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23-1306.  Licenses required — Application — Issuance or refusal. Before any person shall manufacture, import into this state, manufacture, bottle or broker for resale within this state, possess for resale, or distribute or sell wine within the state of Idaho, he shall apply to the director for a license to so do. The application form shall be prescribed and furnished by the director and require that the applicant therein show that he possesses all of the qualifications and none of the disqualifications of a licensee. A person may apply for and receive a license as both a distributor and importer, if otherwise qualified therefor, and shall pay the license fee required pursuant to this chapter for each license. A winery licensed under this chapter shall also be considered as holding, for the purposes of selling a product processed and bottled by or for that winery, a current retail wine license and wine by the drink license for the licensed premises and for use at functions and events identified in section 23-1338, Idaho Code, and a current wine distributor’s and importer’s license, without further application or fee. If the director is satisfied that the applicant possesses the qualifications and none of the disqualifications for such license, he shall issue a license for each classification applied for, subject to the restrictions of and upon the conditions specified in this chapter. The license or licenses issued shall be at all times prominently displayed in the place of business of the licensee. If the director determines that the applicant is not properly qualified, he shall refuse to issue a license and shall forthwith so notify the applicant and shall return to the applicant with such notification, three-fourths (3/4) of the license fee remitted with the application. A separate retail wine by the drink license, and wine distributor’s license shall be required for each premises. Provided, however, nothing herein shall prohibit a distributor or retailer or wine by the drink licensee from possessing licenses for more than one (1) premises.

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