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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


16-1639.  Guardian ad litem grants. The grant administrator is hereby authorized and directed to award and administer grants from the money which shall be from time to time available to the grant administrator from the guardian ad litem account. The foregoing power and authorization shall be subject to requirements imposed by the supreme court and the following provisions:
(1)  Grants may be made available to any person, organization, corporation, or agency for any of the following purposes:
(a)  To enable such entity to act as the guardian ad litem coordinator in any judicial district.
(b)  To enable such entity to recruit, organize and administer a panel of guardians ad litem and volunteer lawyers to represent guardians ad litem.
(c)  To enable such entity to recruit, organize, train and support persons or entities to act as guardian ad litem coordinators in judicial districts which do not yet have guardian ad litem coordinators.
(d)  To enable such entity to pay the administrative and other miscellaneous expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of the guardian ad litem program.
(2)  The grant administrator shall endeavor in allocating available funds to foster the development and operation of a guardian ad litem program in each judicial district in the state; provided, however, the grant administrator shall have no obligation to seek out or organize guardian ad litem coordinators or persons willing to act as such in judicial districts lacking a guardian ad litem coordinator.
(3)  Funds available to the grant administrator from the guardian ad litem account may be also used to pay the grant administrator’s cost of performing its duties and obligations pursuant to this chapter.

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