

  6. To the maximum extent possible, redistricting plans should avoid drawing districts that are oddly shaped; and

  7. District boundaries shall retain local voting precinct boundary lines (this requirement may be set aside by Commission vote under certain circumstances).

9. How can I follow the redistricting process?

Commission meetings are open to the public and will, when possible, be streamed online. You can sign up for email updates about the Commission here.

10. How can I participate in the redistricting process?

You may submit a comment here or submit a proposed redistricting plan here. Comments and proposed plans will be reviewed by the Commissioners and Commission staff.

If public testimony will be taken at a meeting, you can review instructions for how to sign up to testify here.

11. Where can I review Idaho’s redistricting laws?

The Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Code can be found at the Idaho Legislature’s website. Constitutional provisions related to redistricting include Sections 2, 4, and 5 of Article III. Statutes related to redistricting may be found in Chapter 15 of Title 72, Idaho Code.

12. How is a redistricting plan adopted?

By vote of at least four Commissioners.

13. May the Governor or the Legislature overturn a redistricting plan adopted by the Commission?

No. A redistricting plan adopted by the Commission is final unless it is successfully challenged in court.

14. Who may challenge a redistricting plan in court?

Any Idaho registered voter, any incorporated city in Idaho, or any county in Idaho.

15. What is the deadline to file a court challenge?

Per court rule, within 35 days of the Commission’s filing of its final report with the Idaho Secretary of State.

16. I have a question that is not answered here. To whom should I send it?

To redistricting@redistricting.idaho.gov. Your question will be reviewed and answered as soon as possible by Commission staff.

Redistricting Guidelines for Congressional Maps

Redistricting Guidelines for Legislative Maps

Draw Your Own Map Instructions

Draw Your Own Map

View Publicly Submitted Congressional & Legislative Plans


Congressional Maps

  • Proposed Plans submitted by the Commission:

  • Proposed Plans submitted by the Public:

    • C010, Cy Lootens, Jerome, Idaho
    • C011, Josh Peters, Mountain Home, Idaho
    • C012, Branden Durst, Boise, Idaho
    • C013, Branden Durst, Boise, Idaho
    • C014, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • C015, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • C016, Valerie James, Idaho
    • C017, Tyson Nelson, Burley, Idaho
    • C018, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • C019, Benjamin Greene, Twin Falls, Idaho
    • C020, Taylor Jenkins, Nampa, Idaho
    • C021, Taylor Jenkins, Nampa, Idaho
    • C022, Taylor Jenkins, Nampa, Idaho
    • C023, Taylor Jenkins, Nampa, Idaho
    • C024, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • C025, Sarah Harris, Garden City, Idaho
    • C026, Sarah Harris, Garden City, Idaho
    • C027, Sarah Harris, Garden City, Idaho
    • C028, Stephen Bender, Eagle, Idaho
    • C029, Rod Couch, Boise, Idaho
    • C030, Rod Couch, Boise, Idaho
    • C031, Rod Couch, Boise, Idaho
    • C032, Daryl Yandell, Nampa, Idaho
    • C033, Nancy Smith, Boise, Idaho
    • C034, Nancy Smith, Boise, Idaho
    • C035, Stephen Bender, Eagle, Idaho
    • C036, Branden Durst, Boise, Idaho
    • C037, Kathy Dawes, Moscow, Idaho
    • C038, Cindy Thorngren, Boise, Idaho
    • C039, Chris Pentico, Mountain Home, Idaho
    • C040, Benjamin Greene, Twin Falls, Idaho
    • C041, Wayne Hurst, Burley, Idaho
    • C042, Darrin Harris, Boise, Idaho


Legislative Maps

  • Proposed Plans submitted by the Commission:

  • Proposed Plans submitted by the Public:

