2004 Legislation
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SENATE BILL NO. 1326 – Charter schools/procedures/reqrmnts


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Bill Status

S1326..........................................................by EDUCATION
CHARTER SCHOOLS - Amends existing law to eliminate certain limitations on
the number of charters granted for charter schools; to further govern the
applicability of state law; to require articles of incorporation and
bylaws, election processes, employee requirements and admission procedures
to be contained in the petition to establish a charter school; to specify
additional requirements for approval; to require approval of the format of
the contract for teachers and administrators; to further govern the charter
appeal procedure; and to authorize advance appropriations for
transportation costs.
02/16    Senate intro - 1st rdg - to printing
02/17    Rpt prt - to Educ

Bill Text

  ]]]]              LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO             ]]]]
 Fifty-seventh Legislature                 Second Regular Session - 2004
                                       IN THE SENATE
                                    SENATE BILL NO. 1326
                                   BY EDUCATION COMMITTEE
  1                                        AN ACT
 15    Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:
 16        SECTION  1.  That  Section 33-5202, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby
 17    amended to read as follows:
 18        33-5202.  LEGISLATIVE INTENT. It is the intent of the legislature to  pro-
 19    vide  opportunities  for  teachers, parents, students and community members to
 20    establish and maintain public charter schools which operate independently from
 21    the existing school district structure but within the existing  public  school
 22    system as a method to accomplish all of the following:
 23        (1)  Improve student learning;
 24        (2)  Increase learning opportunities for all students, with special empha-
 25    sis on expanded learning experiences for students;
 26        (3)  Include the use of different and innovative teaching methods;
 27        (4)  Utilize virtual distance learning and on-line learning;
 28        (5)  Create  new  professional  opportunities  for teachers, including the
 29    opportunity to be responsible for the learning program at the school site;
 30        (6)  Provide parents and students with expanded choices in  the  types  of
 31    educational opportunities that are available within the public school system;
 32        (7)  Hold the schools established under this chapter accountable for meet-
 33    ing measurable student educational standards.
 34        SECTION  2.  That  Section 33-5203, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby
 35    amended to read as follows:
 36        33-5203.  AUTHORIZATION -- LIMITATIONS. (1) The creation of public charter
 37    schools is hereby authorized. Charter schools shall be  part  of  the  state's
 38    program of public education.
 39        (2)  It  is  the  intent  of  the  legislature  that the number of charter
 40    schools which may be approved in each of the first five (5)  years  after  the
 41    effective date of this act be limited in number and geographic distribution in
  1    accordance with the following:
  2        (a)  Not  more  than  sixty (60) schools may be approved in the first five
  3        (5) years after the effective date of this act, and
  4        (b)  Not more than twelve (12) schools may be  approved  in  any  one  (1)
  5        year, and
  6        (c)  Not more than two (2) charters per year may be granted within an edu-
  7        cational classification region as established by the state board of educa-
  8        tion, and
  9        (d)  Not  more  than one (1) charter may be granted for any one (1) school
 10        district in a year, and
 11        (e)  No whole school district may be converted to a  charter  district  or
 12        any configuration which includes all schools as charter schools.
 13    The  legislature  further  finds that, notwithstanding the limitations of this
 14    subsection (2), if fewer than twelve (12) charters are approved by June 1 of a
 15    year, the unused allotments shall be assigned to a statewide pool for  use  by
 16    other  requesting districts. Distributions from the pool shall be made by ran-
 17    dom drawing.
 18        (3)  A charter school may be formed by creating a new school or converting
 19    an existing public school to charter status. No charter shall be granted under
 20    this chapter which authorizes the  conversion  of  any  private  or  parochial
 21    school  to  a  charter school. No charter shall be granted to or operated by a
 22    for-profit entity.
 23        SECTION 3.  That Section 33-5204, Idaho Code, be, and the same  is  hereby
 24    amended to read as follows:
 25        33-5204.  NONPROFIT  CORPORATION  -- LIABILITY -- INSURANCE. (1) A charter
 26    school shall be organized and managed under the  Idaho  nonprofit  corporation
 27    act.  The board of directors of a charter school shall be deemed public agents
 28    servants authorized by a public school district or the state board  of  educa-
 29    tion  to  control  the charter school, but shall function independently of any
 30    school board of trustees, except as provided in the charter, and shall be sub-
 31    ject to the provisions of sections 33-506 and 33-507, Idaho  Code.  A  charter
 32    school  shall  be considered a public school for all purposes and shall comply
 33    with the audit reporting requirements of section 33-701 6.,  Idaho  Code,  and
 34    shall  annually  file financial and statistical reports as required in section
 35    33-701 7., Idaho Code. For the purposes of section 59-1302(15), Idaho Code,  a
 36    charter school created pursuant to this chapter shall be deemed a governmental
 37    entity.  Pursuant  to the provisions of section 63-3622O, Idaho Code, sales to
 38    or purchases by a public charter school are exempt from payment of  the  sales
 39    and  use  tax. A charter school and the board of directors of a charter school
 40    are subject to the provisions of chapter 23, title 67, and chapter 3, title 9,
 41    Idaho Code, in the same manner that a public school and the  board  of  school
 42    trustees are subject to those provisions.
 43        (2)  A charter school may sue or be sued, purchase, receive, hold and con-
 44    vey  real and personal property for school purposes, and borrow money for such
 45    purposes, to the same extent and on the same conditions  as  a  public  school
 46    district, and its employees, directors and officers shall enjoy the same immu-
 47    nities  as  employees,  directors  and officers of public school districts and
 48    other public schools. The approving authority of a charter school  shall  have
 49    no  liability for the acts, omissions, debts or other obligations of a charter
 50    school, except as may be provided  in  an  agreement  or  contract  with  such
 51    charter school.
 52        (3)  Nothing  in  this  chapter  shall prevent the board of directors of a
 53    charter school, operating as a nonprofit corporation, from borrowing money  to
  1    finance  the purchase of school building facilities. Subject to the terms of a
  2    contractual agreement between the board and a  lender,  and  approval  of  the
  3    state  superintendent  of public instruction, nothing herein shall prevent the
  4    board from using the facility as collateral for the loan.
  5        (4)  Charter schools shall secure insurance  for  liability  and  property
  6    loss.
  7        SECTION  4.  That  Section 33-5205, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby
  8    amended to read as follows:
  9        33-5205.  PETITION TO ESTABLISH CHARTER SCHOOL. (1) Any person may request
 10    the board of trustees of a school district to establish a charter  school,  or
 11    to  convert an existing school within the school district to charter status. A
 12    petition to convert an existing school shall be  submitted  to  the  board  of
 13    trustees  of the district for review after the petition has been signed by not
 14    less than sixty percent (60%) of the teachers currently employed by the school
 15    district at the school to be converted, and by one  (1)  or  more  parents  or
 16    guardians  of  not  less  than  sixty  percent (60%) of the students currently
 17    attending the school to be converted. A petition to establish  a  new  charter
 18    school  shall be submitted to the board of trustees of the district for review
 19    after the petition has been signed by not  less  than  thirty  (30)  qualified
 20    electors  of the district. Each petition submitted shall contain a copy of the
 21    articles of incorporation and the bylaws of the corporation,  which  shall  be
 22    deemed incorporated into the petition. The state department of education shall
 23    establish  uniform  guidelines for the petition process which shall serve as a
 24    model for charter petitioners to follow.
 25        (2)  Not later than thirty (30) days after receiving a petition signed  in
 26    accordance  with  the  specifications  in  subsection (1) of this section, the
 27    board of trustees shall hold a meeting open to the public for the  purpose  of
 28    discussing  the  provisions of the charter, at which time the board shall con-
 29    sider the merits of the petition and the level of employee and  parental  sup-
 30    port  for  the petition. Following review of the petition and the public hear-
 31    ing, the board of trustees shall either grant or deny the charter within sixty
 32    (60) days of receipt of the petition, provided however, that the date  may  be
 33    extended  by  an  additional sixty (60) days if the petition fails to meet the
 34    signature requirements or fails to contain all of the information required  in
 35    this section, or if both parties agree to the extension.
 36        (3)  A  board  of  trustees  may grant a charter for operation of a school
 37    under the provisions of this chapter if it determines that the  petition  con-
 38    tains the number of signatures required, a statement of each of the conditions
 39    described  in  subsection  (4) of this section, and descriptions of all of the
 40    following:
 41        (a)  The educational program of the charter school, designed  among  other
 42        things,  to  identify  what  it  means  to  be an "educated person" in the
 43        twenty-first century, and how learning best occurs. The  goals  identified
 44        in the program shall include how all educational thoroughness standards as
 45        defined in section 33-1612, Idaho Code, shall be fulfilled.
 46        (b)  The  measurable  student  educational standards identified for use by
 47        the charter school. "Student educational standards"  for  the  purpose  of
 48        this  chapter means the extent to which all students of the charter school
 49        demonstrate they have attained the skills and knowledge specified as goals
 50        in the school's educational program.
 51        (c)  The method by which student progress in meeting those student  educa-
 52        tional standards is to be measured.
 53        (d)  A  provision  by  which students of the charter school will be tested
  1        with the same standardized tests as other Idaho public school students.
  2        (e)  A provision which ensures that the  charter  school  shall  be  state
  3        accredited as provided by rule of the state board of education.
  4        (f)  The  governance  structure  of  the charter school including, but not
  5        limited to, the person or entity who shall be legally accountable for  the
  6        operation  of the school, the process to be used for holding open election
  7        of the board of directors following the second year of operation, and  the
  8        process  to  be followed by the charter school to ensure parental involve-
  9        ment.
 10        (g)  The qualifications to be met by individuals employed by  the  charter
 11        school. Instructional staff shall be certified teachers as defined in sec-
 12        tions  33-1001(12)  and  33-1201, Idaho Code, or may apply for a waiver or
 13        any of the limited certification options as provided by rule of the  state
 14        board  of  education.  The  administrator  responsible for supervision and
 15        evaluation  of  the  teaching  staff  shall  hold  a  valid  Idaho  school
 16        administrator's certificate.
 17        (h)  The procedures that the charter school  will  follow  to  ensure  the
 18        health and safety of students and staff.
 19        (i)  Admission procedures, including provision for overenrollment. Initial
 20        admission  procedures  for  a new charter school, not a renewal, including
 21        may provide that not more than ten percent (10%) of the available capacity
 22        in each grade may be reserved for the children  of  the  original  charter
 23        school  founders  and  full-time certificated employees of the school. The
 24        charter shall describe its provision for overenrollment,  which  specifies
 25        shall specify that admission for positions not reserved will be determined
 26        by  lottery or other random method. If initial capacity is insufficient to
 27        enroll all pupils who submit a timely  application,  preference  shall  be
 28        given  in  the  following  order:  first,  to  siblings  of pupils already
 29        selected by the lottery or other random method; and second, by an  equita-
 30        ble selection process such as by lottery or other random method. If capac-
 31        ity  is insufficient to enroll all pupils for subsequent school terms, who
 32        submit a timely application, preference shall be given  in  the  following
 33        order:  first,  to pupils returning to the charter school in the second or
 34        any subsequent year of  its  operation;  second,  to  siblings  of  pupils
 35        already  enrolled in the charter school; and third, an equitable selection
 36        process such as by lottery or other random method. In all  cases  where  a
 37        lottery  or  other random method is utilized, it shall be conducted by the
 38        granting school district, or an independent third party mutually agreed to
 39        by the granting district board and the board of the charter school.
 40        (j)  The manner in which an annual audit of the financial and programmatic
 41        operations of the charter school is to be conducted.
 42        (k)  The procedures by which  students  can  be  suspended,  expelled  and
 43        reenrolled.
 44        (l)  A  provision  which  ensures  all staff members of the charter school
 45        will be covered by the public employee retirement system,  federal  social
 46        security, unemployment insurance and worker's compensation insurance.
 47        (m)  The public school attendance alternative for students residing within
 48        the  school  district  who  choose not to attend the charter school if the
 49        proposed charter school is a conversion of an existing school  to  charter
 50        status.
 51        (n)  A description of the transfer rights of any employee choosing to work
 52        in a charter school and the rights of such employees to return to any non-
 53        charter  school  in  the  school  district  after  employment at a charter
 54        school.
 55        (o)  A provision which ensures that the staff of the charter school  shall
  1        be considered a separate unit for purposes of collective bargaining.
  2        (p)  The  procedures  to  be followed by the charter school and the entity
  3        granting the charter to resolve disputes relating  to  provisions  of  the
  4        charter.
  5        (q)  The  manner  by  which special education services will be provided to
  6        students with disabilities who are eligible pursuant to the federal  indi-
  7        viduals with disabilities education act.
  8        (r)  The  manner  by which eligible students from the charter school shall
  9        be allowed to participate in dual enrollment in noncharter schools  within
 10        the  district  as provided for in chapter 2, title 33, Idaho Code, and the
 11        manner by which payment shall be  made  to  the  school  district  by  the
 12        charter  school  for  dually  enrolled  students  in curricular and extra-
 13        curricular activities.
 14        (s)  The procedures by which the charter school shall ensure all  students
 15        within the granting district will have equal access to the charter school,
 16        including, but not limited to: communications in native and alternate lan-
 17        guage, methods by which enrollment procedures are communicated to the fam-
 18        ilies  within  the  granting district, means for providing transportation,
 19        food services, and services for English  language  learners.  The  primary
 20        attendance area shall be entirely within the boundaries of the authorizing
 21        school   district,  and  admission  preference  as  described  in  section
 22        33-5206(1), Idaho Code, shall be given to students residing in the primary
 23        attendance area. The primary attendance area shall be a single unit,  with
 24        no exclusions of neighbors or homes within the area.
 25        (4)  The petitioner shall provide information regarding the proposed oper-
 26    ation  and  potential effects of the school including, but not limited to, the
 27    facilities to be utilized by the school, the manner  in  which  administrative
 28    services  of  the  school are to be provided and the potential civil liability
 29    effects upon the school and upon the district.
 30        SECTION 5.  That Section 33-5206, Idaho Code, be, and the same  is  hereby
 31    amended to read as follows:
 33    (1)  In  addition to any other requirements imposed in this chapter, a charter
 34    school shall be nonsectarian in its programs,  affiliations,  admission  poli-
 35    cies,  employment  practices,  and  all  other  operations,  shall  not charge
 36    tuition, levy taxes or issue bonds, and shall  not  discriminate  against  any
 37    student  on  any basis prohibited by the federal or state constitutions or any
 38    federal, state or local law. Admission to a charter school shall not be deter-
 39    mined according to the place of residence of the student, or of the  student's
 40    parent  or  guardian  within  the  district,  except  that a new or conversion
 41    charter school established under the provisions of this  chapter  shall  adopt
 42    and  maintain  a  policy  giving  admission  preference to students who reside
 43    within the attendance area of that school.
 44        (2)  No board of trustees shall require any employee of  the  school  dis-
 45    trict to be involuntarily assigned to work in a charter school.
 46        (3)  Certified  teachers  in  a  charter school shall be considered public
 47    school teachers. Educational experience shall accrue for service in a  charter
 48    school  and  such  experience shall be counted by any school district to which
 49    the teacher returns after employment in a charter school.
 50        (4)  No board of trustees shall require any student enrolled in the school
 51    district to attend a charter school.
 52        (5)  Upon approval of the petition by the board  of  trustees,  the  peti-
 53    tioner  shall provide written notice of that approval, including a copy of the
  1    petition, to the state  board of education. For the  purpose  of  implementing
  2    the provisions of section 33-5203(2), Idaho Code, the state board of education
  3    shall  assign  a  number to each petition it receives. Petitions shall be num-
  4    bered based on the chronological order in which notice of the  approved  peti-
  5    tion is received by the state board of education.
  6        (6)  Each charter school shall annually submit a report to the local board
  7    of  trustees  which  approved its charter. In the case of a new charter school
  8    whose charter was granted by the state board of education pursuant to  section
  9    33-5207,  Idaho  Code, the annual report shall be submitted to the state board
 10    of  education.  The  report  shall  contain  the  audit  of  the  fiscal   and
 11    programmatic  operations  as  required in section 33-5205(3)(j), Idaho Code, a
 12    report on student progress based on the charter school's  student  educational
 13    standards  identified  in section 33-5205(3)(b), Idaho Code, and a copy of the
 14    charter school's accreditation report.
 15        (7)  Charter school teachers and administrators shall be employed annually
 16    on a written contract in a form approved by the state superintendent of public
 17    instruction.
 18        SECTION 6.  That Section 33-5207, Idaho Code, be, and the same  is  hereby
 19    amended to read as follows:
 20        33-5207.  CHARTER  APPEAL  PROCEDURE.  (1)  If  a  local  school  board of
 21    trustees grants a charter for the conversion of an existing school within  the
 22    school district over the objection of thirty (30) or more persons or employees
 23    of  the  district, or denies a petition for the establishment of a new charter
 24    school for any reason including, but not limited to, failure by the petitioner
 25    to follow procedures or for failure to provide required information, then such
 26    decisions may be appealed to the state superintendent of  public  instruction,
 27    at the request of persons opposing the conversion of an existing school, or at
 28    the request of the petitioner whose request for a new charter was denied.
 29        (2)  The state superintendent of public instruction shall select a hearing
 30    officer  within  thirty  (30)  days to review the action of the local board of
 31    trustees. The hearing officer shall, within thirty (30) days  of  the  request
 32    selection,  review the charter petition and convene a public hearing regarding
 33    the charter request petition. Within ten (10) days of the public hearing,  the
 34    hearing  officer  shall  submit a written recommendation to the local board of
 35    trustees and to the persons requesting the review.
 36        (3)  Within thirty (30) days following receipt of  the  hearing  officer's
 37    written  recommendation, the local board of trustees shall hold a public hear-
 38    ing. Within ten (10) days of this hearing, the local board of  trustees  shall
 39    either  affirm  or reverse its initial decision. The board's decision shall be
 40    in writing and contain findings which explain the reasons for its decision.
 41        (4)  If, upon reconsideration of a decision to approve the  conversion  of
 42    an existing school to a charter school, the local school board:
 43        (a)  Affirms  its  initial  decision  to  authorize  such  conversion, the
 44        charter shall be granted and there shall be no further appeal.
 45        (b)  Reverses its initial decision and denies the conversion,  that  deci-
 46        sion is final and there shall be no further appeal.
 47        (5)  If, upon reconsideration of a decision to deny establishment of a new
 48    charter school, the local school board:
 49        (a)  Reverses  its  initial  decision and approves the new charter school,
 50        the charter shall be granted and there shall be no further appeal.
 51        (b)  Affirms its initial decision denying  the  new  charter  school,  the
 52        petitioners  for the establishment of the new charter school may appeal to
 53        the  state  board  of  education  only  if  the  school  board's  decision
  1        contradicts the hearing officer's findings. The state board  of  education
  2        shall  hold  a  public  hearing  at its next regular meeting and shall may
  3        approve the charter for the establishment of a new charter  school  if  it
  4        determines  that  the local board of trustees failed to appropriately con-
  5        sider the charter request petition, or if the denial of  the  local  board
  6        acted in an of trustees was arbitrary. manner in denying the request. Such
  7        hearing  shall  be  conducted  pursuant  to procedures as set by the state
  8        board of education.
  9        (6)  A charter school for which a charter is granted by the state board of
 10    education shall qualify fully as a charter school for all  funding  and  other
 11    purposes  of  this chapter. The state board of education shall assume the role
 12    of the chartering entity. Employees of a  charter  school  authorized  by  the
 13    state board of education shall not be considered employees of the local school
 14    district nor of the state board of education.
 15        (7)  The  finding  of  the  state  board  of education shall be subject to
 16    review pursuant to chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code. Nothing in  this  section
 17    shall prevent a petitioner from bringing a new petition at a later time.
 18        (8)  There  shall  be  no  appeal of a decision by a local school board of
 19    trustees which denies the conversion of an existing school  within  that  dis-
 20    trict to a charter school, or which grants a petition for the establishment of
 21    a new charter school.
 22        SECTION  7.  That  Section 33-5208, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby
 23    amended to read as follows:
 24        33-5208.  CHARTER SCHOOL FINANCIAL SUPPORT.  From  the  state  educational
 25    support  program  the  state  department of education shall make the following
 26    apportionment to each charter school for each fiscal year based on  attendance
 27    figures submitted in a manner and time as required by the department of educa-
 28    tion:
 29        (1)  Per  student  support.  Computation of support units for each charter
 30    school shall be calculated as if it were a separate school  according  to  the
 31    schedules  in section 33-1002 6., Idaho Code, except that charter schools with
 32    fewer than one hundred (100) secondary ADA shall use a divisor of twelve  (12)
 33    and the minimum units shall not apply. Funding from the state educational sup-
 34    port program shall be equal to the total distribution factor, plus the salary-
 35    based apportionment provided in chapter 10, title 33, Idaho Code.
 36        (2)  Special  education.  For  each student enrolled in the charter school
 37    who is entitled to special education services, the  state  and  federal  funds
 38    from  the exceptional child education program for that student that would have
 39    been apportioned for that student to the school district in which the  charter
 40    school is located.
 41        (3)  Alternative  school  support.  Charter  schools may qualify under the
 42    provisions of sections 33-1002 and 33-1002C, Idaho Code, provided the  charter
 43    school  meets  the  necessary statutory requirements, and students qualify for
 44    attendance at an alternative school as provided by rule of the state board  of
 45    education.
 46        (4)  Transportation  support.  Support shall be paid to the charter school
 47    as provided in chapter 15, title 33, Idaho Code, and  section  33-1006,  Idaho
 48    Code.  Each  charter  school  shall  furnish the department with an enrollment
 49    count as of the first Friday in November,  of charter school  students  living
 50    more  than one and one-half (1 1/2) miles from the school. For charter schools
 51    in the initial year of operation, the petition shall include  a  proposal  for
 52    transportation  services  with an estimated first year cost. The state depart-
 53    ment of education is authorized to include in the annual appropriation to  the
  1    charter  school eighty percent (80%) of the estimated transportation cost. The
  2    final appropriation payment in July shall reflect eighty-five percent (85%) of
  3    the actual cost.
  4        (5)  Payment schedule. The state department of education is authorized  to
  5    make  an  advance  payment  of twenty-five percent (25%) of a charter school's
  6    estimated annual apportionment for its first year of operation, and each  year
  7    thereafter,  provided the charter school has an increase of student population
  8    in any given year of twenty (20) students or more, to assist the  school  with
  9    initial start-up costs or payroll obligations.
 10        (a)  For a state charter school to receive the advance payment, the school
 11        shall  submit  its anticipated fall membership for each grade level to the
 12        state department of education by June 1.
 13        (b)  Using the figures provided by the school,  the  state  department  of
 14        education shall determine an estimated annual apportionment from which the
 15        amount  of  the advance payment shall be calculated. Advance payment shall
 16        be made to the school on or after July 1 but no later than July 31.
 17        (c)  All subsequent payments, taking into  account  the  one-time  advance
 18        payment made for the first year of operation, shall be made to the charter
 19        school  in  the same manner as other public schools in accordance with the
 20        provisions of section 33-1009, Idaho Code.
 21    A charter school shall comply with all applicable fiscal requirements of  law,
 22    except  that  the  following  provisions  shall  not  be applicable to charter
 23    schools: section 33-1003B, Idaho Code, relating to guaranteed minimum support;
 24    that portion of section 33-1004, Idaho Code,  relating  to  reduction  of  the
 25    administrative  and  instructional staff allowance when there is a discrepancy
 26    between the number allowed and  the  number  actually  employed;  and  section
 27    33-1004E, Idaho Code, for calculation of district staff indices.
 28        (6)  Nothing  in  this  chapter shall be construed to prohibit any private
 29    person or organization from providing funding or other financial assistance to
 30    the establishment or operation of a charter school.
 31        (7)  Nothing in this chapter shall prevent a charter school from  applying
 32    for federal grant moneys.

Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Impact

                       STATEMENT OF PURPOSE
                             RS 13989

Section 33-5202     Amends legislative intent to allow for charters of similar methods and
                    curriculum within the same district.

Section 33-5203     Amends Idaho code to allow for no limit on the number of charters
                    granted in the state.

Section 33-5204     Clarifies the law to recognize that charter schools will be organized under
                    the Idaho nonprofit corporation act, but will be managed as a public
                    school entity, and that the board of a charter school will be subject to
                    provisions of Idaho code governing public school trustees. It further
                    identifies that while charter schools may borrow money for the purchase
                    of school facilities, the terms and contractual arrangements of any loan
                    shall be subject to review by the state superintendent of public instruction.

Section 33-5205     Amends and clarifies several sections dealing with the items to be
                    addressed in the charter petition, including; bylaws of the charter school,
                    process to be used for board elections, the process for admission
                    procedures, provision for oversight of methods used to randomly select
                    students, provision for payment for dual enrolled students, the procedures
                    to ensure equal access to all students, and the attendance boundaries for
                    the charter school.

Section 33-5206     Clarifies that charter school teachers and administrators shall be
                    contracted on a form approved by the state superintendent of public

Section 33-5207     Amends the appeal process to recognize the validity of the hearing
                    officer's findings.

Section 33-5208     Allows for the payment of bus services in the first year of a charter
                    school's operations.

                          FISCAL IMPACT


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Phone: 466-2662
Name: Jon Allen
Phone: 468-4600

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