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50th LEGISLATIVE DAY February 26, 2024
11 A.M.
Bill Number Sponsor Description
H 624 Blanksma(8) by REVENUE AND TAXATION COMMITTEE – COMMERCIAL PROPERTY – Adds to existing law to establish the Commercial Property Assessed Capital Expenditure Act to allow willing owners of certain properties to obtain financing for qualifying improvements.
H 583 Mitchell(6) by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE – MOTOR VEHICLES – Amends existing law to revise the definition of "resident" for vehicle registration, titling, driver’s license, and identification card purposes.
H 610 Shepherd(7) by WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE – TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT – Amends existing law to provide for an increased fine for a first violation of overtaking a school bus and misdemeanor penalties for second and subsequent violations.
HCR 24 Crane(12) by TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE COMMITTEE – TRANSPORTATION – States findings of the Legislature and authorizes the Legislative Council to appoint a committee to undertake and complete a study of certain transportation corridors in Idaho.
H 591 Raymond(31) by WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE – CERVIDAE – Adds to existing law to provide for fencing and harvest during quarantine and to provide for the application of quarantine.
H 588 Galaviz(16) by WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE – PUBLIC RECORDS – Amends existing law to provide certain deadlines for producing records pursuant to a public records request.