Presentations, Handouts & Reports

Meeting Materials for
2016 Change in Employee Compensation (CEC) Committee


Final CEC Recommendation


January 7 Meeting – Presentations & Handouts:

Review of Idaho Code Compensation System Requirements and FY 2016 Salary Adjustments, Robyn Lockett and Paul Headlee, Legislative Services Office
FY 2017 CEC Report to the Governor, Required by 64-5309c, Idaho Code, David Fulkerson, Interim Administrator, Division of Human Resources
Testimony, Commissioner Ken Roberts, Idaho State Tax Commission
State Employee Compensation & Turnover Report and the Application of Holiday Leave Policy Report, Bryon Welch, Principal Evaluator, Office of Performance Evaluations
Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI), Don Drum, Executive Director, PERSI
Public Testimony on the State’s Personnel System and Compensation

January 13 Meeting – Presentations & Handouts:

January 19 Meeting – Presentations & Handouts: