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2018 Legislation

2018 Legislation by Bill Number

The status of each bill, resolution, proclamation, and memorials listed on this page are updated when the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House publish the un-official daily journals and should not be deemed official. The official bill actions are located in the final journal, which are maintained by the offices of the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House.  The daily journals are published at the end of each legislative day.

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW




H0335     Employment, taxable wage rates     LAW +
H0336     Medicaid, nursing facilities     LAW +
H0337     Behavioral health, council, boards     LAW +
H0338     Health care, insurance, assistance     H Health/Wel   
H0339     Pharmacy, drug substitutions     LAW +
H0340     Controlled substances     LAW +
H0341     Tobacco, retailers fee     H Health/Wel   
H0342     Hospitalization, mentally ill     H Health/Wel   
H0343     Dentistry, dental specialists     LAW +
H0344     Dental hygienists, access settings     LAW +
H0345     Dentistry, convictions     LAW +
H0346     Board of dentistry, compensation     LAW +
H0347     Ombudsman for elderly, reporting     LAW +
H0348     Board of acupuncture, honorarium     LAW +
H0349     Occupational therapists     LAW +
H0350     Counselors and therapists     LAW +
H0351     Pharmacy, licensing and registation     LAW +
H0352     Occupational licensing, physicians     LAW +
H0353     Volunteer health care providers     LAW +
H0354     Opioid antagonists, filing     LAW +
H0355     Internal revenue code, conformity     LAW +
H0356     Fish and game, liability provisions     H Res/Con   
H0357     Courts, answering claims     LAW +
H0358     Suspension, judgment and sentence     LAW +
H0359     Action for possession, complaints     LAW +
H0360     Assault, strangulation, counseling     LAW +
H0361     Secretary of state, filing fees     LAW +
H0362     Gas tax, refund claims     LAW +
H0363     Fuels tax, gaseous special fuels     LAW +
H0364     Transportation, permits     LAW +
H0365     Liquor account, community colleges     LAW +
H0366     Worker’s comp, public employment     LAW +
H0367     Education, resident student     H Educ   
H0368     Higher education, retirement     LAW +
H0369     Roadless rule commission     LAW +
H0370     Water districts, meetings, voting     LAW +
H0371     Critical ground water areas     LAW +
H0372     Water rights, application fee     LAW +
H0373     Mineral rights, rent deductions     H Res/Con   
H0374     Mining, exploration     LAW +
H0375     Income tax credit, railroads     S Loc Gov   
H0376     Crimes, trafficking     H 3rd Rdg   
H0377     Patronizing a prostitute     H Jud   
H0378     Secretary of state, duties     LAW +
H0379     Nonprofits, incorporator     LAW +
H0380     Tobaco permits     H Rev/Tax   
H0381     Income tax, charitable contribution     LAW +
H0382     Income tax, notification time     LAW +
H0383a   Cigarette and tobacco taxpayers     LAW +
H0384     Income tax, adjustments     LAW +
H0385     Elections, timelines     H St Aff   
H0386     Election records, registration     LAW +
H0387     License plate fees, purple heart     LAW +
H0388     Motor vehicles, emergency approach     LAW +
H0389     Motor vehicles, speed limit     H Transp   
H0390     Property taxes, mailing requirement     LAW +
H0391     Tax commission, reporting date     LAW +
H0392     Energy tax, notification dates     LAW +
H0393     Insurance, immunization board     LAW +
H0394     Plastic bags, local laws     H W/M   
H0395     Motor voter act     H W/M   
H0396     Eminent domain, trails     H W/M   
H0397     Minimum wage, political subdivision     H W/M   
H0398     Mental health, conversion therapy     H W/M   
H0399     Juvenile corrections, retirement     S FAILED   
H0400     PERSI, allowance computations     LAW +
H0401     PERSI, definitions     LAW +
H0402     Firemen’s retirement fund     LAW +
H0403     State treasurer, investments     LAW +
H0404     Credit enhancement committee     LAW +
H0405     Unfair sales act, repeal     LAW +
H0406     Solid waste     H W/M   
H0407     Goats, wool assessments     LAW +
H0408     Civil rights, sex orient/gender     H W/M   
H0409     Nursing home administrators     LAW +
H0410     Cannabidiol oil     H Health/Wel   
H0411     Sign language interpreters     LAW +
H0412     Education, common core, standards     H W/M   
H0413     Education, fed funds phase out     H W/M   
H0414     Sex education     H Educ   
H0415     Excused absence, military funeral     S Educ   
H0416     Historical society, artifacts     LAW +
H0417     Historical society, definition     H St Aff   
H0418     Lobbyists, actions     H St Aff   
H0419     Foreign laws     S St Aff   
H0420     Legal notices, goverment entities     H St Aff   
H0421     Speeding, retain information     H W/M   
H0422     Free speech, higher education     H W/M   
H0423     Firearms, school property     H W/M   
H0424     State funds, federal cost-sharing     H W/M   
H0425     Net neutrality     H W/M   
H0426     Crime victims, protections     H W/M   
H0427     PERSI, definition     H W/M   
H0428     Public servants, pecuniary benefits     H W/M   
H0429a   Crime victims compensation     LAW +
H0430     Victim confidentiality, addresses     LAW +
H0431     Medical directors, classification     LAW +
H0432     Workforce development council     LAW +
H0433     Admin, multi-agency facilities     LAW +
H0434     Administration, bidding     LAW +
H0435     Declaration of candidacy     H W/M   
H0436     Declaration of candidacy     H W/M   
H0437     Fish and game, search by officers     H W/M   
H0438     Child custody, mental injury     H W/M   
H0439     Motorcycles, six month registration     H W/M   
H0440     Fish and game, resident     H W/M   
H0441     Approp, soil & water, add’l     LAW +
H0442     Approp, transportation, chg     LAW +
H0443     School districts, firearm education     LAW +
H0444     Deadly force, self-defense     H St Aff   
H0445     Wine, personalized labels     H St Aff   
H0446     Notaries public     LAW +
H0447     Civil forfeiture, property     LAW +
H0448     Breastfeeding exempt, obscenity     LAW +
H0449     Income taxation, bullion     S Loc Gov   
H0450     Budgets, taxing districts     S Loc Gov   
H0451     Tax, medical residency placement     LAW +
H0452     Short-term rentals, regulation     LAW +
H0453     Adoption expenses, tax deduction     LAW +
H0454     Insurance, dividends     LAW +
H0455     Farm equipment agreements     H Bus   
H0456     Real estate, documents     H Bus   
H0457     Real estate, continuing education     H Bus   
H0458     Architecture practice act     LAW +
H0459     Real estate appraisal reviews     LAW +
H0460     Public funds investment     H FAILED   
H0461     State sovereignty     H FAILED   
H0462     Forest lands taxation     LAW +
H0463     Taxes, corporate, individual, child     LAW +
H0464     Health care, waiver     H Health/Wel   
H0465     Medicaid, dental services     LAW +
H0466     Minimum wage, family     LAW +
H0467     Approp, Hispanic affairs com, add’l     LAW +
H0468     Approp, medical boards, add’l     LAW +
H0469     School safety patrols     LAW +
H0470     Motor vehicle inspections     H Transp   
H0471     Traffic, left lane     LAW +
H0472     Rural physicians, state match     LAW +
H0473     Restoring constitutional governance     S St Aff   
H0474a   Joint publishing committee     LAW +
H0475     Approp, H&W mental hlth, chg     LAW +
H0476     Fish and game, licenses, liability     LAW +
H0477     Fish and game, wildlife on roadway     H Res/Con   
H0478     Electricians, inspectors     LAW +
H0479     Electrical contractors, licensing     LAW +
H0480     Electrical work, limited license     LAW +
H0481     Plumbing, competency requirement     S Com/HuRes   
H0482     HVAC, competency requirement     S Com/HuRes   
H0483     HVAC, exams and certificates     LAW +
H0484     Plumbers, inactive certificates     LAW +
H0485     Wage claims, time period     H Jud   
H0486     State historical society definition     LAW +
H0487     Bond and levy elections     H St Aff   
H0488     Vehicles, financial responsibility     H Bus   
H0489     Personnel system, appointments     LAW +
H0490     Nonclassified employees, bonuses     LAW +
H0491     Marijuana possession, penalty     H Jud   
H0492     Property taxes, disabled veterans     LAW +
H0493     Controller, info infrastructure     LAW +
H0494     Immunizations, notification     S Health/Wel   
H0495     Health care billing equity act     H Health/Wel   
H0496     Agency directors, appointment     H St Aff   
H0497     Motor vehicles, towing     LAW +
H0498     Information tech services     H Com/HuRes   
H0499     Records, law enforcement recording     LAW +
H0500     Public records, child abuse     LAW +
H0501     Measurable student achievement     VETOED   
H0502     Mastery-based education     H Educ   
H0503     Education, career ladder     LAW +
H0504     Educator loan assistance program     H Educ   
H0505     Physical therapy, dry needling     LAW +
H0506a   Military vehicles     LAW +
H0507a   Rotary license plates     LAW +
H0508     Electric-assisted bicycles     H Transp   
H0509     Off-highway vehicles     S FAILED   
H0510     Over-snow vehicles     H Transp   
H0511     Heritage trust license plates     H Transp   
H0512     Driver’s license, fees     LAW +
H0513     Sales tax, free/charitable clinics     LAW +
H0514     Taxation, capital gains     LAW +
H0515     Income tax, college savings     LAW +
H0516     Sales tax, vehicles     H Rev/Tax   
H0517     Motor vehicle rentals     H FAILED   
H0518     Recorder’s fees     LAW +
H0519     Title insurance, reimbursements     LAW +
H0520     Homeowner’s associations     H Bus   
H0521     Motor vehicle service contracts     LAW +
H0522     Certificates of insurance     LAW +
H0523     Notice of bail     S Jud   
H0524     Fire districts, real property     LAW +
H0525     Self-service storage agreements     H Bus   
H0526     Farm equipment agreements     LAW +
H0527     Labor, franchise employees     LAW +
H0528     Field flooding, waterfowl hunting     H Res/Con   
H0529     Fish and game, disabled veteran fee     H Res/Con   
H0530     Courts, criminal case payments     LAW +
H0531     Alcohol, sunset clause repeal     LAW +
H0532     Child, family legal services fund     S Jud   
H0533     County jails, housing payment     LAW +
H0534     Bail enforcement agents     S FAILED   
H0535     Sales under execution     LAW +
H0536     Trespass, civil, criminal     H Agric Aff   
H0537     Produce safety law     LAW +
H0538     Wolf control board, sunset date     LAW +
H0539     Unmanned aircraft systems     H Transp   
H0540a   Pet friendly license plates     H FAILED   
H0541     Railroads, crew requirements     H Transp   
H0542     Registered apprenticeships     H Com/HuRes   
H0543     Seat belts, mail carriers     LAW +
H0544     State facilities, upkeep, funding     LAW +
H0545a   Wine, personalized labels     S St Aff   
H0546     Anatomical gifts, age of donation     LAW +
H0547a   Building codes, local government     LAW +
H0548     Insurance, long-term care     LAW +
H0549     Fish and game, roadway salvage     LAW +
H0550a   Flood districts, commissioners     LAW +
H0551     Ignition interlock system, DUI     LAW +
H0552     Probation, supervision fees     H Jud   
H0553     Diversion programs, crime     H Jud   
H0554     Safety restraints, negligence     LAW +
H0555     County justice fund, tax rate     H FAILED   
H0556     Tax exemption, county option     H Rev/Tax   
H0557     Grocery, sales, income tax rates     H Rev/Tax   
H0558     Income taxes     H Rev/Tax   
H0559     Tax-exempt property     LAW +
H0560     Bond elections, ballot language     H Rev/Tax   
H0561     Income tax, rev growth reduction     S Loc Gov   
H0562a   Public health districts, trustees     LAW +
H0563     Plan First Idaho     H 3rd Rdg   
H0564     Welfare benefits, report     H Health/Wel   
H0565     Firearms, retired law enforcement     LAW +
H0566a   Charter school administrators     VETOED   
H0567a   Cemetery maintenance districts     LAW +
H0568     Initiatives, referenda procedures     LAW +
H0569     Israel boycott, state government     H St Aff   
H0570     Battery, health care workers     H Jud   
H0571     Abortion complications reporting     H St Aff   
H0572     Family planning providers     H Health/Wel   
H0573     Campaign finance requirements     H St Aff   
H0574     Elections, county commissioners     H St Aff   
H0575     State dessert, huckleberry pie     H St Aff   
H0576     Limited use immunity     H Health/Wel   
H0577     Cannabidiol oil     S Health/Wel   
H0578     Sales and use tax     LAW +
H0579     Sex education     H Educ   
H0580     Education, session law repeal     LAW +
H0581     Controlled substances, sentencing     S Jud   
H0582     Justices, judges, salary     LAW +
H0583     Forcible entry, unlawful detainer     H Jud   
H0584     Sex crimes, video voyeurism     LAW +
H0585     Firearms, domestic violence     H FAILED   
H0586     Juror compensation     LAW +
H0587     Tort claims, government liability     S Jud   
H0588     Schools, threatening violence     H Jud   
H0589     Mastery-based education     S Educ   
H0590     Guided education management act     S Educ   
H0591     Tax exemption, capital investments     LAW +
H0592     Idaho national lab, sales tax     LAW +
H0593     Church-owned properties, management     S Loc Gov   
H0594a   Tax-exempt property, hop crops     LAW +
H0595     Service contracts, information     H St Aff   
H0596     Grape/wine comm, lobbying     H St Aff   
H0597     Alcohol, definitions     H St Aff   
H0598     Redistricting plans     H St Aff   
H0599     Driving without privileges     LAW +
H0600     Public integrity in elections act     H St Aff   
H0601     Good samaritans     LAW +
H0602     Brand inspections     H Agric Aff   
H0603a   Stockwater rights     H Res/Con   
H0604a   Agricultural land annexation     S Loc Gov   
H0605     Alcohol, waterfront resorts     LAW +
H0606     Open meetings law, public agency     LAW +
H0607     Information technology services     LAW +
H0608     Public lands, access     H St Aff   
H0609     Public officials, conflicts     H St Aff   
H0610     Reapportionment commission, members     H St Aff   
H0611     Open meetings notices, agendas     LAW +
H0612     Approp, TISF, transfer     LAW +
H0613     Sec of state, voter information     H St Aff   
H0614     Insurance contracts, dental     H Health/Wel   
H0615     Health benefit plans, non ACA     H Health/Wel   
H0616     Insurance, dental services     H Health/Wel   
H0617     Controlled substances, programs     H Health/Wel   
H0618     Legend drugs, code imprint     LAW +
H0619     Public libraries, internet policy     H St Aff   
H0620     Elections, public funds     LAW +
H0621     Surveyors, private land     S Res/Env   
H0622     Higher education, free speech     S Educ   
H0623     Administrative procedure act     S Jud   
H0624     Taxes, trailer bill     LAW +
H0625     Opioid tax     H Rev/Tax   
H0626     Elections, bonded indebtedness     LAW +
H0627     Approp, building safety, add’l     LAW +
H0628     Approp, state police, add’l     LAW +
H0629     High school, apprenticeship     LAW +
H0630     Education, rural support networks     H FAILED   
H0631     Higher ed., residency requirements     LAW +
H0632     Educational support program funding     LAW +
H0633     Education, representation cards     H Educ   
H0634     Education, suicide prevention     LAW +
H0635     Approp, blind com, orig     LAW +
H0636     Lobbyists, state agencies     H St Aff   
H0637     Federal rights-of-way     H St Aff   
H0638     Abortion, reporting act     LAW +
H0639     Bond elections     S St Aff   
H0640     Taxes, ambulance     H Rev/Tax   
H0641     Higher education, residency     H Educ   
H0642     Homeowner’s associations     LAW +
H0643     Magistrate’s division, funding     LAW +
H0644     Crime, diversion programs     S Jud   
H0645     Approp, drug policy, orig     LAW +
H0646     Approp, juvenile corrections, orig     LAW +
H0647     Education, representative status     LAW +
H0648     Computer science courses     LAW +
H0649     Medical help, overdose, charges     LAW +
H0650     Approp, endow fund invest, orig     LAW +
H0651     Approp, species conservation, orig     LAW +
H0652     Approp, tax appeals, orig     LAW +
H0653     Approp, financial mgmt, orig     LAW +
H0654     Approp, public television, orig     LAW +
H0655     Commercial vehicles, licenses     S Transp   
H0656     Forcible entry, landlords     H Jud   
H0657     Battery, health care workers     H Jud   
H0658a   Property, trespassing     LAW +
H0659     Taxes, foreign income     H Rev/Tax   
H0660     Approp, catastrophic hlthcare, orig     LAW +
H0661     Approp, Hispanic affairs com, orig     LAW +
H0662     Approp, edu bd, ag research, orig     LAW +
H0663     Schools, threatening volence     H W/M   
H0664     Sales tax, counties and cities     H Rev/Tax   
H0665     School violence     LAW +
H0666     Administrative rules, continue     LAW +
H0667     Approp, legislative branch, orig     LAW +
H0668     Approp, supreme court, orig     LAW +
H0669     Approp, STEM action center, orig     LAW +
H0670     State officers, salaries     LAW +
H0671     Juvenile offenders, records     S Jud   
H0672     Approp, edu bd, office, orig     LAW +
H0673     Approp, human resources, orig     LAW +
H0674     Approp, regulatory boards, orig     LAW +
H0675     Child tax credit, trailer bill     LAW +
H0676     Income tax, intangible property     H Rev/Tax   
H0677     Approp, water resources, orig     LAW +
H0678     Approp, industrial com, orig     LAW +
H0679     Approp, fish & game, orig     LAW +
H0680     Approp, state police, orig     LAW +
H0681     Approp, lieutenant gov, orig     LAW +
H0682     Approp, H&W mental hlth     LAW +
H0683     Approp, aging com, orig     LAW +
H0684     Income taxes, corporate tax     S Loc Gov   
H0685     Approp, lands, orig     LAW +
H0686     Approp, edu bd, special prgms, orig     LAW +
H0687     Approp, parks & rec, orig     LAW +
H0688     Approp, bond payments, orig     LAW +
H0689     Approp, military division, orig     LAW +
H0690     Approp, correction, orig     LAW +
H0691     Approp, perm bldg fund, orig     LAW +
H0692     Approp, treasurer, orig     LAW +
H0693     Education, reading intervention     H Educ   
H0694     Approp, millennium fund, orig     LAW +
H0695     Approp, H&W medicaid, orig     LAW +
H0696     Approp, DEQ, trailer     LAW +
H0697     Approp, correction, trailer     LAW +
H0698     Approp, H&W mental hlth, trailer     LAW +
H0699     Approp, historical society, orig     LAW +
H0700     Approp, wolf depred control, orig     LAW +
H0701     Approp, agriculture, orig     LAW +
H0702     Approp, lottery, orig     LAW +
H0703     Approp, commerce, orig     LAW +
H0704     Approp, H&W pub hlth srvcs, approp     LAW +
H0705     Approp, secretary of state, orig     LAW +
H0706     Approp, building safety, orig     LAW +
H0707     Child protection, medical eval.     H Health/Wel   
H0708     Civil air patrol, employment     H W/M   
H0709     Dental health aide, Indian health     H Health/Wel   
H0710     Approp, medical boards, orig     LAW +
H0711     Correctional industries act     H FAILED   
H0712     Approp, water resources, add’l     LAW +
H0713     Approp, industrial com, trailer     LAW +
H0714     Approp, exec office gov, orig     LAW +
H0715     Approp, administration, orig     LAW +
H0716     Approp, foster care, trailer     LAW +
H0717     Approp, supt public instruc, orig     LAW +
H0718     Stockwater rights     LAW +
H0719     Sales tax, transportation     H Rev/Tax   




