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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


20-1007.  Conditions of parole to be specified in writing — Warrant for arrest of suspected violators — Effect of suspension and arrest. (1) The commission, in releasing a person on parole, shall specify in writing the conditions of parole, and a copy of such conditions shall be given to the person paroled. The commission shall include in the conditions of parole a requirement that the defendant enter into and comply with an agreement of supervision with the board of correction. The agreement of supervision shall include provisions setting forth the potential sanctions for a violation of the conditions imposed and potential rewards for compliance with the conditions imposed, as such sanctions and rewards are set forth in rules of the board.
(2)  Whenever the commission finds that a parolee may have violated the conditions of parole, the written order of the commission, signed by a majority of the full commission, by a unanimous panel of three (3) commissioners, or by the executive director, shall be sufficient warrant for any law enforcement officer to take into custody such person, and it is hereby made the duty of all sheriffs, police, constables, parole and probation officers, prison officials and other peace officers to execute such order. Such warrant shall serve to suspend the person’s parole until a determination on the merits of the allegations of the violation has been made pursuant to a revocation hearing. From and after the issuance of the warrant and suspension of the parole of any convicted person and until arrest, the parolee shall be considered a fugitive from justice. Such person so recommitted, except as provided in section 20-1010, Idaho Code, must serve out the sentence, and the time during which such prisoner was out on parole shall not be deemed a part thereof, unless the commission, in its discretion, shall determine otherwise, but nothing herein contained shall prevent the commission from again paroling such prisoners at its discretion.

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