House State Affairs

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House State Affairs
Room EW40
Monday, Feb 26, 2024 9:00 AM

Amended Agenda #2

DOCKET NO Rules Governing –
11-0401-2301 Idaho State Racing Commission Anisha Jones, ISP
15-1001-2301 Idaho State Liquor Division Jeffrey Anderson, Idaho State Liquor Division
31-1201-2301 Systems of Accounts for Public Utilities Stephen Goodson, Idaho Public Utilities Commision
31-2101-2301 Customer Relations for Gas, Electric, and Water Public Utilities Stephen Goodson
31-2601-2301 Master-Metering for Electric Utilities Stephen Goodson
31-3101-2301 Gas Service Rules Stephen Goodson
32-0101-2301 Credit Enhancement Program for School Districts Chris Anton, Endowment Fund Investment Board
52-0103-2301 Operations of the Idaho State Lottery Jeffrey Anderson, Idaho State Lottery Commision
RS 30798 Public utilitites Rep. Palmer
RS 31495 Critical infrastructure Rep. Hill
RS 31417C2 State agreements, notice Rep. Gannon
Rep. Allgood
RS 31497 Independent candidates Rep. Monks
RS 31519 Electrical code Rep. Crane (13)

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