HCR030     State of the state     ADOPTED +
HCR031     Climate change study committee     H W/M   
HCR032     Federal gov power abuse     H St Aff   
HCR033     Fish and game rule rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR034     Boundary County library district     ADOPTED +
HCR035     Rule reject, public drinking water     H Env   
HCR036     Childhood cancer, DIPG     ADOPTED +
HCR037     Plumbing code, rule rejection     H Bus   
HCR038     Eating disorders awareness week     ADOPTED +
HCR039     Winter olympics     ADOPTED +
HCR040     Joint rule 16     ADOPTED +
HCR041     Group insurance commitee     ADOPTED +
HCR042     White cloud wilderness, redesignate     H Res/Con   
HCR043     Organ donation, awareness     ADOPTED +
HCR044     Diocese of Boise     ADOPTED +
HCR045     Hearing devices     ADOPTED +
HCR046     Board of dentistry, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR047     Health and welfare, TAFI     ADOPTED +
HCR048     Marilyn Shuler, honoring     ADOPTED +
HCR049     Public school funding, committee     ADOPTED +
HCR050     Pornography, public health hazard     ADOPTED +
HCR051     State buildings, study group     ADOPTED +
HCR052     Building safety, rule rejection     S Com/HuRes   
HCR053     Michael Nugent, honoring     ADOPTED +
HCR054     Jerry Kramer, honoring     ADOPTED +
HCR055     Juvenile corr, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR056     Public defense, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR057     Pardons, parole, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR058     Sheila Olsen, honoring     ADOPTED +
HCR059     Teen suicide, committee     H W/M   
HCR060     Science standards, rule rejection     H Educ   
HCR061     Science standards, rule rejection     H Educ   
HCR062     PERSI, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
HCR063     Advanced reactor industry     H W/M   




HJM010     Stibnite mining project     ADOPTED +
HJM011     Columbia river treaty     ADOPTED +
HJM012     Commercial drivers, requirements     ADOPTED +
HJM013     Federal land, sell or donate, fee     H Res/Con   
HJM014     National monument designation     ADOPTED +




HJR005     Equal rights, sexes     H W/M   
HJR006     Same-sex marriage     H W/M   
HJR007     Term limits, amendment     H W/M   
HJR008     Rights of crime victims     H FAILED   




HP001     Stockwater rights, fee payment     ADOPTED +




HR004     House rule 24     H W/M   
HR005     House rule 58     ADOPTED +
HR006     House rule 75     ADOPTED +
HR007     Smelting project     H St Aff   




S1207a   Seed indemnity fund     LAW +
S1208a   Agriculture, inmate labor     S Not Concur   
S1209     Petroleum clean water trust fund     LAW +
S1210     Eastern Idaho technical college     LAW +
S1211a   Education, professional standards     H Educ   
S1212     Education, career tech     LAW +
S1213     Endowment board, compensation     LAW +
S1214     State veterans cemetaries     LAW +
S1215     Fire protection districts, election     LAW +
S1216     Fire commissioners, compensation     LAW +
S1217     Fish and game, credit card fees     LAW +
S1218     Environmental quality, IPDES     LAW +
S1219     Health insurance, waiver     LAW +
S1220a   Sales tax, distribution     S Not Concur   
S1221     College credit transfer     LAW +
S1222     Career technical ed funding     LAW +
S1223     Insurance, living donors     S Com/HuRes   
S1224     Medicaid expansion     S Health/Wel   
S1225     Civil actions, renewing     LAW +
S1226     Commerce, planning regions     LAW +
S1227     Immunizations, exemptions     S Health/Wel   
S1228     Precinct boards, students, age     LAW +
S1229     Elections, early voting     LAW +
S1230     Property taxes, delinquency     LAW +
S1231     Property taxes, late charges     LAW +
S1232     Transfer, foreign offenders     LAW +
S1233     STEM action center     LAW +
S1234     Tax commission, background check     LAW +
S1235     Board of nursing, education     LAW +
S1236     Approp, agriculture, add’l     LAW +
S1237     Approp, pest deficiency transfer     LAW +
S1238     Pretrial release programs     S Jud   
S1239     Juvenile corrections, court review     S Jud   
S1240     Release of juvenile offenders     LAW +
S1241     Vacated conviction fund     S Jud   
S1242     Juvenile offenders, escaped     LAW +
S1243     Abortion, posting information     LAW +
S1244a   Legal immunity, pets, vehicles     S FAILED   
S1245a   Legal immunity, vehicle entry     LAW +
S1246a   Correctional facilities, medical     LAW +
S1247     Peace officer council, membership     H Jud   
S1248a   Organ donation, notification     H Health/Wel   
S1249     Education, organ donation     LAW +
S1250     State employees, organ donation     LAW +
S1251     Approp, industrial com, add’l     LAW +
S1252     Engineers and surveyors, exams     LAW +
S1253     Income tax credit, repeal     LAW +
S1254     Wireless phone service, transfers     LAW +
S1255     Tobacco, age of possession     S St Aff   
S1256     Approp, regulatory boards, add’l     LAW +
S1257     Public defense commission, members     LAW +
S1258     Public defense, litigation costs     LAW +
S1259a   POST fund     H Jud   
S1260     Lake and river commission     LAW +
S1261     Priest lake     LAW +
S1262     Patient caregiver support act     S Health/Wel   
S1263     Education, severance allowance     LAW +
S1264     Former military vehicles     H Transp   
S1265     Security freeze, fees     LAW +
S1266     Education, math credits     LAW +
S1267a   STEM diploma     LAW +
S1268     Drainage districts     LAW +
S1269     Aggravated sexual battery     LAW +
S1270a   Forcible penetration, foreign obj     LAW +
S1271     Health care, confidentiality     LAW +
S1272     Poisonous plants     S Agric Aff   
S1273     Health benefit plans, cancer meds     S Com/HuRes   
S1274a   Public records     LAW +
S1275     Wolf collaring     LAW +
S1276     Wolf depredation control board     S Res/Env   
S1277     Civil actions, claims for damages     LAW +
S1278     Education, wireless technology     LAW +
S1279     Idaho opportunity scholarship     LAW +
S1280     School district trustees     LAW +
S1281     Insurance, contraceptives     S Com/HuRes   
S1282     Counties, sheriff’s offices     LAW +
S1283a   Distracted driving, mobile devices     S FAILED   
S1284a   Parking enforcement, booting     LAW +
S1285     Banking, credit unions     LAW +
S1286     Vehicles, financial responsibility     S Com/HuRes   
S1287a   Covenants not to compete     LAW +
S1288     Out-of-state insurers     LAW +
S1289     Pharmacy benefit managers     S Com/HuRes   
S1290     Firefighters, medical exams     S Com/HuRes   
S1291a   School turnaround act     H Educ   
S1292a   Advanced opportunities scholarship     LAW +
S1293     Education, limited contracts     H Educ   
S1294     Cigarette, tobacco tax     LAW +
S1295a   Career technical schools, funding     LAW +
S1296     Mental disabilities     LAW +
S1297     Concealed weapons     S St Aff   
S1298     Criminal history, fingerprints     H Jud   
S1299     Parents/guardians, delegation power     S Jud   
S1300     Pretrial release supervision     H Gen Ord   
S1301     Inspector general     S St Aff   
S1302     Insurance, organ donation     LAW +
S1303     Office of state board of education     S Educ   
S1304     School transportation support prgm.     S Educ   
S1305     Stockwater, livestock     LAW +
S1306a   Planning, development application     LAW +
S1307     Employment, criminal records     S Jud   
S1308     Public employees, civil actions     S Jud   
S1309a   Fire district commission, vacancy     LAW +
S1310     Emergency med. services, standards     LAW +
S1311     Direct primary care pilot     H Health/Wel   
S1312     Individuals with disabilites     S Health/Wel   
S1313     Self-defense, castle, stand ground     LAW +
S1314a   Criminal records, expungement     LAW +
S1315     Approp, lava hot springs, add’l     LAW +
S1316a   Attorney’s fees, licensing auth     LAW +
S1317     Approp, military division, add’l     LAW +
S1318     Codifier’s corrections     LAW +
S1319     Debt collectors, prohibited acts     S Jud   
S1320     Indian tribes, retrocession     S Jud   
S1321     Dentists, license credentials     LAW +
S1322     Approp, transportation, add’l     LAW +
S1323     Approp, correction, chg     LAW +
S1324     Barber and cosmetology services act     LAW +
S1325     Unclaimed property     S St Aff   
S1326     Approp, SAPD, orig     LAW +
S1327     Approp, veterans srvs, orig     LAW +
S1328     Approp, energy resources, orig     LAW +
S1329     Approp, lava hot springs, orig     LAW +
S1330     Approp, soil & water, orig     LAW +
S1331     Concealed weapons, state bar member     LAW +
S1332     Alcohol, liquor by the drink     S St Aff   
S1333     Approp, insurance, orig     LAW +
S1334     Approp, libraries com, orig     LAW +
S1335     Approp, finance, orig     LAW +
S1336     Pharmacy, benefit managers     S Health/Wel   
S1337     Campaign finance requirements     S St Aff   
S1338     Approp, public hlth districts, orig     LAW +
S1339     Approp, SILC, orig     LAW +
S1340     Approp, PUC, orig     LAW +
S1341     Child protective act     LAW +
S1342     Approp, attorney gen, orig     LAW +
S1343     Cosmetology, esthetics, extensions     H Bus   
S1344     Approp, edu bd, college univ, orig     LAW +
S1345     Judicial review, local govt.     S Jud   
S1346     Approp, public defense com, orig     LAW +
S1347     Approp, pub schls admin, orig     LAW +
S1348     Approp, pub schls teachers, orig     LAW +
S1349     Approp, pub schls operations, orig     LAW +
S1350     Approp, pub schls children’s, orig     LAW +
S1351     Approp, pub schls facilities, orig     LAW +
S1352     Approp, pub schls cntrl srvs, orig     LAW +
S1353     Approp, pub schls deaf blind, orig     LAW +
S1354     Approp, supt public instruc, orig     H FAILED   
S1355     Approp, pardons & parole, orig     LAW +
S1356     Approp, arts com, orig     LAW +
S1357     Approp, edu bd, career tech, orig     LAW +
S1358     Approp, capitol com, orig     LAW +
S1359     Approp, edu bd, comm college, orig     LAW +
S1360     Approp, DEQ, orig     LAW +
S1361     Approp, H&W welfare division, orig     LAW +
S1362     Approp, H&W chld wlfr DDS srv, orig     LAW +
S1363     Approp, supreme court, trailer     LAW +
S1364     Approp, PERSI, orig     LAW +
S1365     Approp, labor, orig     LAW +
S1366     Approp, edu bd, hlth prgms, orig     LAW +
S1367     Approp, transportation, orig     LAW +
S1368     Approp, voc rehab, orig     LAW +
S1369     Approp, H&W indirect support, orig     LAW +
S1370     Approp, public defense com, trailer     LAW +
S1371     Approp, const officers, trailer     LAW +
S1372     Approp, liquor division, orig     LAW +
S1373     Approp, controller, orig     LAW +
S1374     Approp, H&W public hlth, trailer     LAW +
S1375     Approp, legislative branch, trailer     LAW +
S1376     Approp, H&W medicaid, trailer     LAW +
S1377     Approp, state police, add’l     LAW +
S1378     Approp, DEQ, add’l     LAW +
S1379     Approp, info tech services, orig     LAW +
S1380     Approp, tax com, orig     LAW +
S1381     Approp, workforce dev council, orig     LAW +
S1382     Initiative, referendum petitions     S St Aff   




