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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


22-2016.  Prohibited activity — Permits — Export certification and compliance agreements — Nonindigenous plant pest species. (1) The shipment, introduction into or release within this state of any plant pest, biocontrol agent, or genetically engineered plant or plant pest, or any other organism which may directly or indirectly affect the plant life of this state as an injurious pest, parasite or predator of other organisms, or any arthropod, is prohibited, except under permit issued by the department, or as exempted by rule.
(2)  Permits:
(a)  Permits for shipment of plant pests. No person may sell, offer for sale, move, convey, transport, deliver, ship or offer for shipment, any plant pest or biological control agent, without an application and permit to move live plant pests and noxious weeds, PPQ Form 526, supplements thereto, published by the U.S. department of agriculture, animal and plant health inspection service, plant protection and quarantine, or any publication revising or superseding the aforementioned, or its state equivalent. Permits may be issued only after the director determines that the proposed shipment or use will not create a hazard to the agricultural, forest or horticultural interests of this state or to the state’s general environmental quality. The permit shall be affixed conspicuously and on the exterior of each shipping container, box, package, appliance, or accompany each shipping container, box, package or appliance, as the director requires.
(b)  Biotechnology permits. The director may enter into cooperative agreements with the U.S. department of agriculture to provide oversight and regulation of genetically engineered plants or any organism that may be a plant pest. This includes reviewing U.S. department of agriculture biotechnology notifications and permits, inspection of facilities conducting agricultural biotechnology and field release sites.
(c)  Interstate origin inspection and preclearance permits (compliance agreements). The director may issue permits for interstate origin and preclearance of quarantine articles based on pest risk mitigation tactics or strategies that can be enforced at the point of origin of the shipment. Interstate origin inspection programs can be developed to achieve compliance with quarantine restrictions, regulated nonquarantine pest restrictions and product quality standards.
(3)  Export certification and compliance agreements. The director has the authority to enter into compliance agreements for the purpose of certifying articles as pest free for export certification.
(4)  A nonindigenous plant pest species known or not known to occur in the state of Idaho may not be granted entry into the state unless issued a written permit by the director. Permits shall contain such conditions and measures as the director may see fit to prevent the species from becoming established or further established within the state.

[22-2016, added 2002, ch. 89, sec. 2, p. 221.]

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