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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


20-237.  Transmission of convicted persons to penitentiary or custody of board — Notice of conviction to director — Transported by guards — Time for notice. When any person is convicted in any court of the state and sentenced to imprisonment and committed to the custody of the state board of correction, or sentenced to suffer the death penalty, the sheriff of the county in which such conviction shall have been had shall immediately, upon passing of sentence, notify the director that a person is in his custody. Such notice shall be transmitted by either telegraph or telephone, followed by a written confirmation by certified mail. As soon as possible upon receipt of such notice, the director shall dispatch one or more correctional officers, as may be necessary, from the department to the place where the convicted person is detained, to secure and convey said convicted person to any department of correction facility, or other facility within the state designated by the state board of correction. The convicted person, a certified copy of the judgment, a copy of the presentence investigation report, if any, a copy of any disciplinary reports filed against the convicted person while in the sheriff’s custody and all of the additional documents and allowable personal property, including medications as set forth in section 20-243, Idaho Code, shall be delivered into the custody of the director or his representative at the time of or prior to the delivery of the convicted person to the department. If all such records, documents, and property are not delivered at that time, the director or his representative may refuse to accept or transport the convicted person to a department facility.

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