SCR125     Joint rule 4     ADOPTED +
SCR126     Lewis-Clark state college     ADOPTED +
SCR127     Idaho community foundation, honored     ADOPTED +
SCR128     19th amendment     ADOPTED +
SCR129     Self-sufficient families     ADOPTED +
SCR130     Transportation dept, rulemaking     ADOPTED +
SCR131     Cytomegalovirus awareness month     ADOPTED +
SCR132     Wild and scenic rivers     ADOPTED +
SCR133     Fish and game, rule rejection     H Res/Con   
SCR134     Transportation committee     ADOPTED +
SCR135     EMS, volunteers     ADOPTED +
SCR136     Social work month     ADOPTED +
SCR137     POST, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
SCR138     Mountain standard time     ADOPTED +
SCR139     State police, rule rejection     ADOPTED +
SCR140     State hospital south, nursing     ADOPTED +
SCR141     Building safety, public employment     H Bus   
SCR142     Building safety, inspections     H Bus   
SCR143     Campaign finance committee     ADOPTED +
SCR144     State procurement, committee     S St Aff   
SCR145     Pharmacy benefit managers     S Com/HuRes   
SCR146     Occ licensing, interim committee     ADOPTED +
SCR147     Career-tech, rule rejection     H Educ   
SCR148     Session laws, limited printing     ADOPTED +
SCR149     Admin rules, fees     ADOPTED +
SCR150     Administrative temporary rules     ADOPTED +




SJM103     National monument designation     H Res/Con   
SJM104     Agricultural transport     ADOPTED +




SJR104     Bail, denial for dangerous crimes     S St Aff   




SP101     Bart Davis, honoring     ADOPTED +

2018 Subject Index

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     (A) = Adopted      (V) = Vetoed
     Approp = Appropriation      Assn = Association
     Bd = Board      Com = Commission
     Comm = Committee      Dept = Department
     DEQ = Department of Environmental Quality      Dist = District
     Div = Division      F&G = Fish and Game
     Govt = Government      H&W = Health and Welfare
     PERSI = Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho      PUC = Public Utilities Commission
     UCC = Uniform Commercial Code      Univ = University


    Abortion Complications Reporting Act, new     H0571
    Abortion Complications Reporting Act, new     H0638 – Ch.225
    Chemical abortion, additional information to patient     S1243 – Ch.159
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    See also EMERGENCIES
    Accident and sickness insurance, authorization to sell     S1288 – Ch.166
    Electronic devises, use while driving, guidelines     S1283
    Emergency first aid, immunity from damage claims     H0601 – Ch.218
    Insurance, proof of financial responsibility, amounts     S1286
    Organ donation awareness, support and encourage     HCR043 – (A)
    Organ donor, first responder, notify local dispatch     S1248
    Organ donor, must be at least 15 years old     H0546 – Ch.191
    Safety restraint, failure to wear, evidence, negligence     H0554 – Ch.295
    Vehicle towing/removal/storage, notice     H0497 – Ch.212
    Worker’s comp coverage, higher education students     H0366 – Ch.39
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    Homeowner’s associations, statements of account, 3 days     H0520
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    Facility account, electrical contractors, licenses     H0479 – Ch.208
    Homeowner’s associations, statements of account, 3 days     H0520
    Liquor Account, funds distribution to community college     H0365 – Ch.87
    Statement of account/fees, homeowner associations     H0642 – Ch.205
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    Abortion Complications Reporting Act, add     H0571
    Abortion Complications Reporting Act, add     H0638 – Ch.225
    Affordable Care Act, state innovation waiver     H0464
    Barber and Cosmetology Services Act, add     S1324 – Ch.228
    Barber and Cosmetology Services Act, definitions     S1343
    Child Protective Act, miscellaneous revisions     S1341 – Ch.287
    Civil Air Patrol Employment Protection Act, add     H0708
    Corporate Welfare and Low Wage Disclosure Act, add     H0564
    Education Freedom Act, add     H0413
    Guided Education Management Act, add     H0590
    Health Care Billing Equity Act, add     H0495
    Idaho Architecture Practice Act, add     H0458 – Ch.129
    Idaho Credit Union Act, revise     S1285 – Ch.165
    Idaho Motor Vehicle Service Contract Act, replace     H0521 – Ch.116
    Idaho Pharmacy Act, definitions revised     H0351 – Ch.37
    Motor Vehicle Rental Marketplaces Act, add     H0517
    Patient Caregiver Support Act, add     S1262
    Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act, add     S1289
    Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act, add     S1336
    Public employees, whistle-blowers, tort claims act     S1308
    Public Integrity in Elections Act, add     H0600
    Public Integrity in Elections Act, add     H0620 – Ch.260
    Quality Educator Loan Assistance Program Act, add     H0504
    Real Estate Appraisers Act, appraisal review definition     H0459 – Ch.128
    Restoring Constitutional Governance Act of Idaho, add     H0473
    School Turnaround Act, add     S1291
    Small Lawsuit Resolution Act, $35,000 limit     S1277 – Ch.244
    State Sovereignty Responsibility Act, add     H0461
    Unfair Sales Act, repeal     H0405 – Ch.179
    Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, 50th anniversary     SCR132 – (A)
    Youth Mental Health Protection Act, add     H0398
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    Acupuncture Bd, members, compensation, increase     H0348 – Ch.57
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    Approp     H0715 – Ch.318
    Approp, bond payment program     H0688 – Ch.281
    Approp, capitol com     S1358 – Ch.291
    Approp, public works div     H0691 – Ch.302
    Public Works Div, construction contracts, bids     H0434 – Ch.119
    State multiagency facilities, long-term maintenance     H0544 – Ch.127
    State multiagency facilities, management     H0433 – Ch.180
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    See also RULES
    Administrative procedures, miscellaneous revisions     H0623
    Administrative rules, continue in full force and effect     H0666 – Ch.299
    Agency fee rules approved     SCR149 – (A)
    Agency temporary rules approved and extended     SCR150 – (A)
    Office of Administrative Hearings, establish     H0623
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    Child, legal/medical expenses, increase tax deduction     H0453 – Ch.206
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    Legal notices, publication on govt website option     H0420
    Unfair Sales Act, repeal     H0405 – Ch.179
    Wine, customized private labels, hotels/restaurants     H0545
    Wine, customized private labels, hotels/restaurants     H0445
    Wine, personalized private labels, consumers     H0445
    Wine, personalized private labels, consumers     H0545
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    Approp     H0683 – Ch.277
    Ombudsman for the elderly, duties revised     H0347 – Ch.56
    Ombudsman for the elderly, duty to report abuse     H0347 – Ch.56
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    Agricultural machinery/equipment, tax exemption     H0594 – Ch.297
    Annexation, agricultural land, owner written permission     H0604
    Commercial/farm vehicles, fees, legislative study comm     SCR134 – (A)
    Dept, approp     H0701 – Ch.310
    Dept, approp, agricultural inspections program     S1236 – Ch.13
    Dept, approp, pest control deficiency fund     S1237 – Ch.12
    Farm equipment, supplier/dealer transactions, revised     H0455
    Farm equipment, supplier/dealer transactions, revised     H0526 – Ch.224
    Hop crops production machinery/equipment, tax exemption     H0594 – Ch.297
    Idaho Produce Safety Law, new     H0537 – Ch.216
    Livestock/agriculture haulers, electronic log exemption     SJM104 – (A)
    Poisonous plants, for sale, label requirements     S1272
    Poultry operations, pollutant discharge program     S1218 – Ch.22
    Private agricultural employers, hiring inmate labor     S1208
    Seed buyer, license, denial, criteria     S1207 – Ch.153
    Univ of Idaho, approp, agricultural research/extension     H0662 – Ch.203
    Waterfowl hunting, flooded field with standing crops     H0528
    Wolf control assessments, extend sunset provisions     H0538 – Ch.217
    Wolf control assessments, remove sunset provisions     S1276
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    Civil Air Patrol Employment Protection Act, new     H0708
    Unmanned aircraft, law enforcement, use     H0539
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    See LIQUOR
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    Ambulance service districts, special tax, amount     H0640
    Emergency Medical Responder, ambulance attendant     S1310 – Ch.101
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    See also WILDLIFE
    Aid to pet in vehicle, imminent danger, immunity     S1244
    F&G licenses/tags/permits, resident, six months     H0440
    Goat assessments, remove condition     H0407 – Ch.82
    Horse inspections, voluntary, $75 lifetime ceiling     H0602
    Individuals with disabilities, service dogs     S1312
    License plates, special, pet friendly, new     H0540
    Poultry operations, pollutant discharge program     S1218 – Ch.22
    Service dog, definition, include mentally disabled     S1296 – Ch.144
    Unintentionally killed on roadways, dispatch/salvage     H0477
    Unintentionally killed on roadways, dispatch/salvage     H0549 – Ch.75
    Wolf control assessments, extend sunset provisions     H0538 – Ch.217
    Wolf control assessments, remove sunset provisions     S1276
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    Agricultural land, owner written permission     H0604
    Firemen’s retirement fund, annexing city/fire district     H0402 – Ch.178
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    Real Estate Appraisers Act, appraisal review definition     H0459 – Ch.128
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    Administration Dept     H0715 – Ch.318
    Administration Dept, bond payment program     H0688 – Ch.281
    Administration Dept, capitol com     S1358 – Ch.291
    Administration Dept, public works div     H0691 – Ch.302
    Aging Com     H0683 – Ch.277
    Agriculture Dept     H0701 – Ch.310
    Agriculture Dept, agricultural inspections program     S1236 – Ch.13
    Arts Com     S1356 – Ch.289
    Attorney General     S1342 – Ch.175
    Attorney General, add’l     S1371 – Ch.328
    Blind/Visually Impaired Com     H0635 – Ch.136
    Building Safety Div     H0706 – Ch.352
    Building Safety Div, add’l     H0627 – Ch.115
    Catastrophic Health Care Program     H0660 – Ch.201
    Commerce Dept     H0703 – Ch.312
    Controller, State     S1373 – Ch.330
    Controller, State, add’l     S1371 – Ch.328
    Correction Dept     H0690 – Ch.301
    Correction Dept, add’l     S1323 – Ch.103
    Correction Dept, add’l     H0697 – Ch.306
    DEQ     S1360 – Ch.293
    DEQ, add’l     S1378 – Ch.334
    DEQ, add’l     H0696 – Ch.305
    Education Bd, career technical education div     S1357 – Ch.290
    Education Bd, community colleges     S1359 – Ch.292
    Education Bd, Idaho public television     H0654 – Ch.131
