2004 Legislation
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HOUSE BILL NO. 695 – Naturopaths, licensure


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Bill Status

H0695.................................................by HEALTH AND WELFARE
NATUROPATHS - Adds to existing law to provide for the regulation and
licensure of practitioners of naturopathic medicine; to define scope of
practice; to specify prohibitions; to specify exemptions; to provide for
the creation of the Board of Naturopathic Medical Examiners; to specify
powers and duties of the board; to provide establishment of the
Naturopathic Formulary Council; to specify fees; to provide qualifications
for licensure; to provide a restricted licensure of current practitioners
of naturopathic medicine; to provide license standards for out-of-state
applicants; to provide for investigation, hearings and subpoena powers; to
provide disciplinary action; to provide for denial and revocation
procedures; and to provide enforcement penalties.
02/13    House intro - 1st rdg - to printing
02/16    Rpt prt - to W/M

Bill Text

  ]]]]              LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO             ]]]]
 Fifty-seventh Legislature                 Second Regular Session - 2004
                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                     HOUSE BILL NO. 695
                              BY HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE
  1                                        AN ACT
 14    Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:
 15        SECTION 1.  That Title 54, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby  amended
 16    by  the addition thereto of a NEW CHAPTER, to be known and designated as Chap-
 17    ter 51, Title 54, Idaho Code, and to read as follows:
 18                                      CHAPTER 51
 20        54-5101.  PURPOSE. To protect the public health, safety  and  welfare  and
 21    provide for state administrative supervision, licensure, regulation and disci-
 22    plinary  procedures,  every person providing naturopathic medical services who
 23    meets and maintains the standards  of practice and code of ethics  as  adopted
 24    by  the board shall be licensed, unless otherwise exempted herein, as provided
 25    in this chapter.
 26        54-5102.  DEFINITIONS. As used in this chapter, the following  terms  have
 27    the meanings as stated:
 28        (1)  "Approved naturopathic medical program" means:
 29        (a)  A course of study from a college or university granting the degree of
 30        doctor of naturopathy or doctor of naturopathic medicine accredited by  an
 31        accrediting agency recognized by the state or federal government; or
 32        (b)  A college or university granting the degree of doctor of naturopathy,
 33        or   doctor   of  naturopathic  medicine that meets all requirements of an
 34        accrediting agency recognized by the state or federal government, and  has
 35        applied  for and has been recognized as a candidate for accreditation with
 36        the accrediting agency; or
 37        (c)  A postgraduate degree-granting college or university of  the  healing
 38        arts  approved  by the board and state or federal accrediting agency. Such
 39        college or university shall require a minimum of sixty (60) semester units
 40        for admission and a minimum of four thousand (4,000) hours  in  basic  and
 41        clinical  sciences,  naturopathic philosophy, naturopathic modalities, and
  1        naturopathic medicine, of which not less than two thousand  (2,000)  hours
  2        shall be academic instruction and not less than two thousand (2,000) hours
  3        shall be school or college approved supervised clinical training. The col-
  4        lege  or  university    shall  provide  adequate  instruction  to maintain
  5        naturopathic  medicine as a separate and distinct healing art.
  6        (2)  "Board" means the board of  naturopathic  medical  examiners  created
  7    pursuant to section 54-5107, Idaho Code.
  8        (3)  "Minor  office  procedures" means the methods for the repair and care
  9    incidental  to superficial lacerations and abrasions, superficial lesions lim-
 10    ited to warts and epitheliomas and the removal of foreign  bodies  located  in
 11    the superficial tissues.
 12        (4)  "Naturopathic  formulary"  means  the list of natural medicines which
 13    naturopathic physicians use in the practice of their profession, as determined
 14    by the formulary council and reviewed by the board.
 15        (5)  "Naturopathic formulary council" means that council comprised of mem-
 16    bers appointed pursuant to this chapter to determine and authorize the  formu-
 17    lary list.
 18        (6)  "Naturopathic  medicine"  means  a distinct and comprehensive  system
