2006 Legislation
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Bill Status

HCR045..............................................by REVENUE AND TAXATION
MISSING PERSONS DAY - Stating findings of the Legislature and proclaiming
September 14 as Missing Persons Day.
02/17    House intro - 1st rdg - to printing
02/20    Rpt prt - to Jud
03/16    Rpt out - rec d/p - to 2nd rdg
03/17    2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg
03/21    3rd rdg - ADOPTED - voice vote
    Floor Sponsor - McGeachin
    Title apvd - to Senate
03/22    Senate intro - 1st rdg - to Jud
03/28    Rpt out - rec d/p - to 10th Ord
03/30    10th Ord - ADOPTED - voice vote
    Floor Sponsor - Richardson
    Title apvd - to House
03/31    To enrol
04/03    Rpt enrol - Sp signed - Pres signed
04/04    To Secretary of State

Bill Text

  ]]]]              LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO             ]]]]
 Fifty-eighth Legislature                   Second Regular Session - 2006
                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                             HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 45
                             BY REVENUE AND TAXATION COMMITTEE
  1                               A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
  3        DAY.
  4    Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:
  5        WHEREAS, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Crime
  6    Information  Center  there  were 876,213 missing person entries (juveniles and
  7    adults) in the year 2001, with an average of 2,001 children disappearing daily
  8    including children from the state of Idaho; and
  9        WHEREAS, as of March 31, 2003, there were  97,297  active  missing  person
 10    cases  in  the  United  States  and of those missing approximately 54,194 were
 11    juveniles and 43,113 were reports of individuals eighteen and older and  these
 12    statistics include citizens of the state of Idaho; and
 13        WHEREAS,  in  response  to  these alarming trends, nonprofit organizations
 14    such as Project Jason, Center for Hope and the Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial
 15    Reward Foundation were founded for the purpose of educating the public  in  an
 16    effort  to  prevent future abductions and disappearances and to provide assis-
 17    tance to families of the missing; and
 18        WHEREAS, all missing persons deserve to be  searched  for,  regardless  of
 19    their age; and
 20        WHEREAS,  citizens,  media  and  law enforcement must be made aware of the
 21    plight of missing persons regardless of their age; and
 22        WHEREAS, our awareness, support, efforts and search  for  missing  persons
 23    must continue; and
 24        WHEREAS,  every  missing  person  is  someone's son or daughter, father or
 25    mother, brother or sister, husband or wife; and
 26        WHEREAS, the state of Idaho is committed to the safety and  well-being  of
 27    all its citizens, both children and adults.
 28        NOW,  THEREFORE,  BE IT RESOLVED by the members of the Second Regular Ses-
 29    sion of the Fifty-eighth Idaho Legislature, the House of  Representatives  and
 30    the Senate concurring therein, that we hereby proclaim September 14 as Missing
 31    Persons  Day,  and the song "The Room We Never Go In" shall be commemorated as
 32    the song for Missing Persons Day and do hereby urge all citizens to  take  due
 33    note of the observance.

Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Impact

                       STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

                             RS 16086

The purpose of this legislation is to establish September 14 as
Missing Persons Day in Idaho.

                           FISCAL NOTE


Name: Representative McGeachin 
Phone: 332-1000

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE/FISCAL NOTE                        HCR 45