2008 Legislation
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HOUSE BILL NO. 378<br /> – Speech/hearing services bd, members


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Bill Status

H0378.................................................by HEALTH AND WELFARE
SPEECH AND HEARING SERVICES - Amends existing law to revise provisions for
membership on the Speech and Hearing Services Licensure Board; and to
delete provisions for the removal of members.

01/21    House intro - 1st rdg - to printing
01/22    Rpt prt - to Health/Wel
02/06    Rpt out - rec d/p - to 2nd rdg
02/07    2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg
02/13    3rd rdg - PASSED - 65-0-5
      AYES -- Anderson, Andrus, Barrett, Bayer, Bell, Bilbao, Black, Block,
      Bock, Boe, Bolz, Bowers, Brackett, Bradford, Chadderdon, Chavez,
      Chew, Clark, Collins, Crane, Durst, Eskridge, Hagedorn, Hart,
      Harwood, Henbest, Henderson, Killen, King, Kren, Labrador, LeFavour,
      Luker, Marriott, Mathews, McGeachin, Mortimer, Moyle, Nielsen,
      Nonini, Pasley-Stuart, Patrick, Pence, Raybould, Ringo, Roberts,
      Ruchti, Rusche, Sayler, Schaefer, Shepherd(02), Shepherd(08),
      Shirley, Shively, Smith(30), Smith(24), Snodgrass, Stevenson, Thayn,
      Thomas, Trail, Vander Woude, Wills, Wood(27), Mr. Speaker
      NAYS -- None
      Absent and excused -- Bedke, Jaquet, Lake, Loertscher, Wood(35)
    Floor Sponsor - Rusche
    Title apvd - to Senate
02/14    Senate intro - 1st rdg - to Health/Wel
02/21    Rpt out - rec d/p - to 2nd rdg
02/22    2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg
02/27    3rd rdg - PASSED - 34-0-1
      AYES -- Andreason, Bair, Bastian, Bilyeu, Broadsword, Burkett,
      Cameron, Coiner, Corder, Darrington, Davis, Fulcher, Geddes, Goedde,
      Hammond, Heinrich, Hill, Jorgenson, Kelly, Keough, Langhorst, Little,
      Lodge, Malepeai(Sagness), McGee, McKague, McKenzie, Pearce,
      Richardson, Schroeder, Siddoway, Stegner, Stennett, Werk
      NAYS -- None
      Absent and excused -- Gannon
    Floor Sponsor - Werk
    Title apvd - to House
02/28    To enrol
02/29    Rpt enrol - Sp signed
03/03    Pres signed
03/04    To Governor
03/05    Governor signed
         Session Law Chapter 64
         Effective: 07/01/08

Bill Text

  ]]]]              LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO             ]]]]
 Fifty-ninth Legislature                   Second Regular Session - 2008


                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

                                     HOUSE BILL NO. 378

                              BY HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE

  1                                        AN ACT
  5        BOARD MEMBERS.

  6    Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:

  7        SECTION 1.  That Section 54-2908, Idaho Code, be, and the same  is  hereby
  8    amended to read as follows:

  9        54-2908.  SPEECH AND HEARING SERVICES LICENSURE BOARD. (1) There is hereby
 10    established  in the department of self-governing agencies a speech and hearing
 11    services licensure board.  The  board  shall  consist  of  seven  (7)  members
 12    appointed  by  the  governor.  The  governor  may consider recommendations for
 13    appointment to the board from the Idaho speech-language  hearing  association,
 14    any  Idaho  association of hearing aid dealers and fitters, and any individual
 15    residing in this state. Three (3)  members  of  the  board  shall  be  speech-
 16    language  pathologists,  two (2) members shall be audiologists, one (1) member
 17    shall be a hearing aid  dealer  and  fitter,  and  one  (1)  member  shall  be
 18    appointed from the public at-large. Each nonpublic member shall:
 19        (a)  Have  been  a resident of the state of Idaho for no less than one (1)
 20        year immediately preceding his or her appointment;
 21        (b)  Have been engaged in rendering services to the public,  teaching,  or
 22        performing  research in the field of audiology, speech-language pathology,
 23        or hearing aid dealing and fitting for a period of not less than five  (5)
 24        years preceding his or her appointment;
 25        (c)  Be a currently practicing audiologist, speech-language pathologist or
 26        hearing aid dealer and fitter; and
 27        (d)  At  all  times during such appointment to the board, maintain a valid
 28        license in audiology, speech-language pathology or hearing aid dealing and
 29        fitting, except for the first appointees who shall  meet  the  eligibility
 30        requirements for licensure as specified in this chapter at all times after
 31        initial appointment.
 32        (2)  The public member appointed as provided herein shall have been a res-
 33    ident of the state of Idaho for not less than one (1) year immediately preced-
 34    ing  his appointment. Further, such public member shall not be associated with
 35    or financially interested in the practice or business  of  audiology,  speech-
 36    language  pathology  or hearing aid dealing and fitting, nor shall such public
 37    member be engaged in an allied or related profession or occupation.
 38        (3)  Each member shall serve a term of three (3)  years,  which  shall  be
 39    staggered  as  follows: The initial licensure board shall have two (2) members
 40    whose terms expire July 1, 2006; two (2) members whose terms expire on July 1,
 41    2007; and three (3) members whose terms expire on July 1,  2008.  Terms  shall
 42    begin  on  the  first  day of the calendar year and end on the last day of the
 43    calendar year  or  until  successors  are  appointed,  except  for  the  first


  1    appointed members who shall serve through the last calendar day of the year in
  2    which  they are appointed, before commencing the terms prescribed in this sec-
  3    tion. A member may be appointed to serve for one (1) additional three (3) year
  4    term. In the event of a vacancy other than by expiration of a term, the  board
  5    shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy for Members shall serve a
  6    term of three (3) years at the pleasure of the governor and shall be staggered
  7    as  follows:  two (2) members whose terms expire July 1, 2008; two (2) members
  8    whose terms expire July 1, 2009; and three (3) members whose terms expire July
  9    1, 2010.  The governor shall appoint members and their terms shall begin  July
 10    1,  2008.  In the event of a vacancy other than expiration of a term, the gov-
 11    ernor shall appoint a replacement to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the
 12    unexpired term.
 13        (4)  Members shall disqualify themselves  and,  upon  the  motion  of  any
 14    interested  party  may, upon proper showing, be disqualified in any proceeding
 15    concerning which they have an actual conflict of interest or bias that  inter-
 16    feres with their fair and impartial service.
 17        (5)  The  governor  may remove any member of the board from the membership
 18    of the board who is guilty of malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance.

Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Impact

                   STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

                         RS 17443

This bill would change the expiration of board member terms to 
expire on July 1 rather than the last day of the calendar year.

It would also clarify that members are appointed by the governor 
and shall serve at the pleasure of the governor.

                        FISCAL NOTE

There is no fiscal impact on general or dedicated funds.

Agency:	Occupational License, Bureau
Phone:	(208) 334-3233