 19    of primary health care practiced by naturopathic physicians  for  the  preven-
 20    tion,  diagnosis  and treatment  of human health conditions, injuries and dis-
 21    eases, that uses education, natural medicines  and therapies  to  promote  and
 22    restore  health  by  support  and stimulation of the individual's self-healing
 23    processes.
 24        (7)  "Naturopathic  physician" and all titles defined in  section  54-5103
 25    (2),  Idaho  Code,  means   a  person  authorized  and  licensed  to  practice
 26    naturopathic medicine pursuant to this chapter.
 27        (8)  "Naturopathy"  means  a  philosophy  of  healing that employs natural
 28    modalities that may be utilized by naturopathic physicians and  other  persons
 29    not licensed under this chapter.
 30        54-5103.  LICENSE  REQUIRED.  (1) The terms "naturopath" and "naturopathy"
 31    are public domain, however, no person shall practice or  hold himself  out  to
 32    others, as a naturopathic physician without first applying for and receiving a
 33    license to engage in that practice.
 34        (2)  A person holds himself out to others as a naturopathic physician when
 35    such  person  adopts  or uses any title or description including "naturopathic
 36    physician,"  "naturopathic  doctor,"  "physician  of  naturopathic  medicine,"
 37    "physician of natural medicine," "doctor of naturopathy,"  or   its  abbrevia-
 38    tion,  "N.D.," "doctor of naturopathic medicine," or its abbreviation "N.M.D."
 39    Unless a person  has  graduated  from  an  accredited   school  granting   the
 40    "doctor   of  naturopathic  medicine" degree, abbreviated  as "N.M.D.," and is
 41    licensed under this chapter, neither the title nor  the  abbreviation  may  be
 42    used.
 43        (3)  The  titles  and  terms  in  subsection  (2) of this section identify
 44    naturopathic physicians and  are  restricted  to  describing  and  identifying
 45    licensed practitioners.
 46        54-5104.  SCOPE  OF  PRACTICE.  (1)  Diagnostic procedures. A naturopathic
 47    physician  may  use  physical  and  laboratory  examinations  consistent  with
 48    naturopathic  education  and  training  for  diagnostic   purposes   including
 49    phlebotomy, clinical laboratory tests, speculum examinations and physiological
 50    function  tests.  A  naturopathic  physician  may order diagnostic and imaging
 51    tests consistent with naturopathic  education  and  training.  All  diagnostic
 52    tests,  including   an  electrocardiogram,  must  be  referred  to a physician
 53    licensed pursuant to chapter 18, title 54, Idaho  Code,  for  performance  and
  1    interpretation.
  2        (2)  Natural  medicines.  Naturopathic physicians  are  authorized to dis-
  3    pense, administer and prescribe:  (a)  nonprescription  substances,  including
  4    food,   extracts   of  foods,  nutraceuticals,  vitamins,  minerals,  enzymes,
  5    botanicals and their extracts, and homeopathic medicines prepared according to
  6    the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, and  all  dietary  supple-
  7    ments and nonprescription substances as defined by the federal food, drug, and
  8    cosmetic  act;  and  (b)  prescription  substances authorized by the formulary
  9    council.
 10        (3)  Therapies. A naturopathic physician may: (a)  administer,  prescribe,
 11    and  dispense,  natural  medicine and devices from the naturopathic formulary;
 12    and (b) perform minor office procedures pursuant to privileges granted by  the
 13    naturopathic  board  of  examiners;  and  (c) perform therapies as approved by
 14    board rule.
 15        54-5105.  PROHIBITIONS. A naturopathic physician shall not:
 16        (1) Prescribe, dispense or administer any controlled substance  or  device
 17    identified  under  the  controlled  substance act, chapter 27, title 37, Idaho
 18    Code, or identified in the federal controlled substance act,  21  U.S.C.  sec-
 19    tions 801 through 971 (1988), except as authorized by this chapter;
 20        (2)  Perform  surgical  procedures  except  those  minor office procedures
 21    authorized by this chapter;
 22        (3)  Practice or claim to practice as a medical  doctor,  osteopath,  den-
 23    tist, podiatrist, optometrist, advanced practice professional nurse, physician
 24    assistant,  chiropractor,   physical  therapist,  acupuncturist,  or any other
 25    health care professional not authorized in this chapter unless licensed by the
 26    state of Idaho to do so;
 27        (4)  Use general or spinal anaesthetics;
 28        (5)  Administer ionizing radioactive substances for therapeutic purposes;
 29        (6)  Perform surgical procedures using a laser device;
 30        (7)  Perform or procure an unlawful abortion or aid or abet the performing
 31    of an unlawful abortion;
 32        (8)  Perform surgical procedures involving the eye or ear;
