1999 Legislation
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SENATE BILL NO. 1213 – MV, license plate, one


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S1213.....................................................by TRANSPORTATION
MOTOR VEHICLES - LICENSE PLATES - Amends existing law to provide that after
December 31, 2001, only one license plate shall be issued for each motor

02/15    Senate intro - 1st rdg - to printing
02/16    Rpt prt - to Transp

Bill Text


 ||||              LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO             ||||
Fifty-fifth Legislature                 First Regular Session - 1999

                                      IN THE SENATE

                                   SENATE BILL NO. 1213

                               BY TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE

 1                                        AN ACT

 5    Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:

 6        SECTION  1.  That  Section  49-428, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby
 7    amended to read as follows:

 8        49-428.  DISPLAY OF PLATE AND STICKERS. (1)   One (1) l  L
 9    icense plate s   shall be   assigned  to  a  motor
10    vehicle    and the plate  shall be attached , one in the front
11    and the other  in the rear, with the exception of the  following:
13         (a)  The license plate assigned to a motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle
14        or semitrailer and the license plate assigned to a motor vehicle  operated
15        by  a  manufacturer, repossession agent or dealer shall be attached to the
16        rear.
18         (b)  Vehicles displaying year of manufacture, old timer, classic car
19        or street rod license plates shall be allowed to  display  one  (1)  plate
20        attached to the rear of the vehicle.
22          (c)  The    license  plate  attached to   for
23         a tractor  which  shall be attached to the front.
24     License plates shall be displayed during the current registration  year.
25     The annual registration sticker for the current registration year shall
26    be  displayed  on  each license plate, except for trailers and semitrailers on
27    extended registration under the provisions of section 49-434, Idaho Code.  For
28    the  purposes of this title, the  license  plate s   together  with
29    the  registration  sticker s  shall  be  considered  as    the
30     license plate s  for the year designated on the registration
31    sticker.
32        (2)  Every  license  plate  shall at all times be securely fastened to the
33    vehicle to which it is assigned to prevent the plate from swinging,  be  at  a
34    height  not  less  than twelve (12) inches from the ground, measuring from the
35    bottom of the plate, be in a place and position to  be  clearly  visible,  and
36    shall  be  maintained  free  from  foreign  materials and in a condition to be
37    clearly  legible,  and    all      the      registration
38    sticker  s  shall be securely  attached to the license plate s
39     and shall be displayed as provided in section 49-443(4), Idaho Code.

40        SECTION 2.  That Section 49-443, Idaho Code, be, and the  same  is  hereby
41    amended to read as follows:


 2    TENTS. (1) The assessor or the department shall furnish to every  owner  
 3    whose  vehicle  is  registered by that office, pursuant to sections 49-402 and
 4    49-402A, Idaho Code,  one  (1)  license  plate  for    each  
 5    vehicle s  registered under the provisions of  section 49-406,
 6    49-406A  or  49-408,  Idaho  Code, or a motorcycle, trailer, truck-tractor, or
 7    semitrailer, and two (2) license plates for every other motor  vehicle.  If  a
 8    vehicle  is issued one (1) plate only, that plate shall be displayed in accor-
 9    dance with the provisions of section 49-428, Idaho Code. For  vehicles  regis-
10    tered  under the provisions of section 49-407, Idaho Code, the applicant shall
11    provide one (1) plate to be displayed on the rear of the vehicle   
12    this chapter .
13        Commencing  January  1,  1992, the color and design of the plates shall be
14    comparable to the color and  design  of  the  statehood  centennial  issue  of
15    license plates with blue numerals and letters on a multicolored red, white and
16    blue   background. Each license plate must bear upon its face the inscriptions
17    "Famous Potatoes" and "Scenic Idaho."
18        Every license plate shall have displayed upon it the  registration  number
19    assigned to the vehicle and its owner and the name "Idaho" which may be abbre-
20    viated.  The  plates  issued  under the provisions of section 49-402(1), Idaho
21    Code, and the required letters and numerals, including  an  identification  of
22    the  county  in which the motor vehicle to which the plates will be affixed is
23    registered, shall be of sufficient size to be plainly readable from a distance
24    of seventy-five (75) feet during daylight, and each license plate  and  regis-
25    tration sticker shall be treated with a fully reflectorized material according
26    to specifications prescribed by the board.
27        (2)  License  plates shall be valid for a period of seven (7) years begin-
28    ning with the date of issuance of new plates. At the end of  the  sixth  year,
29    the  registered  owner  shall  receive  notice  of  the  date  upon  which the
30    plate s  will expire. The department shall implement a plate-number
31    reservation program beginning prior to the 1999 plate issue and following once
32    every seven (7) years thereafter, for a limited plate-number sequence in  each
33    county  which  chooses  to  offer  a reservation program. Requests for license
34    plate number reservations shall be submitted to the  county  during  the  open
35    reservation  period established by the department. The department may charge a
36    minimal fee as determined by the board to recover costs to the department  for
37    reservation of license plate numbers.
38        (3)  If  a  license plate number has expired as provided in subsection (2)
39    of this section and the number was not reserved, or if the  vehicle  registra-
40    tion is not renewed within sixty (60) days of its expiration, the plate number
41    shall  be available for use by another registrant. To obtain a specific number
42    in the recycled license plate number file, the owner of a  registered  vehicle
43    shall pay a one (1) time fee as determined by rule of the board.
44        The  provisions of this subsection shall apply only to vehicles registered
45    under the provisions of section 49-402(1), Idaho Code, and section  49-434(1),
46    Idaho Code, as it applies to noncommercial vehicles.
47        (4)  License  plates  issued  for  vehicles  required  to be registered in
48    accordance with the provisions of sections 49-402  and  49-402A,  Idaho  Code,
49    shall   be   issued     a    color  coded  registration  validation
50    sticker s  showing the year of registration. Each registration val-
51    idation sticker shall bear a number from 1  through  12,  which  number  shall
52    correspond  to the month of the calendar year in which the registration of the
53    vehicle expires and shall be affixed to the lower  right-hand  corner  of  the
54    plates within the outlined rectangular area.
55        (5)  License  plates  for utility trailers registered under the provisions


