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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


20-518.  Standards for detention. The following shall be minimum standards for the detention of juveniles provided for in section 20-517, Idaho Code:
(1)  Juvenile detention centers must be so constructed and maintained as to keep juveniles segregated from adult offenders, with no contact as to sight or sound between the two (2) classes. Those juveniles being treated as adult offenders pursuant to section 20-508 or 20-509, Idaho Code, shall be housed in a juvenile detention center unless otherwise ordered by the court. Such juveniles may be housed in the general juvenile population without sight and sound separation if it is determined by the detention administration that the safety and security of the other juveniles would not be at risk.
(2)  Juvenile detention centers must provide supervision and observation of juveniles sufficient to protect the physical and mental health of the detainees.
(3)  Juveniles held in detention must be provided with at least three (3) adequate and nutritional meals per day.
(4)  Juveniles held in detention must have access to reading materials on a regular and systematic basis. Detained juveniles may receive books, newspapers, and periodicals from any source, including delivery to the detention center by family members, subject to the right of detention authorities to inspect and remove dangerous or harmful materials. Detention authorities may forbid the introduction into holding quarters of obscene books or periodicals.
(5)  A visiting program shall be established in juvenile detention centers that will allow for family visits to each juvenile for at least two (2) hours each week.
(6)  The juvenile detention center shall meet the standards and rules set forth in IDAPA 05.01.02 and IDAPA 11.11.01.
(7)  Notwithstanding any other provision in this chapter, the minimum standards set forth herein shall not apply to any person who attains his or her eighteenth birthday prior to beginning or while in detention. When such person attains his or her eighteenth birthday, he or she shall be transferred from juvenile detention to the county jail.

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