Idaho Statutes

18-8324.  Dissemination of registry information. (1) The department shall, within three (3) business days, disseminate any registration information collected under this chapter, including any changes in registry information, to:
(a)  The attorney general of the United States for inclusion in the national sex offender registry or other appropriate databases;
(b)  Each school and public housing agency in each area in which the offender resides, is an employee or is a student;
(c)  Each jurisdiction where the sexual offender resides, is an employee or is a student and each jurisdiction from or to which a change of residence, employment or student status occurs;
(d)  Criminal justice agencies through the public safety and security information system established in section 19-5202, Idaho Code;
(e)  Any agency responsible for conducting employment-related background checks under section 3 of the national child protection act of 1993, 42 U.S.C. section 5119a;
(f)  Social service entities responsible for protecting minors in the child welfare system;
(g)  Volunteer organizations in which contact with minors or other vulnerable adults might occur; and
(h)  Any organization, company or individual who requests notification of changes in registry information.
(2)  Registry information provided under this section shall be used only for the administration of criminal justice or for the protection of the public as permitted by this chapter.
(3)  The department shall include a cautionary statement relating to completeness, accuracy and use of registry information when releasing information to the public or noncriminal justice agencies as well as a statement concerning the penalties provided in section 18-8326, Idaho Code, for misuse of registry information.
(4)  Information released pursuant to this section may be used only for the protection of the public.
(5)  Further dissemination of registry information by any person or entity shall include the cautionary statements required in subsection (3) of this section.

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