Idaho Statutes

21-117.  Federal-state joint hearings — Reciprocal services — Accident reporting. (a) Joint Hearings. The department is authorized to confer with or to hold joint hearings with any agency of the United States in connection with any matter arising under this act, or relating to the sound development of aeronautics.
(b)  Reciprocal Services. The department is authorized to avail itself of the cooperation, services, records and facilities of the agencies of the United States as fully as may be practicable in the administration and enforcement of this act. The department shall furnish to the agencies of the United States its cooperation, services, records and facilities, insofar as may be practicable.
(c)  Accident Reporting. The department shall report to the appropriate agency of the United States all accidents in aeronautics in this state of which it is informed, and shall insofar as is practicable preserve, protect and prevent the removal of the component parts of any aircraft involved in an accident being investigated by it until the federal agency institutes an investigation.

[21-117, added 1947, ch. 153, sec. 17, p. 378.]

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