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The Idaho Falls Research and Extension Center – Idaho Falls

Remote Legislative Testimony Location Address/Directions

Tingey Administration Building (TAB)

Directions to the Remote Legislative Testimony Room

There are two doors that a person can enter the main lobby into the Tingey Administration Building (TAB). From the middle of the main lobby you would take the stairs to the bottom floor. Turning to the right at the bottom of the stairs puts you in front of the elevator and the rest rooms for that floor. Follow the hallway toward the back of the building around to the left and down the hall toward the exit. The room, number 160, is on the left before you go out the doors.

The doors referred to above are an alternate entrance from a facilities parking area between the Tingey Administration Building (TAB) and Center of Higher Education (CHE) buildings. This parking area is not for the general public and during the winter the wind, ice, and snow in that driveway and parking area can become quite treacherous.

Parking There are multiple pay stations for parking that accept cash or credit/debit cards.

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