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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


22-3102.  Declaration of policy and purpose of act. It is hereby declared, as a matter of legislative determination, that economic waste is being fostered in the hop industry of the state of Idaho by the lack of proper advertising and dissemination of information necessary for the development and promotion of the sale of hops grown in the state of Idaho and by the lack of facilities and funds for research on marketing of and markets for hops and for research to improve the quality of hops, to develop and improve control of measures for diseases and pests which attack hops, to improve hop growing culture and to disseminate information to the growers; that hop producing areas in other states are promulgating advertising and promotion campaigns for their products throughout the United States and foreign countries to the extent that hops of this state must be advertised to be able to retain their place on the markets of the United States and foreign countries; and that it is in the interest of the public welfare and general prosperity of the state of Idaho that this avoidable and unnecessary loss of markets to other producing areas be eliminated by the advertising of hops grown in the state of Idaho and that the growers have at their disposal all available information on the best and most advanced methods of growing, harvesting and marketing hops. The purpose of this act is to promote the general welfare of our people by increasing the production of and expanding the market for hops grown in the state of Idaho.

[22-3102, added 1955, ch. 224, sec. 2, p. 489.]

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