Idaho Statutes

19-1506.  Form of bench warrant. The bench warrant upon the indictment must, if the offense be a felony, be substantially in the following form:
County of …..
The state of Idaho, to any sheriff, constable, marshal or policeman of this state:
An indictment having been found on the …. day of …., …., in the district court of the …. judicial district, in and for the county of …., charging C.D. with the crime of …. (designating it generally); you are therefore commanded forthwith to arrest the above named C.D., and bring him before that court to answer said indictment; or if the court has adjourned for the term, that you deliver him into the custody of the sheriff of the county of …..
Given under my hand with the seal of said court affixed, this …. day of …., …..
By order of said court.


[(19-1506) Cr. Prac. 1864, sec. 259, p. 245; R.S., R.C., & C.L., sec. 7715; C.S., sec. 8852; I.C.A., sec. 19-1406; am. 2002, ch. 32, sec. 4, p. 48.]

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