 33        (9)  Perform any surgical procedure involving tendons,  nerves,  veins  or
 34    arteries extending beyond superficial tissue;
 35        (10) Remove  any  lesion  contemplated  to  be suspicious of malignancy or
 36    requiring surgical  removal.  Lesions  requiring  surgical  removal  shall  be
 37    referred to a physician licensed pursuant to chapter 18, title 54, Idaho Code.
 38        (11) Nothing in this chapter shall negate previous court decisions or cur-
 39    rent Idaho Code.
 40        54-5106.  EXEMPTIONS.   This  chapter  is  not  intended  to  prohibit  or
 41    restrict:
 42        (1)  The practice of a profession by individuals who are licensed,  certi-
 43    fied  or registered under other laws of this state and are performing services
 44    within the authorized scope of practice; or
 45        (2)  The practice of naturopathic medicine by an  individual  employed  by
 46    the   federal government while the individual is engaged in the performance of
 47    duties prescribed by the laws and regulations of the United States; or
 48        (3)  An individual rendering aid to a family member or  in  an  emergency,
 49    when no fee or other  consideration  for the  service  is  charged,  received,
 50    expected or contemplated; or
 51        (4)  A  person engaged in the sale of vitamins, health foods, dietary sup-
 52    plements, herbs, or other products of nature, the sale of which is not  other-
 53    wise prohibited under state or federal law; or
  1        (5)  A  person  engaged in good faith for religious reasons as a matter of
  2    conscience or based on a personal belief; or
  3        (6)  A person who administers treatment or provides advice  regarding  the
  4    human body and its functions that:
  5        (a)  Does not use legend drugs or prescription drugs in such practice;
  6        (b)  Does not recommend the discontinuance of prescribed drugs;
  7        (c)  Uses natural elements such as air, heat, water and light;
  8        (d)  Only  uses  class  I  or  class II nonprescription, approved, medical
  9        devices as defined in section 513 of the federal food, drug, and  cosmetic
 10        act;
 11        (e)  Uses only vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, natural food prod-
 12        ucts and their extracts, and nutritional supplements;
 13        (f)  Does not perform surgery;
 14        (g)  Requires  each  person  receiving  services  to sign a declaration of
 15        informed consent which includes an overview of the health care  provider's
 16        education which states that the health care provider is not licensed under
 17        this chapter.
 18        (7)  The  practice  by  a  naturopathic physician duly licensed in another
 19    state, territory or the District of Columbia when that naturopathic  physician
 20    is incidentally called into this state for consultation with a licensed physi-
 21    cian; or
 22        (8)  The  practice  of naturopathic medicine by students  enrolled  in  an
 23    approved naturopathic medical program. Services shall be performed pursuant to
 24    a course of instruction or assignments from an instructor and under the super-
 25    vision and observation of the instructor.
 26        54-5107.  BOARD OF NATUROPATHIC MEDICAL EXAMINERS.  (1)  There  is  hereby
 27    established  in  the  department of self-governing agencies, bureau of occupa-
 28    tional licenses, the board of naturopathic medical examiners.  Members thereof
 29    shall be appointed by the governor.
 30        (2)  The board shall consist of five (5) members, four (4) of  whom  shall
 31    be  licensed pursuant to this chapter and one (1) of whom shall be a member of
 32    the public with an interest in the rights of consumers of naturopathic  physi-
 33    cian services.
 34        (3)  Appointments  to the board shall be made by the governor from nomina-
 35    tions received from  professional  naturopathic  physician  associations,  who
 36    shall  nominate  at  least two (2) but no more than four (4) persons qualified
 37    for each position to be filled.
 38        (4)  All members of the board shall be residents of the state of Idaho for
 39    the duration of their appointment and shall have been residents of  the  state
 40    of Idaho for a minimum of three (3) years immediately preceding appointment.
 41        (5)  The  initial  four (4) licensed naturopathic physician members of the
 42    board shall be persons with at least two (2) years of experience in the  prac-
 43    tice  of naturopathic medicine who are eligible to become licensed pursuant to
 44    this chapter.
 45        (6)  The initial board shall be appointed for staggered terms, the longest
 46    of which shall not exceed five (5) years. After the initial appointments,  all
 47    terms shall be five (5) years and a member may be appointed for a second term.
 48    No member shall serve more than two (2) terms. In the event of death, resigna-
 49    tion  or  removal  of  any  member  before the expiration of the term to which
 50    appointed, the vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired portion of  the  term
 51    in the same manner as the original appointment.
 52        (7)  The governor may remove any member of the board for cause,  prior  to
 53    the expiration of the member's appointment.
 54        (8)  The  board,  within  thirty  (30)  days after its appointment, and at
  1    least  annually thereafter, shall hold a meeting and  elect  a  chairman.  The
  2    board  may hold additional meetings on the call of the chair or at the written
  3    request of any two (2) members of the board. The board may appoint  such  com-
  4    mittees  as  it considers necessary to carry out its duties. A majority of the
  5    board shall constitute a quorum.
  6        54-5108.  POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE BOARD. The board shall have the author-
  7    ity to:
  8        (1)  Determine the qualifications of persons applying for licensure pursu-
  9    ant to this chapter and define, by rule, the appropriate scope of naturopathic
 10    medicine in this state, provided however, that the scope of practice  may  not
 11    exceed that defined in sections 54-5102(6) and 54-5104, Idaho Code;
 12        (2)  Grant  approval  for naturopathic childbirth attendance privileges to
 13    those licensees who apply, provided that such applicant can document  training
 14    and  experience  equal  to  or  greater than that required by the rules of the
 15    Idaho board of nursing pursuant to section 54-1404, Idaho Code, and  that  the
 16    applicant  meets  the  practice  standards  governing  hospital privileges and
 17    supervising physicians established by the  Idaho  board  of  nursing  and  the
 18    applicant  holds  hospital  privileges  or  performs such procedures under the
 19    supervision of an M.D.;
 20        (3)  Establish special competency certification requirements for licensees
 21    as deemed necessary by action of the board;
 22        (4)  Adopt rules that govern action limiting the scope of  practice  of  a
 23    licensee;
 24        (5)  Hire and appoint employees, including an executive director, investi-
 25    gators, attorneys, consultants and independent hearing examiners;
 26        (6)  Adopt  such  rules  as  are  necessary for the administration of this
 27    chapter, including standards of professional conduct;
 28        (7)  Conduct investigations and examinations and hold hearings;
 29        (8)  Collect fees and other funds as prescribed by this chapter;
 30        (9)  Contract, sue and be sued, and pursue other matters  lawful  in  this
 31    state relating to naturopathic medicine;
 32        (10) Provide  such  other services and perform such other functions as are
 33    necessary and desirable to fulfill its purposes;
 34        (11) Establish by rule examination standards for licensure and when exami-
 35    nations will be provided;
 36        (12) Establish a minimum amount and type of  continuing  education  to  be
 37    required annually for each naturopathic physician seeking licensure renewal;
 38        (13) Limit  the  performance  of minor office procedures to physicians who
 39    have graduated from an approved naturopathic medical college or have  certifi-
 40    cation  as an "advanced emergency medical technician - ambulance" as set forth
 41    in section 56-1012(4)(d), Idaho Code.
 42        54-5109.  NATUROPATHIC FORMULARY  COUNCIL  ESTABLISHED.  There  is  hereby
 43    established  a  naturopathic formulary council, which is separate and distinct
 44    from the board, to be composed of five (5) members. One (1) member shall be  a
 45    member of the board of naturopathic medical examiners, appointed by the board.
 46    One  (1) member shall be a naturopathic physician licensed under this chapter,
 47    appointed by the board. One (1) member shall be a  pharmacist  licensed  under
 48    chapter 17, title 54, Idaho Code, appointed by the board of naturopathic exam-
 49    iners  from  a list of nominees provided by the Idaho state board of pharmacy.
 50    One (1) member shall  be a physician licensed  under  chapter  18,  title  54,
 51    Idaho  Code,  appointed  by the board of naturopathic examiners from a list of
 52    nominees  provided by the Idaho state board of medicine. One (1) member  shall
 53    be  a  person  appointed  by the board from a list of nominees provided by the
  1    Idaho state board of medicine and the Idaho state board of pharmacy. The  for-
  2    mulary  list  may  not  authorize the use of any substance beyond the scope of
  3    natural substances and devices covered by approved naturopathic education  and
  4    training  and  existing naturopathic formularies, or board approved continuing
  5    education. Naturopathic physicians are authorized to dispense, administer  and
  6    prescribe substances derived from or substantially similar in molecular struc-
  7    ture or function to natural sources. The list will be reviewed annually by the
  8    council, or at any time at the request of the board. Immediately upon adoption
  9    or  revision  of the formulary, the council shall transmit the approved formu-
 10    lary to the board, which shall adopt the formulary by temporary rule.  Nothing
 11    herein  shall  allow  a naturopathic physician to dispense, administer or pre-
 12    scribe any legend drug as defined in  section 54-1705(27), Idaho Code, or pre-
 13    scription device unless  such legend drug or prescription device  is  specifi-
 14    cally  included  in  the  naturopathic  formulary by applicable scientific and
 15    chemical name for drugs, and by specific medical description for devices.
 16        54-5110.  FEES. (1) All fees received under the provisions of this chapter
 17    shall be paid to the department of self-governing agencies, bureau of  occupa-
 18    tional  licenses,  and  deposited  to  the state treasury to the credit of the
 19    occupational licenses fund. All costs and expenses incurred under  the  provi-
 20    sions of this chapter shall be a charge against and paid from said fund. In no
 21    case  shall  any  salary,  expense or other obligation of the board be charged
 22    against the general fund.
 23        (2)  The board, by rule, may impose the following fees up to  the  amounts
 24    listed below:
 25        (a)  License fee...................................................$500
 26        (b)  Renewal fee...................................................$500
 27        (c)  Late renewal penalty fee......................................$100
 28        (d)  Duplicate license fee.........................................$ 50
 29        (e)  Reinstatement fee.............................................$ 50
 30        54-5111.  QUALIFICATIONS FOR LICENSURE. To be eligible for  a  license  to
 31    practice naturopathic medicine in the state of Idaho, the applicant shall:
 32        (1)  Be  a  graduate of an approved naturopathic medical program in accor-
 33    dance with  section  54-5102(1),  Idaho  Code,  and  pass  or  have  passed  a
 34    competency-based  examination  approved  by the board covering the appropriate
 35    naturopathic subjects, including basic and clinical sciences;
 36        (2)  Possess a good ethical and professional reputation;
 37        (3)  Be physically and mentally capable of safely practicing  naturopathic
 38    medicine with or without reasonable accommodation;
 39        (4)  Have  never  had a license to practice naturopathic medicine refused,
 40    revoked or suspended by any other state or country for reasons that relate  to
 41    the  applicant's  ability to skillfully and safely practice naturopathic medi-
 42    cine unless that license has been restored to good standing by that  state  or
 43    country; and
 44        (5)  File a board approved application and pay the licensing fees.
 46    MEDICINE. (1) Any practitioner  who  cannot  prove  sufficient  education  and
 47    training  to  be  licensed  as  required in section 54-5102(1)(a), (b) or (c),
 48    Idaho Code, but who can:
 49        (a)  Provide evidence of four thousand (4,000)  hours  of  board  approved
 50        basic science and clinical naturopathic training and education;
 51        (b)  Comply with section 54-5111(2) through (4), Idaho Code;
 52        (c)  Provide  evidence that he has held himself out as a naturopathic phy-
  1        sician for the past five (5) years and has  received  a  majority  of  his
  2        income  from  said  practice,  may  be  eligible  for a restricted license
  3        granted by the board under such rules as the board may adopt with a  scope
  4        of practice limited to that determined by the board to be justified and in
  5        accordance  with  such practitioner's education and training. A restricted
  6        license shall exclude minor  office  procedures,  dispensing  prescription
  7        substances  contained  in  the  naturopathic formulary, and diagnostic and
  8        imaging tests. Each person receiving health care services from  practitio-
  9        ners granted a restricted license must sign a declaration of informed con-
 10        sent,  approved  and provided by the board, which states the scope of each
 11        practitioner's practice.
 12        (2)  Nothing in this section is to be construed to allow any  naturopathic
 13    physician  embraced  by this section to increase his scope of practice without
 14    appropriate additional education, training, and testing approved by the board.
 15        (3)  Applications must be submitted to the board within one hundred eighty
