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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


18-3326.  second amendment financial privacy act — Legislative intent. (1) The legislature finds that:
(a)  The second amendment to the United States constitution guarantees the people the right to keep and bear arms;
(b)  Section 11, article I of the constitution of the state of Idaho provides that the "people have the right to keep and bear arms, which right shall not be abridged;… No law shall impose licensure, registration or special taxation on the ownership or possession of firearms or ammunition";
(c)  In September 2022, the world’s three (3) largest payment card networks publicly announced they would assign a unique merchant category code to firearm retailers accepting payment cards for purchases, after twenty-eight (28) members of congress sent a public letter to networks, pressuring them to adopt the new code;
(d)  In the letter to payment card networks, federal lawmakers stated that the new merchant category code for firearms retailers would be "the first step towards facilitating the collection of valuable financial data that could help law enforcement in countering the financing of terrorism efforts," expressing a clear government expectation that networks will utilize the new merchant category code to conduct mass surveillance of constitutionally protected firearms and ammunition purchases in cooperation with law enforcement;
(e)  The new merchant category code will allow payment card networks, acquirers, and other entities involved in payment card processing to identify and separately track lawful payment card purchases at firearms retailers in Idaho, paving the way for both unprecedented surveillance of second amendment activity and unprecedented information sharing between payment networks and the government; and
(f)  This potential for cooperative surveillance and tracking of lawful firearm and ammunition purchases will have a significant chilling effect on citizens wishing to exercise their federal and state constitutional rights to keep and bear arms in Idaho.
(2)  Based on the findings described in subsection (1) of this section, it is the intent of the legislature to prohibit the misuse of payment card processing systems to surveil, report, or otherwise discourage constitutionally protected firearm, firearm accessories or components, and ammunition purchases and sales within Idaho’s jurisdiction.
(3)  This section and section 18-3326A, Idaho Code, shall be construed as generally applicable consumer financial protection law and shall not prevent or significantly interfere with the duly authorized powers of any bank or directly or indirectly discriminate against any bank based on its charter or structure. This section and section 18-3326A, Idaho Code, shall not apply to any financial institution as defined in section 18-3326A, Idaho Code, or any person, company, entity, or organization regulated by the Idaho department of finance or otherwise subject to the jurisdiction, rules, or regulations of the federal deposit insurance corporation.

[18-3326, added 2023, ch. 303, sec. 1, p. 913.]

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