Idaho Statutes

19-2521.  Criteria for placing defendant on probation or imposing imprisonment. (1) The court shall deal with a person who has been convicted of a crime without imposing sentence of imprisonment unless, having regard to the nature and circumstances of the crime and the history, character and condition of the defendant, it is of the opinion that imprisonment is appropriate for protection of the public because:
(a)  There is undue risk that during the period of a suspended sentence or probation the defendant will commit another crime; or
(b)  The defendant is in need of correctional treatment that can be provided most effectively by his commitment to an institution; or
(c)  A lesser sentence will depreciate the seriousness of the defendant’s crime; or
(d)  Imprisonment will provide appropriate punishment and deterrent to the defendant; or
(e)  Imprisonment will provide an appropriate deterrent for other persons in the community; or
(f)  The defendant is a multiple offender or professional criminal.
(2)  The following grounds, while not controlling the discretion of the court, shall be accorded weight in favor of avoiding a sentence of imprisonment:
(a)  The defendant’s criminal conduct neither caused nor threatened harm;
(b)  The defendant did not contemplate that his criminal conduct would cause or threaten harm;
(c)  The defendant acted under a strong provocation;
(d)  There were substantial grounds tending to excuse or justify the defendant’s criminal conduct, though failing to establish a defense;
(e)  The victim of the defendant’s criminal conduct induced or facilitated the commission of the crime;
(f)  The defendant has compensated or will compensate the victim of his criminal conduct for the damage or injury that was sustained; provided, however, nothing in this section shall prevent the appropriate use of imprisonment and restitution in combination;
(g)  The defendant has no history of prior delinquency or criminal activity or has led a law-abiding life for a substantial period of time before the commission of the present crime;
(h)  The defendant’s criminal conduct was the result of circumstances unlikely to recur;
(i)  The character and attitudes of the defendant indicate that the commission of another crime is unlikely.

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