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23-1320.  Security for tax. The state tax commission, whenever it deems it necessary to insure compliance with this act, may require any person subject to this act to place with it such security as it may determine. The amount of the necessary security shall be fixed by the state tax commission but, except as provided hereafter, shall not be greater than three (3) times the estimated average monthly amount payable by such persons pursuant to this act. In the case of persons habitually delinquent in their obligations under this act, the amount of the security shall not be greater than five (5) times the estimated average monthly amount payable by such persons pursuant to this act. The amount of the security may be increased or decreased by the state tax commission at any time, subject to the limitations set forth herein.
The state tax commission may sell the security at public auction or, in the case of security in the form of bearer bonds issued by the United States or the state of Idaho which have a prevailing market price, at a private sale at a price not lower than the prevailing market price if it becomes necessary to make such sale in order to recover any tax, interest or penalties due on any amount required to be collected. Notice of the sale must be given to the person who deposited the security at least ten (10) days before the sale. Such notice may be given personally or by mail addressed to the person at the address furnished to the state tax commission and as it appears in the records of the state tax commission. Upon such sale, any surplus above the amounts due shall be returned to the person who placed the security.

[23-1320, added 1988, ch. 182, sec. 4, p. 320.]

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