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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


22-902.  Idaho Deluxe. Idaho Deluxe potatoes shall consist of potatoes of one (1) variety or similar varietal characteristics, the minimum size of which shall be either two (2) inches in diameter or four (4) ounces in weight, except as hereinafter provided for, and not less than forty percent (40%) of the potatoes in the lot shall be six (6) ounces or larger, and which are fairly well shaped, free from freezing injury, blackheart, and soft rot or wet breakdown and from damage caused by dirt or other foreign matter, sunburn, second growth, growth cracks, air cracks, internal disorders, cuts, shriveling, sprouting, scab, blight, dry rot, rhizoctonia, other disease, insects or mechanical or other means, except that this grade may contain not more than fifteen percent (15%) by weight of potatoes meeting the requirements of Idaho Standard Grade as hereinafter provided for, providing that none of this fifteen percent (15%) of potatoes by weight shall be smaller in size by weight than ten (10) ounces.
In order to allow for variations other than size, incident to proper grading and handling, not more than six percent (6%) of the potatoes in any container may be below the requirements of the grade, but not to exceed one sixth (1/6) of this amount or one percent (1%) may be allowed for potatoes affected by soft rot or wet breakdown. In addition, not more than five percent (5%) by weight may be damaged by internal disorders, and in addition, not more than three percent (3%) may be below the prescribed size, provided, however, that when potatoes of this grade are packed to meet a minimum size requirement of six (6) ounces or more by weight, the tolerance for undersize shall be five percent (5%), but not more than two percent (2%) may be smaller than two (2) inches in diameter or four (4) ounces in weight.

[22-902, added 1941, ch. 32, sec. 2, p. 72; am. 1970, ch. 175, sec. 2, p. 505.]

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