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2-206.  Master and county jury lists of registered voters — Supplementation by other lists designated by supreme court — List available to commission — Open to public inspection. (1) The jury commission for each county shall compile and maintain a county jury list consisting of the current voter registration list for the county supplemented with names from other lists of persons resident therein, such as lists of utility customers, property taxpayers, motor vehicle registrations, drivers’ licenses, and state identification cards, which the supreme court from time to time designates. The supreme court shall initially designate the other lists within ninety (90) days following the effective date of this act and exercise the authority to designate from time to time in order to foster the policy and protect the rights secured by sections 2-202 and 2-203, Idaho Code. In the alternative, and upon the consent of the supreme court, a jury commission may use the supreme court jury platform, including the county jury list derived therefrom, instead of compiling and maintaining a separate county jury list of its own.
(2)  The supreme court shall compile and maintain a master jury list consisting of the current voter registration for the state supplemented with names from other lists of persons designated under subsection (1) of this section. The master jury list compiled and maintained by the supreme court shall be divided into county jury lists for use by the jury commissions authorized to use the supreme court jury platform.
(3)  In compiling the master and county jury lists, the jury commission and the supreme court shall avoid duplication of names.
(4)  Whoever has custody, possession, or control of any of the lists used in compiling the master or county jury lists, including those designated under subsection (1) of this section by the supreme court as supplementary sources of names, shall electronically transfer the list, including any changes, deletions and additions, and at the request of the jury commission or the supreme court, the custodian shall prepare a hard copy of the list and make the custodian’s records, from which the list was compiled, available for inspection, reproduction, and copying at all reasonable times.
(5)  The master and county jury lists shall be open to the public for examination as provided by supreme court rule.

[2-206, added 1971, ch. 169, sec. 5, p. 799; am. 2005, ch. 190, sec. 3, p. 583; am. 2019, ch. 222, sec. 1, p. 682.]

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