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22-503.  Potatoes for planting. (1) All potatoes offered for sale, sold or delivered under contract or distributed into or within the state of Idaho for planting in the state of Idaho by any person from any state, territory, or country shall be certified and shall be accompanied by a certificate of inspection and a plant health certificate, and shall include the description of the grade, the findings of all inspections of each lot of seed, noting the name and amount of any disease observed, and generation of the potatoes and shall show that the potatoes were packed, sealed, and tagged under the certification standards of the state, territory, or country in which they were produced. Seed being imported into Idaho shall meet or exceed the Idaho certification standards for certified seed potatoes according to the Idaho rules of certification as authorized under chapter 15, title 22, Idaho Code. Imported seed lots that exceed tolerances for that specific generation required for Idaho seed, shall be downgraded to the next acceptable generation tolerances until rejection. Potatoes imported from any other state, country, or territory shall be certified and also be in compliance with other applicable rules of the department pertaining to potatoes.
(2)  Idaho growers shall be allowed to plant uncertified potatoes grown by them as a part of their farming operation provided that they are no more than one (1) generation from their own certified parent seed potatoes. Uncertified potatoes planted by Idaho growers as provided for under this section must comply with all testing and any other conditions as set forth under this chapter and any rules promulgated pursuant to this chapter.

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