    • L010, Asa Gray, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
    • L011, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L012, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L013, Branden Durst, Boise, Idaho
    • L014, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L015, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L016, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L017, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L018, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L019, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L020, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L021, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L022, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L023, Jordan Morales, Boise, Idaho
    • L024, Branden Durst, Boise, Idaho
    • L025, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L026, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L027, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L028, Larry Grant, Fruitland, Idaho
    • L029, Chris Pentico Mountain Home, Idaho
    • L030, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L031, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L032, Stephen Bender, Eagle, Idaho
    • L033, Larry Grant, Fruitland, Idaho
    • L034, Jim Rice, Caldwell, Idaho
    • L035, Stephen Bender, Eagle, Idaho
    • L036, Scott Syme, Wilder, Idaho
    • L037, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L038, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L039, Scott Syme, Wilder, Idaho
    • L040, Rick Price, Sagle, Idaho
    • L041, Dan English, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
    • L042, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L043, Dan English, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
    • L044, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L045, Larry Grant, Fruitland, Idaho
    • L046, Kay Maurin, Moscow, Idaho
    • L047, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L048, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L049, Valerie James, Idaho
    • L050, Wendy Jaquet, Ketchum, Idaho
    • L051, Asa Gray, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
    • L052, Brian McClure, Meridian, Idaho
    • L053, Nathan Roberts, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L054, Skip Brandt, Kooskia, Idaho
    • L055, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L056, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L057, Skip Brandt, Kooskia, Idaho
    • L058, Skip Brandt, Kooskia, Idaho
    • L059, Skip Brandt, Kooskia, Idaho
    • L060, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L061, Anthony Lock-Smith, Boise, Idaho
    • L062, Bob Jones, Pine, Idaho
    • L063, Anthony Lock-Smith, Boise, Idaho
    • L064, Anthony Lock-Smith, Boise, Idaho
    • L065, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L066, Penny Manning, Idaho Falls, Idaho
    • L067, Antonio Hernandez, Nampa, Idaho
    • L068, Chris Pentico, Mountain Home, Idaho
    • L069, Benjamin Greene, Twin Falls, Idaho
    • L070, Wayne Hurst, Burley Falls, Idaho
    • L071, Wayne Hurst, Burley, Idaho
    • L072, Ada County Board of Commissioners, Boise, Idaho
    • L073, Anthony Lock-Smith, Boise, Idaho
    • L074, Spencer Stucki, Chubbuck, Idaho
    • L075, Larry Grant, Fruitland, Idaho
    • L076, Larry Grant, Fruitland, Idaho
    • L077, Anthony Lock-Smith, Boise, Idaho
    • L078, Wayne Hurst, Burley, Idaho
    • L079, Wayne Hurst, Burley, Idaho
    • L080, Paul Ross, Paul, Idaho
    • L081, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L082, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L083, Lance Clow, Twin Falls, Idaho
    • L084, Branden Durst, Boise, Idaho
    • L085, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L086, Chris Pentico, Mountain Home, Idaho
    • L087, Branden Durst, Boise, Idaho
    • L088, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L089, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L090, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho
    • L091, Brian Merrell, Kuna, Idaho
    • L092, Dan Rainey, Pocatello, Idaho


Commission’s Non-Partisan Staff:

Registration Links will be added as they become available.

Remote Testimony Registration

At the time of registration you will be required to provide the following information; please have this information available before starting the registration process.

  • First and last name.
  • Email, physical address and mailing address (if different than physical address)
  • Phone number
  • What organization you are representing, if any.


Information provided may be available to the public. Please read our privacy policy at the following link:  https://legislature.idaho.gov/privacy-policy/

If testifying remotely by phone, please include the phone number you will be calling from when registering in the following format 2085551212. The Chairman needs this information to call upon you to testify.

Written testimony is not required when registering to testify remote.  You may, however, submit written testimony if you desire to do so.

Remote Testimony Help

If you are having difficulties registering or participating remotely, please email: support@redistricting.idaho.gov or call (208) 332-1288.

Remote testimony will not be offered at regional hearings, however one or more statewide remote testimony hearings will be made available.

Opportunities to testify will be listed below. Note: All meeting times listed are Mountain Time (MT).

Registration Links will be added when statewide hearing(s) become available.


Remote Testimony Meeting Protocols

Those wishing to testify remotely must use the registration form. The commission chair may limit the amount of time allotted for each individual’s testimony as well as the time allotted for the testimony. The chair will, however, make reasonable efforts to give individuals testifying remotely the same amount of time allotted to individuals testifying in-person.

Registering to testify does not constitute a guarantee that registrants will be permitted to testify if the commission chair determines that public testimony must be limited. The chair will, however, make reasonable efforts to provide equal opportunities for in-person and remote testimony, and remote testimony will be given the same weight as in-person testimony.

Registrants may not be able to testify if there are technical issues preventing communication between their remote location and the Statehouse. Due to this possibility, written testimony is recommended at the time of registration.

AT ALL TIMES, registrants and visitors are required to maintain proper meeting protocols. Registrants who choose not to follow the rules for public testimony established by the commission chair will forfeit their opportunity to testify.

Demonstrations, applause, clapping, and signage are prohibited during a meeting. You may be asked to leave by the commission chairman if you participate in disruptive activities.

Written testimony is an alternative to in-person and remote testimony, please see the “Submit Written Testimony” tab for providing written testimony. 

Other Available Assistance

Closed captioning is available, through a partnership with Idaho Public Television (“IPTV”). The Legislative Services Office provides a live stream of all Commission for Reapportionment meetings.  All of the streaming services and television broadcasts of the Commission for Reapportionment meetings provide for closed captioning.  

Agendas and Hearing notices for Commission for Reapportionment meetings can be found at the following link: redistricting.idaho.gov