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23-1336.  Wine sold or donated to persons or associations for benevolent, charitable or public purposes. In the event that wine has been sold or donated to a person or association which desires to dispense or sell such wine and to donate the proceeds from the sale or dispensing thereof for benevolent, charitable or public purposes, the director may issue a permit authorizing such sale or dispensing of wine by such person or association if the director is satisfied that said proceeds, after deducting reasonable expenses incurred in conjunction with the sale or dispensing thereof, will be donated for such benevolent, charitable or public purpose. The director shall prescribe the form of the application for such permit, which application may require disclosure of names of sponsors; donors, quantities and types of wine products donated; the retailer, if any, designated by such person or association to receive, store or dispense donated wine; the dates and hours during which the permit is to be effective, not to exceed three (3) consecutive days; and such other information as the director may require. The director shall collect a twenty dollar ($20.00) fee for the event for which the permit is to be effective. The director may require that the applicant submit a report to the director after the benevolent, charitable or public purpose event showing the disposition of funds from the event. Should the director determine that the applicant or its representatives is violating, or has in the past violated, any law pertaining to the dispensing or sale of wine by a licensed retailer relating to hours of sale, or relating to dispensing wine to underaged persons, or has failed in the past to submit such information as may have been requested by the director, such permit may be summarily suspended by the director, prior to hearing, or may be denied pending a hearing. A licensed retailer may, on behalf of the permittee, receive or store wine to be used at the event, and may dispense such wine to attendees of the benevolent, charitable or public purpose event for which the permit has been issued.

[23-1336, added 1991, ch. 162, sec. 2, p. 390; am. 1994, ch. 14, sec. 2, p. 21.]

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