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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


22-4602.  License required — Purchases — Inspections. (1) No person shall obtain, possess, preserve, or propagate fish in this state for the purpose of selling the same unless he has first secured a commercial fish rearing license from the director. Such license may be issued by the director upon his finding that:
(a)  Such commercial facility is not constructed in or across any natural streambed, lake or other watercourse containing wild fish.
(b)  Any dam constructed to divert water into said facility meets all the requirements of section 36-906(a), Idaho Code.
(c)  All water inlets to said facility are screened in the manner provided in section 36-906(b), Idaho Code.
(d)  The application for such license is made upon a form provided by the department which sets forth such reasonable information as may be required by the director.
(e)  The effluent control facilities have been approved by the legally designated state and federal agencies.
(f)  The approved application is accompanied by a license fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00).
(2)  A valid license must be obtained for each separate location. Licenses shall expire February 1 in each even-numbered year; biennially thereafter.
(3)  A receipt shall be issued to each purchaser identifying the hatchery source and specifying the numbers and species of fish and the date of sale for all sales from fish ponds for a fee and for the sale of live fish for stocking destined for release as wild fish in private or public waters.
(4)  The director may, from time to time, inspect a licensed facility to determine conformity of the facility with the licensing requirements of this section and for purposes of determining the species of fish being propagated at the facility.

[22-4602, added 1992, ch. 273, sec. 1, p. 844.]

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