Idaho Statutes

18-6011.  Obstruction or interference with railroad — Act causing death. Any person or persons who shall, within this state, wilfully or maliciously place any obstruction upon any railroad track or roadbed or street car track, or shall misplace, remove, obstruct, detach, damage or destroy any rail, switch, frog, guard rail, cattle guard, or any other part of such railroad track or roadbed or street car track, or who shall otherwise interfere with the maintenance and operation of such road, thereby causing the death of any person, whether passenger or employee of such railroad, or street railway, or otherwise, shall, upon conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a felony and be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary for a term not less than five (5) years and which may extend to the natural life of such person so found guilty, or may be tried and punished for murder. But this section shall not in any way lessen the liability of the railroad company where a wreck may hereafter occur in the state of Idaho.

[18-6011, added 1972, ch. 336, sec. 1, p. 960.]

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