 1    of section 49-402A, Idaho Code, which are issued for  five  (5)  or  ten  (10)
 2    years  and  license  plates  for  trailers,  rental utility trailers and semi-
 3    trailers registered under the provisions of section 49-434, Idaho Code,  which
 4    are  issued  for  five (5) years shall use the design in effect on the date of
 5    manufacture. If a design change occurs, plates from the effective date of  the
 6    design  change  shall  be  manufactured using the new design. Unexpired plates
 7    need not be reissued to conform to a design change.
 8        (6)  For license plates which are lost, stolen, mutilated,  or  illegible,
 9    the  owner  shall apply for a duplicate or substitute. The assessor shall also
10    furnish for each registration, and to validate the license plate, a  pressure-
11    sensitive,  serially-numbered  registration  sticker,  except for trailers and
12    semitrailers registered under the optional seven (7) year  trailer  provisions
13    in  section  49-434,  Idaho  Code. License plates issued for state, county and
14    city motor vehicles  shall be permanent and remain on the  vehicle  for  which
15    issued from year to year, and need no renewal or validation sticker.
16        (7)  Whenever  a  vehicle  is completely destroyed by fire or accident and
17    the operator submits satisfactory proof of that destruction to the  department
18    or  appropriate  assessor's  office,  the  registration use increment and fees
19    shall be  transferred to the replacement vehicle for a service transfer fee of
20    five dollars ($5.00), which fee shall be retained by the  registering  author-
21    ity. None of the original fees shall be subject to  refund.
22        (8)  The  department  shall furnish to every owner whose vehicle is regis-
23    tered under sections 49-434 and  49-435,  Idaho  Code,  a  pressure-sensitive,
24    serially-numbered registration sticker to validate the license plate.
25        (9)  The  board  shall have authority to require the return to the depart-
26    ment of all license plates and registration stickers upon termination  of  the
27    lawful use of them by the owner.
28        (10) The board may promulgate such rules as are necessary to implement the
29    provisions of this section.

30        SECTION  3.  This act shall be in full force and effect on and after Janu-
31    ary 1, 2002.

Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Impact

                        STATEMENT OF PURPOSE


This legislation would change the requirement to display front
and back license plates to display of only a single license
plate for all registered vehicles, effective January 1, 2002.

                            FISCAL NOTE

The one-plate proposal would yield an annual savings to the
motoring public of around $66,000 per year based on 220,000
fewer license plates needed. Postage costs normally passed on
to the public could be reduced by up to $50,000 per year based
on an estimated 45,000 plate mailings per year. Department of
Transportation Department expenditures on expiration stickers
could be reduced by asa much as $90,000 per year.

Enactment of a one plate proposal would result in a revenue
reduction to the highway distribution account of an estimated
$125,400 per year (73,773 State Highway Account, $6,771 Law
Enforcement, and $44,856 local highway districts), and a
reduction of revenue to the Idaho Heritage Trust of $110,000
per year. Correctional Industries plate and sticker sales may
be reduced by approximately $500,000 per year.

CONTACT:      Senator Evan Frasure
              Phone: 332-1315