Idaho Constitution




Section 6.  Submission of constitution to electors. This Constitution shall be submitted for adoption or rejection, to a vote of the electors qualified by the laws of this territory to vote at all elections, at an election to be held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, A.D. 1889. Said election shall be conducted in all respects in the same manner as provided by the laws of the territory for general election, and the returns thereof shall be made and canvassed in the same manner and by the same authority as provided in cases of such general elections, and abstracts of such returns duly certified shall be transmitted to the board of canvassers now provided by law for canvassing the returns of votes for delegate in congress. The said canvassing board shall canvass the votes so returned, and certify and declare the result of said election in the same manner, as is required by law for the election of said delegate.
At the said election the ballots shall be in the following form: For the Constitution: Yes. No.
And as a heading to each of said ballots shall be printed on each ballot, the following instructions to voters:
All persons who desire to vote for the Constitution, or any of the articles submitted to a separate vote, may erase the word "no."
All persons who desire to vote against the Constitution, or against any article submitted separately may erase the word "yes."
Any person may have printed or written on his ballot only the words, "For the Constitution," or "Against the Constitution," and such ballots shall be counted for or against the Constitution accordingly.

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