2004 Health Care Task Force/High-Risk Reinsurance Pool Oversight Committee

Charge: To ask and find answers for the unprecedented increases in health insurance premiums; to determine a method of limiting the assessments that may be imposed on carriers providing reinsurance by way of excess or stop-loss coverage and on carriers selling insurance in the individual market; to review options regarding initially limiting enrollment of the Individual High-Risk Reinsurance Pool in order to preserve the financial integrity of the pool.
Idaho Code, Section 41-5502

Sen. Dean Cameron, Co-chair Rep. Bill Deal, Co-chair
Sen. Sheila Sorensen Rep. Max Black
Sen. Joe Stegner Rep. Kathie Garrett
Sen. John Goedde Rep. Gary Collins
Sen. Fred Kennedy Rep. Margaret Henbest


Staff: Caralee Lambert, Susan Bennion, Secretary: Toni Hobbs

Meeting Minutes:
January 15, 2004
February 23, 2004