    Education Bd, Office of     H0672 – Ch.270
    Education Bd, vocational rehabilitation div     S1368 – Ch.346
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, colleges/universities     S1344 – Ch.247
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, health education programs     S1366 – Ch.344
    Education Bd/Univ of Idaho, special programs     H0686 – Ch.279
    Education Dept, public schools, administrators div     S1347 – Ch.229
    Education Dept, public schools, central services div     S1352 – Ch.233
    Education Dept, public schools, children’s programs     S1350 – Ch.231
    Education Dept, public schools, deaf/blind services     S1353 – Ch.234
    Education Dept, public schools, facilities div     S1351 – Ch.232
    Education Dept, public schools, operations div     S1349 – Ch.283
    Education Dept, public schools, teachers div     S1348 – Ch.230
    Endowment Fund Investment Bd     H0650 – Ch.141
    F&G Dept     H0679 – Ch.274
    Finance Dept     S1335 – Ch.148
    Governor, Executive Office of     H0714 – Ch.317
    Governor, Executive Office of, add’l     S1371 – Ch.328
    Governor, Office of, drug policy     H0645 – Ch.140
    Governor, Office of, energy and mineral resources     S1328 – Ch.106
    Governor, Office of, financial management div     H0653 – Ch.132
    Governor, Office of, human resources div     H0673 – Ch.271
    Governor, Office of, information technology services     S1379 – Ch.335
    Governor, Office of, military div     H0689 – Ch.282
    Governor, Office of, military div, add’l     S1317 – Ch.90
    Governor, Office of, species conservation office     H0651 – Ch.134
    Governor, Office of, state liquor div     S1372 – Ch.329
    Governor, Office of, STEM action center     H0669 – Ch.268
    H&W Dept, basic medicaid plan program     S1376 – Ch.332
    H&W Dept, child welfare program, add’l     H0716 – Ch.319
    H&W Dept, developmentally disabled services     S1362 – Ch.342
    H&W Dept, independent councils/indirect support/license     S1369 – Ch.353
    H&W Dept, medicaid div     H0695 – Ch.339
    H&W Dept, mental health, psychiatric, add’l     H0475 – Ch.44
    H&W Dept, mental health, psychiatric, substance abuse     H0682 – Ch.300
    H&W Dept, physical health services program     H0704 – Ch.340
    H&W Dept, physical health services program, add’l     S1374 – Ch.331
    H&W Dept, public health services div     H0704 – Ch.340
    H&W Dept, state hospital north and south     H0698 – Ch.307
    H&W Dept, welfare div     S1361 – Ch.294
    Hispanic Affairs Com     H0661 – Ch.202
    Hispanic Affairs Com, add’l     H0467 – Ch.20
    Idaho State Historical Society     H0699 – Ch.308
    Idaho State Lottery     H0702 – Ch.311
    Idaho State Police     H0680 – Ch.275
    Idaho State Police, brand inspection program     H0628 – Ch.114
    Idaho State Police, patrol program     S1377 – Ch.333
    Industrial Com     H0678 – Ch.273
    Industrial Com, add’l     S1251 – Ch.14
    Industrial Com, crime victims compensation program     H0713 – Ch.316
    Insurance Dept     S1333 – Ch.150
    Juvenile Corrections Dept     H0646 – Ch.135
    Labor Dept     S1365 – Ch.326
    Lands Dept     H0685 – Ch.278
    Lava Hot Springs Foundation     S1329 – Ch.107
    Lava Hot Springs Foundation, add’l     S1315 – Ch.64
    Legislative Services Office     S1375 – Ch.347
    Legislative Services Office     H0667 – Ch.266
    Legislature, interim committees     S1375 – Ch.347
    Libraries Com     S1334 – Ch.149
    Lieutenant Governor     H0681 – Ch.276
    Pardons and Parole Com     S1355 – Ch.288
    Parks and Recreation Dept     H0687 – Ch.280
    PERSI     S1364 – Ch.343
    Pest Control Deficiency Fund     S1237 – Ch.12
    Pharmacy Bd     H0468 – Ch.11
    Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Program Bd     S1256 – Ch.15
    Public Defense Com     S1346 – Ch.248
    Public Defense Com, add’l     S1370 – Ch.327
    Public Health Districts     S1338 – Ch.172
    Public Health Districts, add’l     H0716 – Ch.319
    Public Health Districts, appropriations formula     H0562 – Ch.296
    Public Utilities Com     S1340 – Ch.174
    Secretary of State     H0705 – Ch.313
    Secretary of State, add’l     S1371 – Ch.328
    Self-Governing Agencies, medical boards     H0710 – Ch.314
    Self-Governing Agencies, regulatory boards     H0674 – Ch.272
    Soil and Water Conservation Com     S1330 – Ch.108
    Soil and Water Conservation Com, add’l     H0441 – Ch.9
    State Appellate Public Defender     S1326 – Ch.104
    State Independent Living Council     S1339 – Ch.173
    Superintendent of Public Instruction     S1354
    Superintendent of Public Instruction     H0717 – Ch.241
    Superintendent of Public Instruction, add’l     S1371 – Ch.328
    Supreme Court     H0668 – Ch.267
    Supreme Court, add’l     S1363 – Ch.325
    Supreme Court, supreme court program     H0716 – Ch.319
    Tax Appeals Bd     H0652 – Ch.133
    Tax Com     S1380 – Ch.336
    Tobacco/drug programs, millennium income fund     H0694 – Ch.304
    Transportation Dept     S1367 – Ch.345
    Transportation Dept, add’l     H0442 – Ch.8
    Transportation Dept, capital facilities program     S1322 – Ch.102
    Treasurer, State     H0692 – Ch.303
    Treasurer, State, add’l     S1371 – Ch.328
    Univ of Idaho, agricultural research/extension     H0662 – Ch.203
    Veterans Services Div     S1327 – Ch.105
    Water Resources Dept     H0677 – Ch.242
    Water Resources Dept, flood management     H0712 – Ch.315
    Wolf Control Fund     H0700 – Ch.309
    Workforce Development Council     S1381 – Ch.337
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    Idaho Roadless Rule Implementation Com, establish     H0369 – Ch.27
    Idaho State Historical Society, collections, protected     H0416 – Ch.84
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    Bd of Architectural Examiners, compensation, increase     H0458 – Ch.129
    Idaho Architecture Practice Act, new     H0458 – Ch.129
    Public works projects, proposals, use of information     H0595
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    Com, approp     S1356 – Ch.289
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    County option, personal property tax exemption     H0556
    Drainage Districts, assessment for payment of bonds     S1268 – Ch.92
    Goat assessments, remove condition     H0407 – Ch.82
    Immunization Assessment Bd, increase members     H0393 – Ch.32
    Immunization assessments, extend program to 2024     H0393 – Ch.32
    Immunization assessments, nonpayment by carrier     H0393 – Ch.32
    Levy for county justice fund, increase     H0555
    Tax Com, assessment errors, correct/report, date     H0391 – Ch.30
    Tax exempt property, new construction, refund of taxes     H0559 – Ch.194
    Wolf control assessments, extend sunset provisions     H0538 – Ch.217
    Wolf control assessments, remove sunset provisions     S1276
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    Health care organization, add residential care facility     S1271 – Ch.145
    Nursing home administrators, training requirements     H0409 – Ch.88
    Skilled nursing facility assessments, medicaid payments     H0336 – Ch.49
    Skilled nursing facility, quality performance reporting     H0336 – Ch.49
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    Cooperative electrical assn, tax allotment notice     H0392 – Ch.31
    Cooperative natural gas assn, tax allotment notice     H0392 – Ch.31
    Homeowner associations, statement of account/fees     H0642 – Ch.205
    Idaho Assn of Free & Charitable Clinics, tax exemption     H0513 – Ch.111
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    2018 Winter Olympics, Idaho athletes, congratulate     HCR039 – (A)
    Gerald Louis “Jerry” Kramer Day, August 23, 2018     HCR054 – (A)
    Jerry Kramer, Pro Football Hall of Fame, congratulate     HCR054 – (A)
    Trainer, licensure, exception, athletics/arts, 60 days     H0352 – Ch.24
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    Approp     S1342 – Ch.175
    Approp, add’l     S1371 – Ch.328
    Compensation, increase     H0670 – Ch.269
    Private attorney general doctrine, certain water case     HP001 – (A)
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    Administrative proceedings, licensees, attorney’s fees     S1316 – Ch.348
    Atty fees, personal injury actions of $35,000 or under     S1277 – Ch.244
    Atty fees, reimburse certain ranching companies     HP001 – (A)
    Bart M. Davis, Senator, recognize, honor and commend     SP101 – (A)
    Children and Families Legal Services Fund, establish     H0532
    Concealed weapons, instruction course, Idaho state bar     S1331 – Ch.171
    Court fines/restitution, defendant petition for refund     S1241
    Drug trafficking, minimum sentencing, court discretion     H0581
    Idaho Vacated Conviction Fund, established     S1241
    Justices and judges, compensation, increase     H0582 – Ch.255
    Legal notices, publication on govt website option     H0420
    Marsy’s Law, rights of crime victims     HJR008
    Public Defense Com, approp     S1346 – Ch.248
    Public Defense Com, approp, add’l     S1370 – Ch.327
    Public Defense Com, extraordinary litigation costs     S1258 – Ch.162
    Public Defense Com, indigent defense rule rejected     HCR056 – (A)
    Public Defense Com, members     S1257 – Ch.161
    Supervised pretrial release program, court hearing     S1238
    Supervised pretrial release program, defendant, pay fee     S1238
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    Judgment debtors, execution sales, allow online auction     H0535 – Ch.121
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    Property tax administration, abstracts, certified mail     H0390 – Ch.29
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    Bail enforcement agents, guidelines     H0534
    Forfeiture of bail, notice to surety insurance company     H0523
    When bail may be denied, considerations of danger     SJR104
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    Idaho Credit Union Act, revise     S1285 – Ch.165
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    Barber and Cosmetology Services Act, definitions     S1343
    Barber and Cosmetology Services Act, new     S1324 – Ch.228
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    See LIQUOR
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    Wine license, dessert wine definition, revise     H0597
    Wine, customized private labels, hotels/restaurants     H0445
    Wine, customized private labels, hotels/restaurants     H0545
    Wine, personalized private labels, consumers     H0545
    Wine, personalized private labels, consumers     H0445
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    Electric-assisted bicycle, definition/operation     H0508
    Over-snow vehicle/over-snow traveler, definitions/fees     H0510
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    Administration Dept, construction contracts, bids     H0434 – Ch.119
    Judgment debtors, execution sales, allow online auction     H0535 – Ch.121
    Public works projects, bidding, apprenticeship program     H0542
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    House Rule 24, routing slip/bill, ten sponsors, hearing     HR004
    Joint Rule 4, bill enrolled by originating house     SCR125 – (A)
    State agencies, lobbying prohibited     H0418
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    Waterfowl hunting, flooded field with standing crops     H0528
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    Health benefit plans, 12-month supply of contraceptives     S1281
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    Blind/Visually Impaired Com, approp     H0635 – Ch.136
    Idaho educ services bureau, deaf & blind, cigarette tax     S1294 – Ch.94
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    Acupuncture Bd, members, compensation, increase     H0348 – Ch.57
    Barber and Cosmetology Services Licensing Bd, new     S1324 – Ch.228
    Bd of Architectural Examiners, compensation, increase     H0458 – Ch.129
    Behavioral Health Bd, members     H0337 – Ch.34
    Dentistry Bd, members, compensation, increase     H0346 – Ch.55
    Dentistry Bd, Rule Docket 19-0101-1701 rejected     HCR046 – (A)
    Education Bd, executive staff, authority to appoint     S1303
    Endowment Fund Investment Bd, approp     H0650 – Ch.141
    Endowment Fund Investment Bd, compensation     S1213 – Ch.65
    Endowment Fund Investment Bd, investment authority     H0460
    Flood Control District Bd, removal and replacement     H0550 – Ch.193
    Idaho Water Resource Bd, Priest Lake, dam management     S1261 – Ch.62
    Immunization Assessment Bd, increase members     H0393 – Ch.32
    Nursing Bd, membership appointment and reappointment     S1235 – Ch.156
    Petroleum Clean Water Trust Fund Bd, membership     S1209 – Ch.21
    Pharmacy Bd, duties, powers, authority, revised     H0351 – Ch.37
    Pharmacy Bd, opioid antagonists, prescriptions filed     H0354 – Ch.10
    School Bd of Trustees, elections, November     S1280 – Ch.164
    STEM Action Center Advisory Bd, terms/duties     S1233 – Ch.23
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    Bond elections, ballot disclosure statements     H0560
    Bond elections, ballot disclosure statements, revise     H0626 – Ch.261
    Bond/levy elections, failed, must wait 11 months     H0639
    Bond/levy elections, failed, must wait 12 months     H0487
    Drainage Districts, assessment for payment of bonds     S1268 – Ch.92
    Fire Protection Districts, bonds, election notification     S1215 – Ch.19
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    Horse inspections, voluntary, $75 lifetime ceiling     H0602
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    Taxing districts, disclaim, resolution, timeframe     H0450
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    Approp     H0706 – Ch.352
    Approp, add’l     H0627 – Ch.115
    Building Safety Div Rule Docket 07-0301-1701 rejected     HCR052
    Building Safety Div Rule Docket 07-0401-1701 rejected     HCR052
    Building Safety Div Rule Docket 07-0901-1701 rejected     HCR052
    Residential building codes, local govt authority     H0547 – Ch.338
    Rules governing safety inspections rejected     SCR142
    Safety and health rules rejected     SCR141
    State Plumbing Code, certain rules rejected     HCR037
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    Residential building codes, local govt authority     H0547 – Ch.338
    State multiagency facilities, long-term maintenance     H0544 – Ch.127
    State multiagency facilities, management     H0433 – Ch.180
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    Business Information Infrastructure Project, new     H0493 – Ch.45
    Corporate Welfare and Low Wage Disclosure Act     H0564
    Franchise agreements, employment status, define     H0527 – Ch.215
    Income tax rates, corporations, reduce     H0463 – Ch.46
    Income tax rates, corporations, reduce     H0557
    Income tax, adjustments, corporations, foreign income     H0659
    Income tax, adjustments, corporations, foreign, remove     H0684
    Income tax, deductions, corporations, foreign dividends     H0659
    Minimum wage laws, exception, children, family business     H0466 – Ch.251
    Rotary International, license plates, new     H0507 – Ch.253
    Self-service storage facilities, revise and update     H0525
    Short-term & vacation rentals, cannot prohibit     H0452 – Ch.79
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    Business entities, filing fee, statement of termination     H0361 – Ch.25
    Business entities, filing format, surcharge     H0361 – Ch.25
    Nonprofit corporations, records, signature requirements     H0379 – Ch.28
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    Campaign finance reform, legislative study comm     SCR143 – (A)
    Campaign finance reform, transparency     S1337
    Campaign finance reform, transparency     H0573
    Campaign finance, electronic reports, remove local govt     H0378 – Ch.2
    County election records, retention requirements     H0386 – Ch.78
    Election, laws, miscellaneous revisions     H0385
    Election, laws, move various deadlines     H0385
    Elections, candidates, tax return     H0436
    Elections, incumbent candidates, tax return     H0435
    Legislature, term limits, three terms     HJR007
    Legislature, term of office, increase to four years     HJR007
    Public Integrity in Elections Act, new     H0600
    Public Integrity in Elections Act, new     H0620 – Ch.260
    Public officeholders/candidates, conflict disclosures     H0609
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    Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Awareness Day, May 17     HCR036 – (A)
    Health benefit plans, anticancer medications, coverage     S1273
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    Capitol com, approp     S1358 – Ch.291
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    Patient Caregiver Support Act, new     S1262
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    Cemetery Maintenance Districts, consolidation/elections     H0567 – Ch.196
    State veterans cemeteries, technical corrections     S1214 – Ch.66
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    Charitable contributions, deductions, code reference     H0381 – Ch.5
    Idaho Assn of Free & Charitable Clinics, tax exemption     H0513 – Ch.111
    Idaho Community Foundation, honor     SCR127 – (A)
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    Child protection, citizen review panel, establish     S1341 – Ch.287
    Child protection, H&W Dept, authorize medical care     H0707
    Child protection, legislative review panel, establish     S1341 – Ch.287
    Miscellaneous revisions     S1341 – Ch.287
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    Adoption, expenses, increase tax deduction     H0453 – Ch.206
    Breastfeeding, child, obscene/indecent exposure, exempt     H0448 – Ch.181
    Child abuse, investigation, identity of reporting party     H0500 – Ch.252
    Child custody and visitation, state registry/database     H0438
    Child custody, interference, affirmative defense     H0438
    Child custody, interference, parent alienation     H0438
    Child protection, citizen review panel, establish     S1341 – Ch.287
    Child protection, H&W Dept, authorize medical care     H0707
    Child protection, legislative review panel, establish     S1341 – Ch.287