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50th LEGISLATIVE DAY February 24, 2020
10:30 AM
Bill Number Sponsor Description
H 500 Ehardt(33) by EDUCATION COMMITTEE – FAIRNESS IN WOMEN’S SPORTS ACT – Adds to existing law to establish the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.
H 436 Youngblood(12) by HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE – HEALTH – Amends existing law to provide for the administration and maintenance of the Health Care Directive Registry by the Department of Health and Welfare.
S 1266 Marshall(30) by EDUCATION COMMITTEE – HIGHER EDUCATION – Amends existing law to remove a provision regarding a start-up account in the Higher Education Stabilization Fund.
H 486 Ricks(34) by TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE COMMITTEE – AERONAUTICS – Amends existing law to update restrictions on the use of unmanned aircraft systems and to provide for exceptions.
H 513 Monks(22) by WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE – STATE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS – Repeals and adds to existing law to establish an economic reserve and investment fund and to establish a savings source and funding vehicle for certain state programs.
H 489 Zollinger(33) by LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE – CITIES – Repeals and adds to existing law to establish provisions regarding annexation of land by cities.
H 497 Troy(5) by HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE – HEALTH AND WELFARE – Establishes a Yellow Dot program to provide for persons to use yellow dots on motor vehicles to signify that such vehicle contains medical information that may be of use to first responders on the scene of an accident or emergency situation.
S 1341 Syme(11) by FINANCE COMMITTEE – APPROPRIATIONS – DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION – Relates to the appropriation to the Department of Correction for fiscal year 2020.