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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


23-1019.  Beer sample tasting requirements and limitations for events on retail beer licensed premises. (1) Breweries, wholesalers and distributors may conduct or assist a retail beer licensee at a beer sample tasting on premises not licensed for the sale of beer by the individual glass or opened bottle for consumption on the premises or on the premises of the holder of a beer by the drink license for the purpose of promoting their beer products to the public. The holder of a retail beer license or a beer by the drink license may also conduct beer sample tasting events, with or without the assistance of a brewery, wholesaler or distributor in accordance with this section.
(2)  A retail beer licensee shall not be required to hold a beer by the drink license for the purpose of conducting or permitting beer sample tasting events on the premises in accordance with this section unless a charge or other consideration is required of the customer by the retailer in exchange for such beer sample.
(3)  Sample tasting events permitted pursuant to this section shall be conducted subject to all of the following requirements:
(a)  Sample sizes. The size of each sample of beer shall not exceed one and one-half (1.5) ounces.
(b)  Identified tasting area. The retail beer licensee who conducts tastings or who allows a brewer, wholesaler, distributor or retailer to conduct tastings on the retail beer premises shall identify a specific tasting area or areas. Such area or areas shall be of a size and design such that the retail beer licensee and the persons conducting the tasting can observe and control persons in the area to ensure that no minors or visibly intoxicated persons possess or consume alcohol. Customers must remain in the tasting area or areas until they have finished consuming the sample. The retailer shall keep on file at the premises a floor plan identifying the tasting area or areas. If a retailer does not have an identified tasting area or areas, the director may require prior approval of an area or areas before the retailer conducts any more tastings or allows any more tastings to be conducted by the brewer, distributor or retailer on the premises.
(c)  Number of in-store tastings. Although there is no limit on the number of tastings a retailer may conduct without the assistance of a brewer, wholesaler or distributor, the retailer shall not permit a brewer or distributor to conduct, or assist in conducting, tastings on the premises of the same licensee more than eight (8) times per calendar year.
(d)  Brewer, wholesaler or distributor conducted tastings. A brewer, wholesaler or distributor may hold tastings on consecutive days on one (1) retail premises, provided the tastings shall not exceed two (2) consecutive days. Tastings shall be conducted at least four (4) weeks apart. If a brewer, wholesaler or distributor holds tastings on two (2) consecutive days, they shall not hold another tasting on those retail premises for at least four (4) weeks.
(e)  Server requirements. Persons serving or pouring beer at beer tastings on premises for which a beer by the drink license has not been issued must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
(4)  Brewer, wholesaler or distributor conducted sample tastings. A brewer, wholesaler or distributor may conduct beer sample tastings on premises licensed for the sale of beer for products produced or sold by the brewer, wholesaler or distributor. The brewer or distributor conducting the beer sample tasting shall, in addition to compliance with other requirements of this section, comply with all of the following requirements:
(a)  Provide the product to be tasted and remove any remaining product at the end of the tasting.
(b)  Provide or pay for a person to serve the beer. The server must be an employee or agent of the brewer or distributor and shall not be an employee or agent of a retailer. The brewer or distributor shall not compensate any employee or agent of the retail licensee to participate in the tasting.
(c)  The brewer or distributor shall keep a record of each tasting it conducts, including the date and location of each event and the products served.
(5)  Retailer conducted beer sample tastings. Retail beer licensees and beer by the drink licensees may conduct beer sample tastings on their licensed premises and may:
(a)  Accept assistance from a brewer, wholesaler or distributor if:
(i)   The only assistance provided is an employee to provide information or education relating to the product being sampled;
(ii)  The retailer pays for the beer; and
(iii) The retailer is responsible for any advertising.
(b)  Conduct an unlimited number of beer sample tastings on the premises if there is no brewer or distributor providing assistance for the event. The retailer may advertise such events.
(6)  Notwithstanding any other provision of law, participation by a brewer, wholesaler or distributor in a beer sample tasting event, if expressly authorized by this section, shall not constitute prohibited conduct or unlawful aid to a retailer.

[23-1019, added 2014, ch. 174, sec. 1, p. 478.]

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