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2022 Legislation Vetoed

2022 Legislation Vetoed

H 533 – PUBLIC SCHOOLS – Amends existing law to allow for certain employees to continue to receive master educator premiums. Governor’s Veto Letter

H 723aaS – EDUCATION – Adds to existing law to provide that enrollment shall replace average daily attendance in funding formulas for fiscal years 2023 and 2024 and to provide for a study committee on the public school funding formula. Governor’s Veto Letter

H 782 – STATE JUDICIARY – Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding membership of and appointments to the Judicial Council, to revise provisions regarding duties of the Judicial Council, and to revise provisions regarding the salaries of judges. Governor’s Veto Letter

S 1301 – SELF-SERVICE STORAGE FACILITIES – Amends existing law to provide for methods to assess self-service storage facility properties. Governor’s Veto Letter

S 1381 – CORONAVIRUS – Adds to existing law to establish the Coronavirus Pause Act to prohibit certain actions related to coronavirus. Governor’s Veto Letter

S 1400 – APPROPRIATIONS – OITS – Relates to the appropriation to the Office of Information Technology Services for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. Governor’s Veto Letter