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18-8606.  safe harbor provisions. (1) Diversion of minor victim.
(a)  When a minor is alleged to have committed any offense not listed in section 18-310(2), Idaho Code, a prosecutor shall divert the offense if the minor committed the offense as a direct and immediate result of being a victim of human trafficking.
(b)  If a minor has an offense diverted pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subsection, the minor shall be placed in a state-licensed residential facility, as defined in section 39-1202, Idaho Code, that provides a comprehensive rehabilitative program with access to:
(i)   Comprehensive case management;
(ii)  Integrated mental health and chemical dependency services, including specialized trauma recovery services;
(iii) Education and employment training services; and
(iv)  Off-site specialized services, as appropriate.
(c)  A diversion agreement under this subsection may extend for up to twelve (12) months.
(d)  Diversion shall only be available pursuant to this section if the minor expresses a willingness to cooperate and receive specialized services. If the minor is unwilling to cooperate with specialized services, continuation of the diversion shall be at the discretion of the court.
(2)  A person charged with any offense not identified in section 18-310(2), Idaho Code, committed as a direct and immediate result of being a victim of human trafficking may assert an affirmative defense that the person is a victim of human trafficking.

[18-8606, added 2019, ch. 257, sec. 1, p. 767.]

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