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2-222.  lengthy trial juror compensation. (1)  The supreme court shall reimburse the counties for moneys the county paid during the previous fiscal year for lengthy trial juror compensation under section 2-215(3), Idaho Code, from and to the extent that moneys are appropriated for this purpose by the legislature. On and after September 30, 2018, and each county fiscal year thereafter, any board of county commissioners may file an annual application with the administrative director of the courts requesting reimbursement of lengthy jury trial juror compensation in the amount set forth in subsection (2) of this section. The supreme court shall prescribe by rule the time within which an application must be filed, the form for the application and the information that must accompany each application.
(2)  Each county whose application is approved by the administrative director of the courts shall receive moneys for the reimbursement of lengthy trial juror compensation paid by the county during the previous fiscal year. The amount of the reimbursement shall be forty dollars ($40.00) per juror and alternate juror for each day of jury service beyond the fifth day of required attendance at court relating to a trial, if there are sufficient moneys to fully reimburse every county whose application is approved. If there are insufficient moneys to fully reimburse every county whose application is approved, then each county shall receive only a percentage of its reimbursement request. The percentage shall be established by dividing the total amount of available moneys by the sum of all reimbursements requested by all counties.

[2-222, added 2018, ch. 257, sec. 3, p. 608.]

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