2012 Wind Energy Task Force

Charge: To study the effects of wind energy and to provide recommendations to the legislature and the governor. The task force’s analysis shall address, but not be limited to, issues related to the effect that wind development is having on power rates, the ability of Idaho’s utilities to integrate more intermittent wind power into their systems, the effect wind turbines are having on wildlife and species that could be listed as endangered, the effect that wind turbines have on private property values and uses, the range of tax issues regarding wind power development and any other issues found to be pertinent.

Sen. Bert Brackett, Co-chair Rep. Judy Boyle, Co-chair
Sen. Jeff Siddoway Rep. Paul Shepherd
Sen. Curt McKenzie Rep. Linden Bateman
Sen. Elliot Werk Rep. Elaine Smith


Staff: Mike Nugent, Eric Milstead

Meeting Agendas:
October 4-5, 2012

Meeting Minutes:
October 4-5, 2012

October 1 Meeting – Presentations & Handouts: