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Remote Testimony

Remote Testimony Overview

During the 1st Regular Session of the 65th Idaho Legislature, the House of Representatives Education Committee is conducting a Remote Legislative Testimony Pilot Project. This project allows Idaho citizens to participate in the legislative process from locations a minimum of 100 miles outside of Boise, Idaho.

Under the pilot project, utilizing video teleconferencing technology, registrants will be able to testify remotely on proposed legislation scheduled for a remote testimony meeting by the House Education chair.

Please note, the pilot project will be limited in scope in its initial phase(s). The pilot project is currently being utilized only in the House of Representatives Education Committee. Additionally, not all bills will be available for remote testimony. The House Education Committee chair will choose legislation to be used for the pilot project.

A “Meeting Notice” indicating that a remote testimony committee meeting is to be held will be posted a minimum of 72 hours in advance. The registration form will become active and citizens can begin registering to testify. If a location has received no completed registrations 24 hours prior to the start of the remote testimony committee meeting, that location will be canceled for that day. However, if at least one registration is completed for a location by the 24-hour deadline, the registrations will remain open until the evening prior to the remote testimony committee meeting.

Please see the link for resource documents and video on how to testify before a remote testimony committee, committee protocols, and pointers for a remote testimony committee meeting and how a bill becomes a law.

Remote Testimony Locations

Locations participating: