2005 Legislation
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SENATE BILL NO. 1043 – MV license plate, private colleges


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Bill Status

S1043..............................................................by MCGEE
LICENSE PLATES - Amends existing law to expand the special public college
and university motor vehicle license plate program to include private
colleges and universities.
01/21    Senate intro - 1st rdg - to printing
01/24    Rpt prt - to Transp

Bill Text

  ]]]]              LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO             ]]]]
 Fifty-eighth Legislature                   First Regular Session - 2005
                                       IN THE SENATE
                                    SENATE BILL NO. 1043
                                          BY MCGEE
  1                                        AN ACT
  5        TIES.
  6    Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:
  7        SECTION  1.  That  Section 49-418A, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby
  8    amended to read as follows:
  9        49-418A.  IDAHO PUBLIC COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY PLATES. (1) Any  person  who
 10    is the owner of a vehicle registered under the provisions of section 49-402 or
 11    49-434(1),  Idaho  Code,  may  apply  for  special plates featuring one (1) of
 12    Idaho's public colleges or universities. The provisions of this section  shall
 13    not  apply  to any vehicle with a registered maximum gross weight over twenty-
 14    six thousand (26,000) pounds. Availability of Idaho public college and univer-
 15    sity special license plates for other vehicles may be authorized  by  rule  of
 16    the board.
 17        (2)  In  addition  to  the  regular  operating fee, the applicant shall be
 18    charged a fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) for the initial issuance of  the
 19    plates, and twenty-five dollars ($25.00) upon each succeeding annual registra-
 20    tion.  Ten dollars ($10.00) of the initial fee and ten dollars ($10.00) of the
 21    renewal fee shall be deposited in the state highway account to be used by  the
 22    department  to fund highway, road and bridge construction projects and to fund
 23    the cost of administration of this special license plate program. The  depart-
 24    ment  shall  transfer twenty-five dollars ($25.00) of the initial fee and fif-
 25    teen dollars ($15.00) of the renewal fee for deposit to the institution desig-
 26    nated on the license plate.
 27        (3)  Whenever title or interest in a vehicle registered under  the  provi-
 28    sions  of  this section is transferred or assigned, the owner may transfer the
 29    special plates to another vehicle upon payment of the required transfer  fees.
 30    The  owner  may only display the plates after receipt of new registration from
 31    the department.
 32        (4)  All special college and university plates shall be  of  a  color  and
 33    design  comparable  to the standard issue of license plates with blue numerals
 34    on a red, white and blue  background  and  shall  indicate  the  participating
 35    institution.
 36        (a)  The  standard  red, white and blue graphic shall be used, except that
 37        the word "Idaho" and "Famous Potatoes" shall appear on  every  plate,  the
 38        identification  of  county  shall  be omitted, and the inscription "Scenic
 39        Idaho" may be omitted.
 40        (b)  Each public college or university that chooses to participate in this
 41        program shall provide that portion of the design which features  the  par-
 42        ticular  institution  and such design shall be acceptable to the president
 43        of the institution. and For public colleges and universities, approval  of
  1        the  state  board  of  education and board of regents of the university of
  2        Idaho shall also be required.
  3        Each version of the special public college and university plate  featuring
  4    the  participating  public  college  or  university  shall  be approved by the
  5    department, utilizing a numbering system as determined by the department. Ini-
  6    tial costs of the plate program, including the cost of plate design, shall  be
  7    paid by the participating public college or university.
  8        (5)  The  state  board of education and board of regents of the university
  9    of Idaho shall adopt rules to account for receipt and distribution of revenues
 10    accruing to  participating public colleges and universities from  the  special
 11    license  plate  program. Revenues from the special plate program shall be used
 12    to:
 13        (a)  Fund scholarships for Idaho residents attending that college or  uni-
 14        versity.
 15        (b)  Match  funds  contributed  in equal amounts from nonstate sources for
 16        academic programs, provided that such expenditures for public institutions
 17        shall be subject to prior approval by the state  board  of  education  and
 18        board of regents of the university of  Idaho.
 19        (6)  Sample  public college and university license plates may be purchased
 20    from the department for a fee of thirty dollars ($30.00), ten dollars ($10.00)
 21    of which shall be retained by the department for deposit to the state  highway
 22    account  and twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be transferred by the department to
 23    the college or university designated on the license plate. No  additional  fee
 24    shall be charged for personalizing sample plates.

Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Impact

                     STATEMENT OF PURPOSE
                           RS 14518
                        FISCAL IMPACT
Relating to special public college and university motor vehicle
license plates; amending Section 49-418A, Idaho Code, to expand the
special motor vehicle license plate program to include private
colleges and universities.

Name:   Senator John McGee
Phone:  (208)332-1336