 16    (180) days from the date on which this chapter takes effect,  and  payment  of
 17    the  licensing  fees  must  accompany the application. Failure of persons cur-
 18    rently practicing naturopathic medicine in this state to apply  for  licensure
 19    within  the one hundred eighty (180) day period, and the continuation of prac-
 20    tice after that date, shall cause such persons to be  subject  to  prosecution
 21    under section 54-5117, Idaho Code.
 22        54-5113.  LICENSE  STANDARDS FOR OUT-OF-STATE APPLICANTS. The board  shall
 23    establish by rule the  standards  for  licensure  of  applicants  licensed  in
 24    another  jurisdiction.  However,  the  standards  for endorsement of licensure
 25    shall not be less than those required for licensure in the state of Idaho.
 26        54-5114.  INVESTIGATION -- HEARING -- SUBPOENA. (1) The board shall inves-
 27    tigate, or cause to be investigated, all complaints made to it and  all  cases
 28    of noncompliance with this chapter.
 29        (2)  The  board  may  conduct  hearings  to assist with investigations, to
 30    determine whether grounds exist for suspension,  revocation  or  denial  of  a
 31    license  or  to  fulfill  its responsibilities under this chapter as the board
 32    otherwise determines necessary.
 33        (3)  The board may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths in any hearing  or
 34    disciplinary  proceedings  and compel, by subpoena duces tecum, the production
 35    of papers and records.
 36        54-5115.  DISCIPLINARY ACTION. The board may suspend, revoke or refuse  to
 37    issue or renew a license on any of the following grounds:
 38        (1)  The employment of fraud or deceit in obtaining a license  under  this
 39    chapter  or  in connection with services rendered as a naturopathic physician;
 40        (2)  A legal finding of mental incompetence;
 41        (3)  Aiding or abetting a person, not duly licensed under this chapter, in
 42    claiming to be a naturopathic physician;
 43        (4)  Any  negligence,  incompetence  or  misconduct  in the performance of
 44    naturopathic medicine;
 45        (5)  Conviction of any felonious crime, which constitutes a crime of moral
 46    turpitude;
 47        (6)  Practicing as a naturopathic physician when physical or mental abili-
 48    ties are impaired by the use of controlled substances or other  drugs,  chemi-
 49    cals or alcohol;
 50        (7)  Failure of the individual practitioner to maintain his or her profes-
 51    sional premises in a clean and sanitary condition;
 52        (8)  Any  person  licensed  in accordance with this chapter whose scope of
  1    practice has been limited by the board  pursuant  to  section  54-5104,  Idaho
  2    Code,  and  who performs any act not authorized in his or her limited scope of
  3    practice, which constitutes the practice of naturopathic medicine;
  4        (9)  Any  other  good  cause  relevant  to  qualifications   to   practice
  5    naturopathic medicine;
  6        (10) Findings  that a licensee's practice is unconventional in the absence
  7    of demonstrable harm to a patient and the patient has signed a waiver  to  the
  8    effect that the treatment or device is considered unconventional.
  9        54-5116.  LICENSE DENIAL OR REVOCATION PROCEDURE. Where the board proposes
 10    to  refuse  to  issue  or  renew a license, or proposes to revoke or suspend a
 11    license, opportunity for a hearing shall be  pursuant  to  the  provisions  of
 12    chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.
 13        54-5117.  ENFORCEMENT  PENALTIES.  (1) A person who violates any provision
 14    of this chapter shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor.
 15        (2)  The board may  seek  injunction  against  any  person  who  practices
 16    naturopathic  medicine  in  violation  of this chapter and may, in the event a
 17    permanent injunction is entered against such person  or  plea  or  verdict  is
 18    entered  in  any  criminal matter, impose a civil penalty in the amount of all
 19    costs and fees incurred by the board in prosecuting the matter.
 20        54-5118.  SEVERABILITY. If any provision of this act or its application to
 21    any  person  or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the act or  the
 22    application  of  the  provision  to  other  persons  or  circumstances  is not
 23    affected.

Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Impact

                       STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

                             RS 14007

To provide for licensure for practitioners of Naturopathy.

                          FISCAL IMPACT

No general fund impact.

Name:     Rep. Bill Sali
Phone:  332-1000
STATEMENT OF PURPOSE/FISCAL NOTE                       H 695