Idaho Statutes

11-103.  Time when returnable — Record in execution book — Continuous execution or garnishment for child support. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, the execution may be made returnable at any time not less than ten (10) nor more than sixty (60) days after its receipt by the sheriff, to the clerk with whom the judgment roll is filed. When the execution is returned, the clerk must attach it to the judgment roll. If any real estate be levied upon, the clerk must record the execution and the return thereto at large, and certify the same under his hand as true copies in a book to be called the "execution book," which book must be indexed with the names of the plaintiffs and defendants in execution alphabetically arranged, and kept open at all times during office hours for the inspection of the public without charge. It is evidence of the contents of the originals whenever they, or any part thereof, may be destroyed, mutilated or lost.
(b)  Where an execution or garnishment against earnings or unemployment benefits for a delinquent child support obligation is served upon any person or upon the state of Idaho and there is in possession of such person or the state of Idaho any such earnings or any unemployment benefits of the judgment debtor, the execution and the garnishment shall operate continuously and shall require such person or the state of Idaho to withhold the nonexempt portion of earnings or unemployment benefits at each succeeding earnings or unemployment benefits disbursement interval until released by the sheriff at the written request of the judgment creditor or until the judgment for child support debt, in the dollar amount specifically set forth on the writ of execution and subject to garnishment as of the date the writ of execution is issued, is discharged or satisfied in full; provided, however, that interim returns on such continuous execution or garnishment shall be filed by the sheriff at intervals not to exceed fourteen (14) days, whenever the amount collected in the fourteen (14) day period is at least equal to fifty dollars ($50.00), but in any event, interim returns on such continuous garnishment shall be filed by the sheriff at intervals not to exceed thirty (30) days. The proportion of earnings subject to garnishment as compared to total available earnings or unemployment benefits shall be limited to the percentage restrictions on garnishment of wages for child support as provided in section 11-207, Idaho Code.

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